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    Current Gameplay design

    Well, It seems to be Planetside 2. (Ofc, it isn't 5-6 BTK in torso in PS2, it is variable between 5 BTK to Infiltrator killed by NC LMG and 18 BTK to Heavy Assault with Nanoarmor and Overshield). But, I think, this game is has absolutely other design idea and gunplay. It is not about two grunts in exo armor and energy shields, jumping around each other for a few seconds and trying to put in enemy body more those weak bullets, before enemy will do, and at that time trying to compensate recoil and spread of his weapon (I guess, that kind of jerking u called "SKILL"). But i have played PS2 a lot (85 lvl on Verner, before is closed, and 82 on Cobalt now), and I can say, that modern (not future) combat shooter, should have a lot, a lot other game- and gunplay. First seen - first shot - first kill, no freaking dancing under machinegun suppression, as it is in PS2. I agree, that TTK to heavy steel (and ceramic) armor must be higher, and there shouldn't be gutshots (it's unrealistic, modern body armors have more square protection, as it is in game). But I'm sure, that 3 BTK in torso is fine if you are shooting at the HDPE-wearing enemy in close combat with 7.62 AK-15.
  2. †FeuerEuphorie†

    weapon stats values - what are they?

    Weight: in this game it counts in pounds. Measurement settings doesnt work now. Why so heavy? Because it contains not only weapon itself, but also 0.4xBK (allowance of ammunition, BOYEKOMPLEKT in russian), that soldier carries on his back on the battlefield. Spread, I think, is in-game constant, and has no real-life equivalent. Ratio between in-life recoil and in-game recoil exists, I believe, but is known only for developers.
  3. †FeuerEuphorie†

    Is the new TTK here to stay ?

    I think, that TTK needs to be a little, a LITTLE bit higher due to the armor. It is OK, that pistols and SMG should kill by 5-6 body shots; AR by 3-4; DMR and MG by 2-3 and sniper by 1-2. But in game it should be to an UNARMORED body. Steel armor feels TOO heavy for its protection. You can afford to use with it only SMG or naked AR without good attachments (with the exceptions to VEPR and ALFA: you cannot carry them at all). So I give some ideas to improve gunfight. 1) Remove hitscan mechanic at all. All weapons in all circumstances will use projectiles. That will make shotguns less OP, and CQC gunfight will be less chaotic (a very little bit) 2) Make hipfire recoil and spread even harsher (like in Counter-Strike). This will make spray-and-pray tactics be useful only in very close combat. 3) Remove AT LAST grey dot. Laser sights will be useful after that. 4) Lower damage of some weapons due to damage formula above. 5) Rebalance armor weight and make armor to defend not only chest, but either back and stomach,
  4. †FeuerEuphorie†

    Recon mode tests sign up!

    Armed and ready
  5. †FeuerEuphorie†

    Mb implement bleeding out?

    Yes, a better version of the assist, but not as kill in score tab
  6. †FeuerEuphorie†

    Mb implement bleeding out?

    So why not to remove "Assist on kill' mechanic by this way?=) U didnt end your victim - you dont deserve your frag. That's simple logic.
  7. †FeuerEuphorie†

    Mb implement bleeding out?

    What about counting this not as kill, but as casuality?
  8. †FeuerEuphorie†

    Feedback on Update 0.4

    Lot of bugs I have seen. For example, BTR-90 is in "Transportation" and not "IFV" tab. Vepr and Alfa are still to heavy to use with steel armor even without attachments. Or steel armor is to heavy, and GM want to use it only with SMG? TDM Moskow is right move. If the game is wanted to be alive, it needs more maps or game mods. "Buying a weapon now unlocks all its default attachments" AT LAST Audio hit markers seems bad and "cartooon" At last I am on the right side in the game (East)
  9. †FeuerEuphorie†

    Realistic magazine handling

    How about not throwing away magazine, but save it (not full loaded) and remember (by the game) how may rounds each magazine has
  10. †FeuerEuphorie†

