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  1. You have forgotten one more thing: Rate Of Fire multiplier. For example, we have favourable by many players AK-15. On far range long barrel deals average 32*0.9=28.4 damage compare to medium barrel. Short barrel deals average 28*1.05=29.4 damage. If player is skillful enough to compensate recoil (it is still possible in WW3 despite sway and random side kicks added), short barrel deals higher DPS on far range, than long barrel. Remember, that short barrel also has recoil decreasing property.
  2. Not with all of them. You can meet someone, who always writes about low TTK...
  3. There was long barrel domination, now there is short barrel domination. No reasons to equip long barrel, if short barrel DPS overmatches all distances, which assault rifles are used in. Ofc. you can choose long barrel, switch to single fire, and you'll get some kind of DMR... but who cares, if you have G29 (or M417)
  4. Oh yes! EAST (Russia) in WW3 still has no its own Battle Rifle. So modern 7.62x54 rifle will be very nice!
  5. So, what about not reviving, but heavy injure mechanics. Like it was in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and RS6 Siege. When character falls to the ground, but is vulnerable to any instance of damage. So, if you fall injured in fire, you are immediately dead. Ofc, it's should be in special circumstances. For example, the last hit, you received, was in the leg or arm, or in armor without depleting it. Headshot, flesh penetrating shot or something heavy such as tank round should be 100% lethal.
  6. What? Personally, I had no problems with my heavy loadouts.
  7. I double this. Even more, standart Bumerang Era turret has smoke grenades IRL. But for unknown reason it hasn't in game.
  8. I hope, one day the 5th game mode will be released (as it was written before). Something, like Defusion, or Search&Destroy. But the optimisation is the most important. I did't stop playing since 0.7, but it is quite difficult due huge FPS drop. And my PC isn't the weakest (i7-3770 + GTX 1070).
  9. I have already disabled third person camera for myself. Same as hitmarkers. So, I will support this suggestion.
  10. New update looks for me... strange. It should be optimisation patch, but I have huge FPS drop (from 110 to 40) even on TDM. Maybe it is my CPU fault (it's not new, i7-3770, paired with GTX 1070). Ping is also near 140 ms. On PTE it looks better. One more thing. Rate of fire difference looked absurd for game, pretend for being "some kind of realistic" (not as ARMA, ofc). But the fact, that short barrel does MORE damage, than long, looks even more absurd. I'm still thinking, that barrels can be balanced other way, than direct DPS increasing
  11. If somebody doesn't know, "bloom per shot" is increasing cone of fire (spread), when continiously firing. Many shooters have this mechanic. ADS firing in WW3 is solid enough, i think. But hipfire at this moment sux, it is very random. So, suggestion is make initial spread for hipfire low enough to make laser sight informative, where bullet will go, but drastically increasing, when shooting long bursts. Bloom per shot can be smaller for short barrels, and bigger for long barrels
  12. Compared to "naked" barrel, decreasing of recoil is true. But compared to gun with big muzzle brake such as AK-15, changing muzzle brake to suppressor will increase recoil.
  13. The biggest problem here, I think, is how to balance the accuracy of drone. One of reasons, why I hate Overwatch, are automatic turrets, which are headshotting people at the opposite corner of the map.
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