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  1. Have you noticed how many players who supported the game vanished? I've already written the game off. Patch 0.4 is even more buggy on my machine than clean 0.3. I think the developers are completely clueless when making this game. This 'democratic' approach at developing the game hurts it a lot as there is no clear vision what the game is to become. Is it just a dump FPS with some interesting mechanics? Is it a mindless TDM? Is it grind-simulator to get to play with the vehicles? Is it just a tech demo with customization options that make weapons so ugly that it makes me wanna puke? Is it tactical and strategic or reflex only? What the heck is this game? Everyone here is pulling in different directions which will just tear this game apart. Too many Chiefs on a single meal. How did games that have a legendary status do it? Where there thousands of players providing feedback all the time or was there a team with a vision of what the game is to be? I doubt that it was the first notion. Also, a few important things they said came out opposite in reality, for example: - The game was not to become a one-week hit and then disappear from the radar. - Exactly that happened! - They want the game to be improved with each patch and enhance the experience. - Reality is that with each patch after 0.1 the game became worse and worse - technically and gameplay wise. - They say that they are gamers and know what is fun and what is frustrating but playing the game for the last 2 - 3 months has been only a frustrating experience for me. I wish that I could go back in time and tell my past self not to trust these developers and not touch this pile of garbage. Lesson learned.
  2. Additional information regarding the match: 1. Switched to the enemy team that was the under dog. 2. Made enough BP points for vehicles. 3. Summoned a Buggy, in order to be able to get a T-72 B3. 4. Played with the tank and fought RPG infantry. 5. While driving in the tank between Main Base and B1 - then the performance hit occurred.
  3. DESCRIPTION OF BUG : In the early game the performance is 'good' and playable (40 - 50 FPS on ALL LOW settings) and dropping only in certain parts which is understandable. After a while (around mid-match and once more people join the server) the performance is hit instantly. Like 40 / 50 -ish to instantly switching to very choppy experience which makes it impossible to be competitive at all or even defend one self. The bad performance remains as such through the entire match. This was experienced on Moscow Warzone. GAME BUILD ID : 3540764 STEPS TO REPRODUCE : Play a match that gets more populated. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS : CPU: i5-4670 3.40 GHz 4 core GPU: GTX 770 2 GB DDR5 / Driver: 417.35 Memory: 16 GB DDR3 Kingstone OS: Windows 7 SP1 HDD: The game is installed on a standard Hard Drive.
  4. Hello, I barely use almost all of the shown strikes due to: a. Them being very in-effective and too costly to be used. b. I'm mainly a vehicle player, so I collect the points for those. c. I find the UAV and the low cost Jammer to be suitable for my play-style. d. Battle robots are very effective, if played correctly by going to good positions and support allies and not use them in drive-by style as it takes one RPG and they are gone. However, b. is the biggest reason why I don't use most of the strikes. For me the vehicle gameplay is much more interesting and I just like them in general.
  5. Hi, Just had a firefight with some random dude. Here is what happened: 1. Map: Smolensk. Sprinting towards C2 from C1. Climbing the hill. 2. Enemy emerges. 3. Both he and I stop, take aim and fire while strafing left & right. 4. My first to bullets (single fire mode) were hits. The first is in the armor, if I recall correctly. The second is at non-protected part. 5. Immediately after the second hit, the enemy hits me and throws my aim off of him. I wonder whether the guy experienced any such mechanics that completely destroy skill... Anyway, the following happened: 6. I manage to recover and hit him again once and immediately after that my aim is thrown off again by another hit on my character. 7. I try to recover for the third time but the enemy gets me. Through the entire time the enemy was Full Auto-ing me with an AR. He probably had 50 / 60 round magazine because of how long he fired and seemed that he missed a lot. I was with the Russian SMG in single fire mode, wearing the Poly armor (the second one from less protection to more). Despite me actually not just spraying and praying like the other guy and actually aimed and fired when the gun was on target, the game punished me by throwing my aim off twice. The effect was really bad and had to be compensated with a significant mouse movement. To give you a rough idea how bad it was, let's say that for length measurement we are going to use the opponent as one unit at the distance the engagement started, which was about 15 - 20 m. The aim was thrown off to the left (in both cases) at about 3 - 4 units (if placed next to each other and standing, not crouching) from the real target. Combine this with the guy strafing and it becomes a frustrating experience of trying to get the gun on target again. How is this fun? Could the developers remove this mechanic? Sometimes, this does not trigger and sometimes it means losing a fight where my aiming was perfect but due to this bullshit, it significantly lowered my chances of survival. I don't want the opponent to experience this random bs mechanic as well. I want it to be fair on both sides so that the better player wins. If there is info on how it actually works or how to protect one self against it, I'd appreciate it. Muh zero dot two C
  6. They could try to make spawning on the SL only when he is not taking damage and near enemies. Also, disabling the spawns at the Capture Points will force more people to fight alongside the Squad Leader and thus the SL role will actually have a meaning as actually being a leader and not just going full-Rambo-lone-wolf at some random place at the map.
