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  1. Forgotmyoldaccount

    Add magnum or desert eagle

    I want fun, not a lecture on why I shouldn't have fun.
  2. Forgotmyoldaccount

    Damage multipliers

    Still though a 2x multiple from the get go is very low. I can understand if it was with some top tier helmet, but then it would need a downside. Some games/mods I played, implement a penalty to peripheral vision. Where as others bundle armor and helmets into one unlock and have one general downside like a mobility penalty. Although I like how tarkov does it, with the face hitbox, that really balances it out. But only from limited angles.
  3. Forgotmyoldaccount

    Damage multipliers

    Is this true? If so then it's pretty stupid. Head: I never liked a 2x headshot multiplier, it feels way too low. And robs you of the kill. Headshot multiplier should be at 3x at the minimum. I've played some games and mods where 5x was the basic headshot multiplier. Use a helmet and it dropped down to 3.33-4x. Torso: Is this with or without armor? Without I can understand. Limbs: Ok just no. I've done some experimenting and a limb multiplier should be at .66x for the lower limb and .75x for the upper limb. Not counting armor of course.
  4. Forgotmyoldaccount

    Something I've noticed about modern games.

    They almost all feel the same. And I think and reason is the choice of engine. Most games use the same two engines; UE4 and Unity. And most modern games end up feeling way too similair to one another. Even if they're from different genres, the quirks of the engine seep through and affect the gameplay. It can be a racing game, a first person shooter, a fighting game or a strategy game and it will feel all too familiar. Like a bad case of deja vu. Again I'm not saying all but most. Some games like tarkov and gears 4 feel different enough. P.S. I honestly had no idea world war 3 was on UE4 until I played it for the first two minutes. I immediately recognized the movement system, mouse performance and the general vibe was that of a UE4 game.
  5. Forgotmyoldaccount

    Scar H only 450 RPM Fire rate. Too low.

    I tend to not like it when damage is dictated just by caliber it overpowers certain guns and makes others weak as hell.
  6. Forgotmyoldaccount

    Anyone have a spreadsheet on the damage model?

    I need it for research purposes. Thank you.
  7. Jets and huge ass maps to accomodate them.
  8. Forgotmyoldaccount

    I dont like leaning

    By tactical shooters I meant games where you have to think and outsmart your enemy. I.E. Not run and gun like cod or modern battlefield. I agree true milsim games are few and far inbetween, but many games advertise themselves as such, because they dont display ammo, health, crosshair and other UI elements. Basically they're all just trying to be cod hardcore mode the game. Honestly I wish someone would remake operation flashpoint so all the mislims would have their promised game and leave the rest of us alone.
  9. Forgotmyoldaccount

    I dont like leaning

    @Artaxiad300062 The devs deserve every last penny. If you dont like certain people playing 'your game' then you should have no problem reimbursing them out of your own pocket. @ranmoru456 I hate what modern FPS games as a whole have become. I hate how casualized most modern FPS games currently are. Especially the Battlefield series it has been slowly dying since bad company 1. Every new release, it gets closer and closer to becoming just another Call of Duty with vehicles. Call of Duty itself hasn't been good as a PC multiplayer game since the original Modern Warfare. World at War was meh. Modern Warfare 2 was when they killed dedicated servers and the MP experience. Black Ops 1 was the last good singleplayer cod game I enjoyed. Everything after that has been such garbage. And on the flipside, I hate milsims and the milsim community because they want to turn every single game in the FPS genre, into another Operation Flashpoint clone. Which admittedly was a good game, but there are not enough hardcore milsim players to support more than a handful of hardcore milsim titles. Some people have taken to referring to the milsim community as; MISLIMS or MISLUMS, as a joke on their ferver and digital jihad of sorts to turn every game into another hardcore milsim. No offense intended. Most games are now either too casual or too hardcore. I want the 'Core' experience again. I want something perfectly balanced in between the two extremes. I think the best online experience that I ever had that came close to this ideal, was the short lived Battlefield 2 mod known as Project Reality .5, before the devs went off the deep end. Yes I know Project Reality still exists but it's not the same as it was 12 years ago. Modern PR is nothing more than another milsim mess. At times it feels more of a tedious chore, than a game. But ironically it's still the best milsim experience out there. Because it is still somewhat fun. PR's successor; aka Squad is just plain ol' boring and way more tedious. Please dont misunderstand. I do like tactical shooters, I really do. I just hate the slow pace and sluggishness of most tactical games.
  10. Forgotmyoldaccount

    I dont like leaning

    If you want me to stop playing, I can send you my paypal and you can personally return to me the 23$ I spent.
  11. Forgotmyoldaccount

    I dont like leaning

    Well what is this game trying to be like then? At times it feels more call of duty, while at others it's got this milsim vibe to it.
  12. Forgotmyoldaccount

    I want sexy wooden weapons

    I have a soft spot in my heart for wood and steel guns. I cant explain why. I understand the practical applications of rails, but they're just so ugly compared to the sleek lines of some classic guns. Wood stocked firearms can have just as many attachments as railed firearms. Like the AKM it has a side rail for soviet optics, which can just as easily mount a pic rail adaptor and host other sights. I once saw an AK74 with pic rail inserts into the handguard vent holes, with a wooden foregrip protruding out from underneath the handguard and an rpk style bipod. I cant remember if it was on TV or online.
  13. Structure and Balance. But, If you are not willing to introduce a class system, then please atleast the make rpg a gadget. It gets a bit too spammy when someone is running rpg + ammo.
  14. Forgotmyoldaccount

    I dont like leaning

    Not just in this game but overall. It provides too much of an advantage with very little disadvantage. And it takes up two valuable inputs on the keyboard. The best lean system was ironically in bf4 where it was integrated in the ADS system and enough of the head poked out where it was enough of a trade off.
  15. Damn shame. I thought a class system would be ideal for this game.