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  1. If anybody can't use gamepad right way, that's his own problem. I have seen one guy playing Counter-Strike with a wheel. Don't mind any aim-assisting in this game, but his skill was enough to win the pub match. One more. Any frame detection system opens a huge exploit for potential aimbot hacks.
  2. Hope, you are just joking. Why this mechanic even exists in multiplayer FPS, COD for example? Autoaiming ruins the concept of "shooter" games. So gamepad users can go 3 ways. 1) Learn to aim. 2) Spend $5 for keyboard and mouse. 3) Suffer with 0-30 score.
  3. I was very confused with this paragraph. Hope, it would be allowed only in special zones. Not between the fight run behind the corner and get another barrel, scope, muzzle brake and stock out of nowhere.
  4. Строго говоря, количество вариантов стволов должно соответствовать реальному числу вариантов. У нас же игра "с закосом под реализм", не?) Например, для семейства АК/РПК это 4 варианта: -314 мм укороченный ствол АК-104/АК-15К -415 мм стандарный ствол -415 мм штурмовой утолщённый ствол РПК -591 мм утолщённый ствол РПК
  5. If you have seen Warzone Large mode, you can find overall map size pretty enough. Ofc, there aren't Planetside or even Battlefield 4-1-5 sizes. But there will be lot space to fight, if we'll have these 2 improves: 1) Move spawnzones and make them like 3-4 times smaller. For example, behind the bridge in Warsaw. 2) Spread control points over the map. At the moment, they are mostly gathered in the middle.
  6. Which tickrate have WW3 servers?
  7. It differs a lot of even on this range. Especially for pistol bullets or buckshot. When rifle bullet travels slower, than buckshot, it seems too absurd. Comparing with TTK it is like 1/2 of it. Didn't find in english.
  8. I think, it's very simple, compare to collision and graphic computing. Just add constant deceleration (which depends on projectile type) every server tick. Battlefield ballistic works that way.
  9. Hitscan should be removed at all. Why it even exists in the game? I remember, even bullet weapon before 20 meters use hitscan. Do you think, is negligible? For example, even without air resistance, 9mm pistol bullet travels like 0.1 second that first 20 meter. For running man, it's like 0.3 meters travel. So, you must pre-fire even at this range. The main question. Does bullet deceleration exist in game? If it's not, so why?
  10. Hope, "a few days" means really few. Not "you'll see new animation soon" at end of December and...
  11. I thought is the most cancerous map ever, before I played COD's Shipment.
  12. 1) Will donation affects only skins and progress? 2) There some absurdly gameplay things (for realistic setting) were not on the start of the game, such as long barrel reducing damage and switching fire mode reducing recoil, with absurdly high sway (sway is realistic itself, but amount is not). Will be it reworked or reverted. 3) What about DX12 support? On Steam page can be seen, that game will support it. For example, it improve multi-core using. 4) RTX and DLSS 2.0, will be support for this? 5) On the global map in game menu there is definitely frontline between two coalitions. And we see, for example, buses with ukrainian car numbers on Polyarny. Will the game have some lore? And will be difference between equipment based on this lore, or it will be grey mess, like now. 6) Will the game be just a little hardcore, like now?
  13. Fail.ru is infamous due publishing low-graphics, pay-to-win games, which made by unexpeirenced programmers and untalanted designers. Hope, they will only give advertisment and no gameplay changes.
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