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  1. So, does the overall latency depends also on GPU-Draw perfomance? In other words, if I had Titan RTX, will be the ping lower?
  2. You can have it, but your teammate has to control it all the time. If he goes offline, mini-map expires.
  3. It can be ridiculous, but Mini-Drone seems to be too "mini". It can be easlily destroyed, but due its size, it is unpunishable using it, which make it OP in some game modes (and in other game mode it can be useless). You can even have problem to take your mini-drone back in your backpack. So, what I suggest to rebalance it. 1) Increase mini-drone size. It can be visually a little smaller, than MAV in Battlefield. 2) Increase durability a little. 3) Make mini-drone louder, WHEN MOVING. 4) Mini-drone enables mini-map. Same as UAV.
  4. Well, it's not bad idea itself. Imagine: in both coalitions there can be soldiers of all races. Russian (white), Chinese (asian), and Sudan(black) in EAST. And Polish (white), African-American (black) and Japanese (asian) soldiers in WEST. In other hand, I think, optimisation and netcode improvements are more important at the moment.
  5. Well, I partially agree. As well, I am against classes (tired of being useless rifleman in BF4). Just if gutshot will be removed, armor will became a lot more useful. Tanks are weak due bugs: if APS and jammer work, they will be a lot more durable. And I support idea to make ALL strikes available only for squadleader, but, I think, community will crucify me for that X_X
  6. Well, I suddenly have some free money, and I'm going to buy GTX1070. Will be that enough to have Full HD 60FPS on full Smolensk Warzone? CPU: i7-3770 Turbo RAM: 16GB DDR3 And no SSD
  7. Так будь моя воля, я бы вообще ограничил количество техники на картах даже 32vs32 по формуле 1 танк + 1 БМП + 1 МРАП + 1 Гелидрон + ещё какой-нибудь беспилотник. Но, к счастью, я не разраб=)
  8. Yes, I always likes flinch mechanic as countermeasure to powerful stuff.
  9. It remembers me BF3. It is also the good idea to increase diversity of gunplay. T+
  10. Ну нет, в балансе техники/пехоты я сейчас особых проблем не вижу, в отличие от BF4, т.к. 1) Техника в WW3 не носится, как угорелая и не ускоряется мгновенно, как в BF4. 2) Башня не поворачивается мгновенно, как в BF4. 3) РПГ имеет отличную баллистику, скорость полёта гранаты и большой выбор прицелов (а не глухой кусок металла). Гранатомётчик убивает непрокачанный танк с одного выстрела в корму. Короче говоря, не как в BF4. 4) С другой стороны, урон спаренных пулемётов позволяет убивать пехоту с 1-3 выстрелов, а не с 15, как в BF4. Вертолётик пока что нет особого смысла обсуждать потому, что он забагован, игра не всегда регистрирует попадания по нему.
  11. Well, IMO, "spread" should depends on barrel length, not recoil depends on barrel length, as now. In real life "spread" parameters depends on barrel lenght, barrel technology quality, ammo quality. If we mean single shot "spread", 7.62 can be more precise, than 5.56/5.45. For in-game example, remember AK-47 in Counter-Strike, which had enormous recoil and bloom after each shot, but was very precise, when single shot firing.
  12. IMO reviving should be fine only with a lot of restriction, such as. 1) Not after headshot. 2) Not after death by direct tank, RPG or other heavy weapon hit. 3) Only once per normal life. 4) Doesn't remove death from scoreboard, nor removing kill from enemy scoreboard. 5) Acceptable only with special instrument (First Aid Kit, for example). 6) Takes several seconds. So, it just will be the faster analog of respawning.
  13. Well, I don't think, that having constant minimap itself will be gamebreaking even on TDM. But on this minimap you will have only 3 things: 1) Your own position marker (in the center of the minimap). 2) Your teammates signature markers. 3) Terrain map. Enemies should be seen on the minimap ONLY by UAV strikes (same as now) or mini-drone (suggestion). Other words, it's realistic. Your on-helmet display doesn't depend on UAV in the sky, but enemy spotting depends.
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