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  1. Ive spent time in a couple of Recon units so count me in!
  2. The way i read the above is not describing the content requested. The fact that the game is not holding your hand and forces you to do more is where the largest advantage over ei BF series. It is a breath of fresh air in a time where moste games feel and look the same. Just my two cents.
  3. Thats exactly what ive been doing. MG5 Bipod, elcan scope and a sec reddot. But the core problem is still the same. Engagements over long distance, looking at snipers jumping from side to side .. it is an insanely borring pattern.
  4. After spending alot of time in this game. Trying and testing. I find it difficult to like Smolensk. Its the same thing every time, 8 snipers pr 1 rifle or MG. Sure its an early alpha map, the visuals leaves alot to be textured... i dont have a problem with that. The main problem is the insane ammount of snipers making it impossible to do much els than try not to get shot from a far. Stuff tested. Rifle - Getting dead all the time Sniper - Falling asleep MG - Uh thats somewhat fun but still you get dead all the time RPG then? oh that is as much fun as sitting over a pit of rottweilers in a suit made of ham. Conclution. As it is now Smolensk is not enjoyable and i hit Alt + F4 if the screen says Smolensk.
  5. Franzi

    Say Hello!

    Im not from DE be DK, kinda close, and i speak DE too.. but writing it.. meeeeh nich zu much
  6. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): Client version 51771 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): Select additional ammo type in inventory setup
  7. It depends on the type, there are small ones the size of your hand, some bigger one the size of your body and some that are way bigger but they fly so high you can not see them. Allso clouds ect might block your view. Well. That sounds a bit lazy... try the seach option. As of 11/01/2019 there were 115 results... So possible answers; Look closer. Dont play on a potato/toaster. (Get a better computer...) Have a nice day.
  8. So i finaly mannaged to connect to a game and not crash to destop and this happend.. i have no clue what the duce was going on. I spawned and was tossed at random arround the map. Link : Youtube video of the flying pig bug
  9. I can confirm this is still a bug as of 11/01/2019
  10. I can confirm this bug. After choosing camo, flag and patches. They reset to default at random. Allso camo on helmet, jacket, pants, gloves allso revert to default at random.
  11. That is correct. It is not avaliable to purchase. My question was if there were any news on this issue beeing fixed.
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