    Ideas for more Immersion

    Yeah, that should be realistic, informative and graphically nice.
  11. †FeuerEuphorie†

    Ideas for more Immersion

    I agree. Hitmarkers, IMHO, is the n00best thing was ever added into first person shooters. Remember, how easily we could frag withowt them in CS, Quake, UT and other oldschool shooters.
  12. †FeuerEuphorie†

    Steel armor weight

    I understand, that toughest plate should be the heaviest, and the soldier, wearing it, should be slow. But, I can't even afford to use VEPR with the heaviest armor. So, can you make heaviest armor slightly less heavy to let soldier use well equipped assault rifle?
  13. †FeuerEuphorie†

    Big list of suggestions

    After a few dozen hours of play, I have many thoughts about gameplay. I Visual 1) Mini-map. I have joined into the game and did not find the mini-map, I decided that is because the game meant to be “hardcore”. If you need the map, you press M, everything seems to be normal, BUT! a) The mini-map appears when you enter the UAV scouting area. b) The map on M opens just like that, not in the PDA, while viewing it, you can run, jump and / or shoot. c) The map itself is gray, uninformative, small, the GG arrow constantly looks to the right (and not forward, as it should be). In general, it is strange to see hitmarkers and sliding in the "hardcore" game (but more on that later), but without having a minimap on HUD. As I understand it, the developers hinted at the use in the universe of the game of displaying HUD on the fighter's retina eye (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_retinal_display). This technology, by the way, is used in the helmet of the gunners of the American "Straykers". So the presence of this image does not depend on the presence of a drone in the sky. Therefore,” I would like to see the presence of a permanent mini-map in the corner of the screen. 2) HUD It is dull and too massive. Mini-map appears in the upper left corner, although it would be much more convenient to see it below. Buttons for strike that are used a few times per match occupy a half-screen. On the pictures here, in my opinion, are the most successful HUD. Battlefield 4 Planetside 2 3) Animations I would like to see: a) Animation of the turning on/off of laser / flashlight. b) Animation of switching fire modes. c) Animation of the entrance-exit from the vehicle (during which the unfortunate rider can be shot) d) The best animation of changing weapons (and, respectively) of displaying inactive inventory on character models. 4) Contrast and gamma. It is no secret that in modern games it is difficult to distinguish the enemy from the background. Unfortunately, WW3 is no exception. Yes, in rooms with low light everything looks perfect. But during the year of service in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, I clearly understood that a soldier in camouflage in a city in 100 meters can be seen just fine. 5) Friend or foe. The squares on allies look faded on their own and block the half-screen. So as 3D detection of enemies. There are 3 ways to solve this problem. a) Icon over the head of a fighter a la Battlefield b) Colored armbands that are rendered only at close range. This was used in the Stalker multiplayer. By the way, special forces soldiers actually use these dressings in real life. No, they do not unmask. c) Completely different camouflage for West and East. 5) Raytracing? 6) "Strawberry jam from injuries" Here on the forum already offered to add visual effects at low levels of health. With both hands for. II) Gameplay 1) Air Force This refers to piloting airplanes / helicopters. It is not clear whether the developers can implement it, but I would like to. 2) Accordingly, there is a need for MANPADS (MPADS), anti-aircraft guns and ATGM. 3) Underbarrel grenade launchers and mortars. Balancing them is difficult, but quite possible. 4) Pistol, as a separate slot! "We need sidearm, please" 5) Different starting weapons for fighters of the eastern and western coalitions. It would be desirable to have different starting weapons depending on the selected flag. For example: Russian fighter - AK-15, Polish - Beryl, German - G36. And also on sniper rifles, machine guns, grenade launchers, tanks, etc. 6) More, more content. a) Modes. Operations, bombs, capture the flag, assault, etc. b) Technique. Armata, Kurganets, Bradley, etc. c) Weapon. An-94, G11, LSAT, AEK-971, etc. 7) Appearing out of nothing when deployng is silly. Is it possible to do this in the form of landing from an airplane? 