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  1. Серьёзно? Вроде бы не было зависимости характеристик от косметических вещей. Или я чего-то не знаю об игре?
  2. The Heli power is the result of absence of MANPADs (Stinger, Igla) and AA-cannons. Jammer is simply the only variable to counter it.
  3. Nowadays days damage system is far more clear and balanced, than, for example, 3 months ago. But it still has many issues. And in this post I will combine my thoughts about balanced damage, based on last BTK data. I) Hitzones 1) Head - 2.5x multiplier. 2) Torso - 1x multiplier, armor plate covers ALL FRONT area, both chest and stomach (no gutshots) 3) Legs - 0.5x multiplier (combines both legs and feet into one hitzone), brielfly slows target. 4) Arms - 0.5x multiplier (combines both arms and hands into one hitzone), target takes increased flinch. II) Damage and penetration. 1) Increase 5.56 damage from 30 to 32, lower VEPR damage from 32 to 30, adjust penetration, to make both 5.56 and 5.45 having 4-7 BTK (as it has 5.56 now) 2) Make 0.300 Blackout penetraton same, as 7.62. 3) Lower Tochnost damage A LOT (to 45-50). And a little to G29. III) Aiming. 1) Add hold breath mechanic, that temporarly removes the sway. 2) Proning, while having bipod also removes the sway. Conclusions: 1) Increasing headshots multiplier with removing gutshots will grants more realistic and skill-based gameplay for assault rifle and machinegun users. 2) Players, which prefer flanking, instead of frontal attack, will still benefit from this, due shooting back, head, and using Hollow Point ammunition. 3) SMG and pistol users should shoot legs and arms, while having lower, but more stable TTK and slowing and flinching enemy, that will have less options to react. 4) Snipers will lose cheesy one-torso-shoting kill ability, while having options to remove sway and making deadly precise headshots. Thanks for reading!
  4. I've got really impressed, when have seen new BTK numbers. I will write long post in "Suggestions" about damage system. And before I admit some features and issues. 1) On paper, standart 5.56 and 7.62 assault rifles seems perfect at the moment against armor plates (3-6 for 7.62 and 4-7 for 5.56) in close combat. This BTK provides semi-realistic gunplay as well as in-game armor customisation features. 2) But 5.45 and .300 BTK seems... strange. 8 BTK is really too high for assault rifles even for 5.45 (however, it has more flesh damage, than 5.56). And Blackout should have same penetration is close combat, as 7.62. These issues combines with next. 3) Gutshots and limb damage. Gutshot is an infamous feature turned into bug. New multipliers and BTK numbers FORCES people to shoot in the center of the enemy model. Especially for 5.45 and 0.300 Blackout. For example: MSBS-B 35 base damage ---> 3 gutshots BTK, with 0.75x limb multiplier ---> 4 BTK, steel plate ---> 8 BTK. This feature for shooting legs in encounter is good for PDWs and pistols, as they are not general purpose weapon. But, IMO, gunplay with assault rifles shoud benefit people from head-torso aiming, not legs. 4) When i saw 20 BTK for pistol ammo against steel armor, it seemed VERY ridiculous. But then, I realised, thats leg- and arms-shooting will be cool mechanic for weapons, based on pistol ammo. But not for assault rifles, please. 5) I have already (and not only me) written, it's strange, that same ammo weapons (Tochnost and MG5) has damage difference near 3 times. But when I saw real BTK... it is even worse (4x for ceramic and, I guess Tochnost will oneshot even throw steel plate with AP rounds). It's insanely bad. Guys, please, don't turn this good game into another "Sniperfield". Snipers should benefit from precise headshots, not easy take frags, oneshotting everybody.
  5. Reduce limb damage to 50% is the simpliest solution. I don't think, devs should change anything GRAPHICALLY, only remove gutshot mechanic, which was and interesting feature turned into bug=(
  6. Personally, I needed it many times. So, another mechanic suggestion, when holding G, you press right mouse button to roll grenade.
  7. Honestly, it will be awesome. Make holding G to vary throw distance.
  8. Well it is not about buff Pecheneg, but nerf T-5000. But nevermind.
  9. Yes, I should admit, that the sniper rifles damage after removing TOR is insane. "Tochnost" uses same 7.62x51 ammo as MG5 but has 3 times more damage. Still is in 0.5.
  10. Well, you theory is elegant. But I still have some questions. 1) If penetration depends on muzzle energy, should damage depend on it either. If yes, so 7.62x51 Tochnost should have slightly less damage, than 7.62x54 Pecheneg, while now it have near 3x damage (125 and 43). 2) For 80% resistance we will have 15-20 pistol BTK. Isn't it too high? 3) Velocity drops throw distance. Should the penetration increased. My damage model suggestion is modified Counter-Strike BTK model. 1) Armor. a) Four tiers of armor (from lighter to heavier) - Polyethylene, Titanium, Ceramic, Steel. b) Armor plates differs by weight and movement speed, but far less, then now. c) Body armor protects all torso, including stomach, sides and back. d) Armor doesn't deplete. 2) Various round BTK. a) Large calibers (0.50 BMG and 0.338 Lapua Magnum): 1-2 BTK. b) Rifle calibers (7.62x54 and 7.62x51): 2-3 BTK. c) Heavy intermediate calibers (7.62x39, 0.300 Blackout): 3-4 BTK. d) Light intermediate calibers (5.56x45, 5,45x39): 4-5 BTK. e) Pistol calibers (0.45 ACP, 9x19, 9x18): 5-6 BTK. f) Shotguns - 1 BTK in close combat, drastically decreasing by distance. 3) Combination of armor and base BTK. Lightest tier armor always causes lowest BTK in base interval and heaviest armor - the highest. Intermediate tiers armor BTK depends on range. For example: 7.62x39 vs Polyethylene - always 3 BTK. 7.62x39 vs Titanium - 3 BTK before 100 meters, 4 BTK after. 7.62x39 vs Ceramic - 3 BTK before 50 meters, 4 BTK after. 7.62x39 vs Steel - always 4 BTK. 4) Multipliers and hitbox bonus. a) Head - 2x multiplier. b) Torso - 1x multiplier, biggest size. c) Legs - 0.5 multiplier, but briefly slows target. d) Arms - 0.5 multiplier, but increases flinch. That can be transfered to suggestions
  11. Ceramic plate must take at least 6 bullets before be destroyed in real life (technical requirement for 6B47 armor). Don't know about soldier behind it, ofc, he takes concussion. I've been heard, that take a bullet in armor without penetration is like be hit with big steel rod. I've told I'm not against 3-4 BTK in game. But how to balance armor tho? Will be difference in BTK between Polyethylen, Steel and Ceramic (HDPE is polyethylen either)? And how much in numbers it should be? I have no ready answers.
  12. Golden words. As I wrote before, by my calculation 7.62x39 in 0.5 against a IV lvl ceramic (general purpose for modern infantry) has already 6 BTK. With removing gutshots and fixing limb damage, we will have nice TTK at all. I'm not against extremely low TTK in video games, same as not as extremely high. It depends on the design idea of the game. I've pleasured playing both LawBreakers and Planetside 2 with their energy shields on sci-fi setting. And I enjoyed playing InstaGib mode in UT2004 and railgun duels in Quake 3. But in this game there are a few different armor features. And in my opinion, 0.5 shows difference between armor plates better, then 0.4.
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