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  1. Really, did the same. But "flesh" sound is still in.
  2. Love, when pistol power is based on kinetic energy (like this). Not like BF pistols, are more powerful, than AR.
  3. No, just dreaming. There were pause about 3-4 months between big patches. So it should be getting cooked soon.
  4. Have a week vacation due pandemic. Dreaming about 0.9 on PTE next week)
  5. WW3 weapon feedback is very similar to BF:V. Or do you like CoD jumping collimators?
  6. I pressed right mouse button, when it flyed near.
  7. I have no screenshots, but today I destroyed enemy quadcopter with first aid kit...
  8. I double this. I have one month vacations and must ask: have I any chances to try new patch even on PTE for 2 next weeks?
  9. Mb it should be shown, which weapon uses each attacker. And write it near attacker's name. How it is, and how it should be. Both in realistic and gameplay need. Same for back side. Especially for heavy vests.
  10. Seems strange. My experience about BF4 is, that recoil and spread are absurdly high. Especially spread, you cant operate with assault rifles above 50 meters, when maps are like 1x1 km. That forces people to camp with DMR, which ever class can use. And tunnel maps... yes Metro-Locker is the biggest map cancer ever. They should be played 10x10 max, not 32x32.
  11. I vote YES. Visual clarity is the most important aspect in game menu. Due to console porting we have a lot of AWFUL game menu in game (e.g. Skyrim, where you try to select one item, and game decide to click another, because it isn't in the middle of the screen and highlighted. Hopefully, WW3 menu will be designed for keybord&mouse users=)
  12. We have already trained soldiers under our control. Not green conscripts. And how experince can affect recoil? Sway, maybe in terms of accuracy.
  13. It's the same mechanic. Something "magically" changes weapon properties in shooter, that intends to be some kind of realistic. If we talk about something, like Overwatch or else - no problems, but not there. Mechanics should synergise with setting. That's the reason, I'm against high TTK. Modern "Granite" body armor plates can hold up to 3 rifle bullets, not 10. It's for example.
  14. Is it really you? Are you hacked? The main reason I don't play Division is CLOTHES, increasing your damage and accuracy. "How can exist society without colour difference of pants?" Kin-Dza-Dza
  15. Press ALT, and... try to silent walking/ So, YES)
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