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  1. If anybody can't use gamepad right way, that's his own problem. I have seen one guy playing Counter-Strike with a wheel. Don't mind any aim-assisting in this game, but his skill was enough to win the pub match. One more. Any frame detection system opens a huge exploit for potential aimbot hacks.
  2. Hope, you are just joking. Why this mechanic even exists in multiplayer FPS, COD for example? Autoaiming ruins the concept of "shooter" games. So gamepad users can go 3 ways. 1) Learn to aim. 2) Spend $5 for keyboard and mouse. 3) Suffer with 0-30 score.
  3. I was very confused with this paragraph. Hope, it would be allowed only in special zones. Not between the fight run behind the corner and get another barrel, scope, muzzle brake and stock out of nowhere.
  4. Строго говоря, количество вариантов стволов должно соответствовать реальному числу вариантов. У нас же игра "с закосом под реализм", не?) Например, для семейства АК/РПК это 4 варианта: -314 мм укороченный ствол АК-104/АК-15К -415 мм стандарный ствол -415 мм штурмовой утолщённый ствол РПК -591 мм утолщённый ствол РПК
  5. If you have seen Warzone Large mode, you can find overall map size pretty enough. Ofc, there aren't Planetside or even Battlefield 4-1-5 sizes. But there will be lot space to fight, if we'll have these 2 improves: 1) Move spawnzones and make them like 3-4 times smaller. For example, behind the bridge in Warsaw. 2) Spread control points over the map. At the moment, they are mostly gathered in the middle.
  6. Which tickrate have WW3 servers?
  7. It differs a lot of even on this range. Especially for pistol bullets or buckshot. When rifle bullet travels slower, than buckshot, it seems too absurd. Comparing with TTK it is like 1/2 of it. Didn't find in english.
  8. I think, it's very simple, compare to collision and graphic computing. Just add constant deceleration (which depends on projectile type) every server tick. Battlefield ballistic works that way.
  9. Hitscan should be removed at all. Why it even exists in the game? I remember, even bullet weapon before 20 meters use hitscan. Do you think, is negligible? For example, even without air resistance, 9mm pistol bullet travels like 0.1 second that first 20 meter. For running man, it's like 0.3 meters travel. So, you must pre-fire even at this range. The main question. Does bullet deceleration exist in game? If it's not, so why?
  10. Hope, "a few days" means really few. Not "you'll see new animation soon" at end of December and...
  11. I thought is the most cancerous map ever, before I played COD's Shipment.
  12. 1) Will donation affects only skins and progress? 2) There some absurdly gameplay things (for realistic setting) were not on the start of the game, such as long barrel reducing damage and switching fire mode reducing recoil, with absurdly high sway (sway is realistic itself, but amount is not). Will be it reworked or reverted. 3) What about DX12 support? On Steam page can be seen, that game will support it. For example, it improve multi-core using. 4) RTX and DLSS 2.0, will be support for this? 5) On the global map in game menu there is definitely frontline between two coalitions. And we see, for example, buses with ukrainian car numbers on Polyarny. Will the game have some lore? And will be difference between equipment based on this lore, or it will be grey mess, like now. 6) Will the game be just a little hardcore, like now?
  13. Fail.ru is infamous due publishing low-graphics, pay-to-win games, which made by unexpeirenced programmers and untalanted designers. Hope, they will only give advertisment and no gameplay changes.
  14. Well, it was me, who upvote your suggestion. Despite, they must be separate suggestiion - pack voting is bad, either in politic. Anyway, it looks absurd, that you can't call Textron BRDM, Flakpanzer Gepard or another MRAP, but you can spent BP for useless quad or buggy. Even more, I'd prefer to have only quads and buggies as free vehicles. Same for commrose. I have played shooters with both commrose system (WW3, BF) and list (CS, Planetside). And the second looked more "comfortable". Better to have them both, devs really don't have enough resources to do that. So commrose will be our reality further. Sounds. They can be nice on the border of the map. But due fighting in buildings, gameplay sounds are much more important. Good players often aiming for sounds. WW3 has good sound system not in all aspects, but footstep sounds are nice. I have played modern games with bad footstep step sounds (like Ring of Elysium), so I can compare.
  15. In addition to previous suggestion. We have already gas masks in the game, but they have no real impact, only apperiance. There were some suggestion about making them useful. Other head-on items can be useful too. Gas mask - when soldier wears it ( special button can be used for wear-unwear) it grants resistance (or even immunity) for gas grenade or any chemical weapon, but increases ADS time a lot; IRNV goggles - grants IR vision, when equipped. Same rules as for gas mask. Tactical glasses - resistance for flashbang. Passive bonus. Ofcource, this list can be coninued.