8.) Well, and a beacon for deploying for the squad leader. 9) When dismounting from a quad at speed, the character must take damage. 10) Destructibility. 11) Voice chat!!! IV) Hardcore-casual. I will highlight this in a separate chapter. 1) About the mini-map i had written above. One has only to add that with the current hardcore-casual balance, it makes no sense to turn off the mini-card when leaving the UAV area of operation. 2) About 3D detection is also higher. If it need to be, it should be overhauled. 3) Hit markers. Perhaps, I will express an absolutely seditious thought, but are they really necessary in a game that positions itself as “realistic”? Do we need hit markers at all? For me it was a shock at all when I first saw this system in Battlefield 3. Like, the developers do not respect me so much that they think that I cannot aim on my own? How many years in the Counter-Strike all fragmented without it, and there were no problems. IMHO. 4) Realoding with magazines. But it would be nice to see. At the same time, small-capacity magazines would have made sense just for those who like to reload after several bullets fired. With an indication of the number of magazines and the holding of incomplete magazines in equipment, and not by throwing them away, please. 5) "Men are sliding to the men" Leave this heresy to Warface and other bad, very bad games, please. The fact that the characters spend halfway in skating on the his bottom is just absurd. 6) View from the 3rd person in the vehicle. Do we need it? V) Other. 1) Magnifier does not work as a beveled optics, but behind the main sight. 2) Weight garbage. The current weight distribution is broken and causes an imbalance. For example, it is possible to assemble a light machine gun from G36 with the heaviest armor, but from the AK-15 it is not, for it is difficult. Although, in general, G36 is no worse than the AK-15 to give it such advantages separately. Anyway, assault rifles are made too heavy in the game. 3) It is not clear how to hold the breath to a sniper and put a weapon on the bipod. 4) So far, I like the Battlefield cover system more than looking left and right for Q and E. Plus, it offloads keys for marking and action with objects. 5) Need a slot for ATGM for BMP. 6) Knife-fight. Cutting throats like in BF. VI) Bugs, even though it is offtopic. 1) After the patch 0.3.2, the hit registration deteriorated sharply. 2) I will not say that I have a strong computer (670GTX video card), but before the Warshaw TDM patch I had 100 FPS at high and ultra settings. After the patch, the FPS fell 5-10 times. 3) The character gets stuck in low obstacles. To jump over the fence, you have to lift the scope. 4) The vehicles shakes incredibly when moving. 5) Meet the "AWP disease". This is when you turn the enemy into a rival with a sniper rifle at close range, and he is oneshot. Although to balance his scope should get off so that he could only get into the sky. 6) For some reason, I am constantly being thrown over the West, although I play for the East. Moreover, when changing a team, the team I change to for some reason also becomes the West.
  14. Вот да, дико плюсую к пятому пункту.
  15. †FeuerEuphorie†

    Пакет предложений

    Планетсайд 2, и все выпуски Контр-Страйка смотрят на это с недоумением. Хотя, там для каждой фракции отдельный арсенал, в ПС2 вообще механика работы стволов у фракций отличается. А на дисбаланс стволов там не особо жалуются. В БФ3, кстати, тоже были отдельные ветки развития для РФ и США, но потом вышла БФ4, добавили китайцев и всё смешалось в кучу. Это early access и скорее всего все подтянут, но вход и выход из техники не нужен т.к. не самый динамичный гейммплей станет медленнее. А есть предложения, как бороться со следующей проблемой. Из подбитого танка вылезает перец (мгновенно), у этого перца уже автомат на изготовке (сразу), а мне нужно секунды 4, чтобы переключиться с РПГ на автомат, в течение которых перец расстреливает меня, мгновенно запрыгивает обратно в танк и уезжает ремонтироваться на респ