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  1. Got it! Also, lasers and flashlights should have stronger blinding effect against the enemy looking in IR scope.
  2. I tried to find server with low ping and enough people to play with and suddenly discovered this.
  3. Well, I see no problem to have in game 600 RPM SCAR-H and 500 RPM M417, when we have 720 RPM MG5=)
  4. Sadly, but in addition to lack of data from devs, game is in a perfect storm itself. Worst perfomance from the start (I have FPS drops and microfreezing even with 9900K+ overclocked 1070), absurd gunplay decisions like long barrels deal less damage, than short barrels, unfinished new HUD, removed map queue, 170 ms ping and quite often crashes make very bad combination. In other words, we, players, not only have no information about future, but also now stabile game build to play.
  5. I can't even change "West-East" side now. Even if I change side during match when I has joined as West, I'll still be West, not East.
  6. Foreword. I had to install Warface on my PC to see, how this mechanic can work... Simply, thats just doubling number of loadouts slot . 8 for East and 8 for West. If u join as East into match, you have access to 8 East loadouts and vise versa. No restriction for weapon, equipment, vehicles, ect. You may have 16 similar French soldiers with SA80 and Abrams in all 16 slots. Just for little more immersion.
  7. It's quite uneffective against heavy armor. But what will be different, compare to frag grenade, we already have in game?
  8. Grey filter is problem of a lot of modern shooters. I vote up, but it's only peak of iceberg.
  9. It's hard to believe, but month ago I thought about same suggestion. Bump up!
  10. If anybody can't use gamepad right way, that's his own problem. I have seen one guy playing Counter-Strike with a wheel. Don't mind any aim-assisting in this game, but his skill was enough to win the pub match. One more. Any frame detection system opens a huge exploit for potential aimbot hacks.
  11. Hope, you are just joking. Why this mechanic even exists in multiplayer FPS, COD for example? Autoaiming ruins the concept of "shooter" games. So gamepad users can go 3 ways. 1) Learn to aim. 2) Spend $5 for keyboard and mouse. 3) Suffer with 0-30 score.
  12. I was very confused with this paragraph. Hope, it would be allowed only in special zones. Not between the fight run behind the corner and get another barrel, scope, muzzle brake and stock out of nowhere.
  13. Строго говоря, количество вариантов стволов должно соответствовать реальному числу вариантов. У нас же игра "с закосом под реализм", не?) Например, для семейства АК/РПК это 4 варианта: -314 мм укороченный ствол АК-104/АК-15К -415 мм стандарный ствол -415 мм штурмовой утолщённый ствол РПК -591 мм утолщённый ствол РПК
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