  16. Haven't seen it in any other shooter. Something, which can make WW3 even more unique within customisation. In customisation menu, under Helmet and Armor choosing, make one more paragraph: Uniform material. Each material will provide different bonus for its owner. Kevlar - explosion resistance; Nomex - flame resistance; Technora - chemical resistance; Polyester - radiation resistance; Fiber - IRNV camouflage. There were just examples, there can be more variants.
  17. COD---Warface---Crossfire---Valorant---Overwatch
  18. It's overloaded with functions now. Grenades, armor, gadgets. But it's mostly used for replenish RPG.
  19. Upvote. IIMO, spawn bases in WW3 use TOO large parts of the map. I think, their size should be large enough to place 30 soldier, repair pods, some buggies/quads and that steel barricades to prevent baserape. Honestly, the best anti-baserape system is in CoD now. When on side totally sucks, is better to coup de grace is with nuclear strike and start new map with team reshuffling. Much better, than sitting and waiting magic comeback from it.
  20. Foreword In this article will be many links to other suggestions. Heavy Assault Kit drop belongs to Support Strikes It grants you dropping container with heavy assault armor with exoskeleton and armed with powerful, but real weapons, those can't be balanced to be used as common. Don't be afraid, doest increase soldier durability by 10 times or even 2 times. Heavy Assault Kit will quite alteration for the side you choose: Western Treaty Organisation (WTO) or Easter Military Alliance (EMA). WTO Heavy Assault Kit EMA Heavy Assault Kit These are just examples, how Heavy Assault Kits can look. All this equipment exists in real life. For WTO there are on the picture "Quadguard IV" body armor, ASYA exoskeleton and Daewoo K11 Assault Rifle/Grenade Launcher. For EMA there are "Sapphire Dominator" body armor, exoskeleton for Ratnik-3 and ASh-12 assault rifle with revolver grenade launcher. Ofcource, exosuits for different sides should have same stats, only differ the apperience. But weapon should differ, and there will be some choise. Maybe, Heavy Assault Kit will have 2 slots: for anti-infantry and anti-vehicle weapons. WTO Weapon (Examples) K11 assault rifle/grenade launcher. Also has advanced hybrid scope (rangefinder, IRNV, ballistic computer) and bipod. Gilboa Snake assault rifle. 5.56x45 with two barrels. Can also use bipod, laser sight. M249 with backpack feeding. Also can use both bipod and foregrip, what is unable on standart weapon. EMA Weapon (Examples) ShAK-12 assault rifle with revolver grenade launcher TKB-059 7.62x39 assault rifle with 3 barrels. Attachments should be available, ofcource. Pecheneg with backpack feeding. Also can use both bipod and foregrip, what is unable on standart weapon. Procs, Cons and Properties. + Combines mobility (same stats as light soldier) with protection (equal IIIA Helmet+IV Steel Armor, also has limb protection, damage multiplier is 40%); + Can holds up to 3 grenades (can choose type) and 5 magazines for AR; + Can holds up to 3 first aid kits.; + Can use IRNV (same as vehicles); + Wears gas mask (immune to gas); + Can use antimateriel rifles without proning: + Cheap enough (like 1200 BP); All infantry weapon use AP ammo; - Replaces your equipment, so gadgets will be unavailable; - Still be easy killable (like 2 heashots and 5-6 bodyshots with 5.56x45. Same as regular heavly soldier); - Special weapon can be choosed, but not customised. Conclusion So, Heavy Assault Kit is nothing like Juggenaut from CoD or M.A.X. from PS2 imba killing machines. It's just a little more advanced and versatile soldier, whic has fair enough power for it Battlepoint price.
  21. First Aid Kit looks too common, too ununique and too small thing to be a stand-alone gadget. So i suggest next changes. 1) First aid kit no longer uses gadget slot. 2) There is special command (keyboard or mouse) to take first aid kit in hands. Like now, but you can choose button. 3) You can still use first aid kit on yourself, heal ally, or damage enemy. Same, like now. 4) Each soldier has one first aid kit by default. Maximum count of carrying first aid kits is either one. 5) First aid kit doesn't replenish over time. 6) First aid kit heals 33 hp immediately and 5HP per second to recover full health. Reaching full health or taking any damage cancel healing. 7) Iteracting with med pack will not heal you, but replenish your first aid kit. This changes should improve teamwork a lot. In other side, if you are careful soloplayer, first aid kit will save your life without sacrificing gadgets for it. But only once.
  22. Many asked, but first, who wrote this in right formula, was you. Balancing 2 sides with different weapons isn't impossible action. Even three different sides can be balanced nice (Planetside 2). We have seen good example in Battlefield 3, but in the next game is was lost and trashed. At least, in Battlefield 5 there are different vehicles with different stats for different sides.
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