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  1. Well, I see no point raging in game with 60 people online. I have Battlefield 5 for this. One more analogy: a few days ago BF5 received huge balance patch. The main idea of this seems like: LET STUPID BASTARDS SURVIVE. Now BTK for some assault rifles are 13. 13 BTK, CARL! Why I write it here? It's an example. how brainless TTK increasing turn game in a branch of useless sniper apes, tank jerkers and undying pilots (Heli Drone is nothing, compared to BF5 bombers).
  2. Based on this, but much more simplified. So we have voice presets we can choose in settings. Why we can't have skin settings same way? Skin presets should be constant and in-game build. So players will not make bright enemies on dark map or vice versa. Now we have 2 voices per side (for Russia they are called Boris and Sergey). So I think, there should be 2-3 skins per side. (Example of Russian skins). So, player can make game more authentical ( if we mean Russia with satellites vs NATO conflict). It always solves Friendly-or-Foe identification. Ofc, you can choose something fantasy and absurd, like Poland vs China fighting on Polyarny=) And player can always return to original skins with 2 clicks.
  3. I remember, when you pressing X on the enemy, your character says, is the enemy "heavy" or "light".
  4. Let them differ not only by weight and protection but with some minor, but unique properties too. HDPE - faster stance changing (from standing to crouching ). Poyethyelene - faster plate replenish time. Ceramic - less flinch from hits. Steel - less damage from explosives.
  5. Seems like its tracks stuck in the ground. Cannot move just shakes. Game version: 76885 Way to reproduce: try to call T-72 and sit in it.
  6. Ofc optimisation. Compared to other games it's still very poor.
  7. HUD: I still think, it can be smaller (and symbols thinner). Ofc it more informative, but also MORE clunky. Optimisation: Less microfreezing, than in 0.7, but also less FPS, than 0.6. Strikes: Well, reducing count of active strikes will reduce its spamming too. Or not? We'll see. No kill message: Well, I hope, now kill and damage bounties are merged and you won't get cheesy 50 XP for lasthitting. Fixed lighting after match: No more acid-drugged colours. Hell yeah! MAP ROTATION WAS BROKEN FOR ME!
  8. In one hand, ally icons visibility prevents redudant friendly fire. In other hand, it can play with you bad joke, when enemy stands between you, and your teammate, who sit in the opposite corner of the map. I suggest, visibility could be toggled in game settings.
  9. I have some minds, but it can be too hardcore. Only pistols and short-barrel, no-stock weapon can be used as secondary. RPG as a gadget.
  10. I remember, 30-06 was much more powerful catrige, than NATO 7.62x51 or even russian 7.62x54R.
  11. I double this. When I tried to disable that "freaking annoying gray dot", red dot in collimator sight dissapeared too.
  12. In all games, called "killers" of "Put here franchise name", only one really did that, I remember. It's Path of Exile, which completely killed casual, cartoonish and laggy Diablo 3. And BFV is far not bad as Diablo 3.
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