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  1. The only way to prevent sniper or shotgunner from oneshot you is flinch them to hell. Not do 99 dmg by 5 hits and die after it. He is right in this. After 0.3-0.4 a random side kick added for assault rifles. Don't prove me wrong, I'm not against angle recoil, but Ithink it should be predictable and controllable. For example, MG5 has its unique recoil pattern.
  2. Well, I hope, it will be fixed. I have 90-120 ping from St. Petersburg to Poland (I guess, here are majority of servers). For example, in Titanfall 2 I have only 56 ms to Belgium. High ping was the thing, that killed Lawbreakers. And and it was the ONLY technical issue of that game. I really don't want, if that will happpened with WW3.
  3. I like the system before. Even more, I'd prefer, if SQL had spawn beacon to deploy, instead of teammates spawns form his body.
  4. Yes, all flying drones in WW3 have bad physics. No inertia at all.
  5. This idea reminds me old times, when in Dota Allstars you can pick only Sentinel heroes when you are at GOOD side, an Scourge heroes, when you play EVIL side. It was pretty nice, realistic, and... VERY hard to balance. Same as these idea.
  6. Missile launcher RCWS has 1 magazine of 4 rounds, nobody complains. Enable to install machinegun as nose turret, move OFAB to wings weapon, make only 1 magazine with reduced splash area, and it will be fine.
  7. One more thing: the reward for destroying heli is ridicoulus. 65 BP only! For much work so small effort.
  8. You have to make 20 headshot to call additional UAV Flying Eye. Don't think it's "easy" and "spamming".
  9. What. if we press M, we get tactical tablet, which we use for calling strikes, instead of picture in the air? It will not only show the map, but player can use strikes with it (one by one, if there is enough battlepoints), make requests, or give orders, if you are squad leader, and grants in-team and in-squad chat. It will also take some functions from X button, which is overloaded now.
  10. Yes, and for shotguns too. And reduce "recoil decrease". Now, shooting with shotguns looks. like this:
  11. Enable ATGM for BMPT. Now they are just cosmetic.
  12. Now, in WW3 you can run out of ammo only 3 ways. 1) You have 12-0 score. 2) You are very good sniper. 3) You are machinegunner, trying to destroy MRAP. Making Ammo Packs great again based on two variables, call ammo count and ammo consumption. Because ammo consumption features were suggested many times before, I write here about ammo count. There was a little window in 0.6 patch, when players had 30/60 starting ammo (+30 additional) with assault rifle. This was pretty enough for playing as well as realistic (usually, AR goes with 4 magazines). But players were confused to see 30/60 starting ammo, because additional ammo isn't showed in overall count. So, suggestions are. 1) Enable FJM addtional ammo and install it by default. 2) Shows addtional ammo in overall count. For example, player has 30/60 standart FJM ammo +30 AP ammo. HUD shows, that he has 30/90 ammo. 3) Let drums have full amount of addtional ammo, than only 30. 4) Reduce amount of ammo as: 30/60 FJM +30 addtional for Standart AR 50/50 FJM +50 additional for Skeleton/Triangle Drum 60 FJM + 60 additional for D60 drum 75 FJM + 75 additional for AK 7.62 drum 100 FJM +100 additional for standart general-purpose machineguns (don't care about UKM 200 round box) 5/15 FJM +5 additional for sniper rifles 20/40 FJM +20 addtional for battle rifles. 17/17 FJM + 17 additional for Glock 17 (as example for pistols) 30/60 FJM + 30 additional for Vityaz (as example for SMG) So, assault rifles, battle rifles, sniper rifles and SMG will have 4 overall magazines. Pistols and AR with 50 ammo drums will have 3 overall magazines. AR with 60-75 ammo drums and machineguns will have 2 overal magazines/boxes.
  13. Will we have our profiles back, or it's wipe?
  14. I vote YES. because I'm annoyed leaving vehicle in random position. You can be crashed with ally tank, if you try to hop out while moving nowadays.
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