  7. As an ex-long-time-BF player, I'd say no. The game wouldn't become better as most of the occasions of me being revived in BF2 - BF2142 - BFBC2 - BF3 was just me getting to die again soon after. It only works when the said team mates are working together and are actively communicating but in a public game - no. In Project Reality, the revive system works only due to people sticking together doing proper team work but even in that game some shots or explosions resulted in permanent death and prompt return to the spawn screen. Also, the revival system can pretty much screw up counter-attacks, as the fallen people can just resurrect to continue pushing.
  8. Hi, I think you experienced the bad latency and the sub-par hit registration. I know what you are talking about as I've been killed by people that just looking at me. No animation for shooting or anything. Just dropping dead and then do the animation & sound make it clear that the enemy was just wasting about half his magazine on me. For me, this happens the majority of the time. Additionally, I've had encounters where 3 point-blank-range shotgun shots in the back of the enemy (using ADS) was not enough and he just turned around and killed me instantly. @De_Haos You can test the latency when firing in single shot with an AR. Take a G28 or AK15 or any other gun for that matter. The first takes 4 bullets to kill when aiming at unprotected parts, the other 3 (not including head shots, those might be two for both, I think). Sneak around a unsuspecting enemy and tap the necessary rounds into his back, then wait. From my experience, there will be 0.5 to >1 sec delay when the server acknowledges that the damage is done and relays the information that the enemy player is dead. My internet speed is fast but I see this behavior in both US and EU servers and only in this game.
  9. @Duitt Hi, it's a bug man. I have only one 2x no magnification red dot which I am not sure whether you can see it as there are other sights overlapping it.
  10. DESCRIPTION OF BUG : Glitched view when waiting for the end match timer to countdown on Smolensk. During this I can hear the game being played like when teammates start capturing a CP, it is announced. Can't move, can't fire. When zooming, the the optic doesn't go to the center of the view. Can look around 360 degrees. GAME BUILD ID : 3490096 STEPS TO REPRODUCE : 1. Get in a match on Smolensk 2. Finish the match. 3. Wait for the countdown to run down.
  11. Crashing has only increased its frequency for my game on my PC since the new patch. Hoping for 0.3.8 and 0.4 to address the issues!
  12. Hi @MOBBOB, I'd like to address a few things you said in your last post. 1. You can spawn on all vehicles right now. In the original post, I urged the developers to differentiate the vehicles in a gameplay manner, so that they are actually used for their designed roles. As I've said, has anyone used AFV / IFV to transport people from place to place? Or I they just used as power armor to kill lots of people from afar and in a relative safety? In games like Project Reality, different vehicles were used for different purposes as per their capabilities. I'm not sure what gameplay mechanics the developers should introduce or whether it is feasible to implement additional things to give each vehicle a defined role in this game. 2. About the infantry roles - In the original post, implementing defined roles like in others games was not encouraged. On the contrary, I mentioned that people ought to bring different things that add value to the overall combat effectiveness of the squad and enhance the team play. However, this is not what we see in the game. Personally, I love that I can create my own classes that I think are good for certain jobs and I pick my roles as depending on the situation. If there is an enemy vehicle, I'll bring my AT loadout and such. Actually, when I think about it, I bring whatever I want to have fun with most of the time. Am I a part of the issue? : O 3. About the Machine Gunner role, I tried it again a few days ago. The only thing that I changed was the sight. The MG is the polish one (free one) that is completely stock beside the 2x no magnification Red Dot sight and the bi-pod. I managed to destroy 3 waves of enemies at A2 in Warsaw by taking a good position and laying down, shooting at anything that approached from the mall or from the road that leads to A1. Thus, it can work. However, in the first time, I used a medium magnification optics x5 and even though it was easier to see the enemies and where the bullets went, I was not able to perform well. I am not sure whether that day was a bad-hit-reg-day or the performance of my PC was the cause, I am just not sure at this point.
  13. Hello, Have you heard of the saying: many chiefs, one dish? Ok, I hope this is the mother of all posts in this thread. Here. We. Go! Man, how is it so hard to see that implementing 3D spotting is a bad design choice - why? Several reasons: a. Currently smoke grenades do not hide the player. He can still be spotted and shot through it. On top of that there are thermals for the infantry, which in my humble opinion, ought to be removed, and for the vehicles. No point in running with smokes. Can you imagine playing CS:GO and just pressing x f (remapped) to spot pushers / defenders? Why is this a thing in this game? The first 3D spotting implemented in my knowledge was in BF2142 - which you could use only with an upgrade, which is even worse as new players would not be benefiting from it. Then the dorito madness was introduced in BFBC2 and the current spotting is just like in that game and it is really really bad. The only reason I see DICE adding such a feature is because to dumb down the gameplay. It only hinders people utilizing light cover / maneuvers as once they get light up, it's like a group hack and people who barely see the silhouette of your character now have a well contrasted red target. RED - like, SHOOT HERE! So, instead of actually taking good positions, in order to be able to see better, now it doesn't matter. You can be anywhere and as long as there is line of sight, then it's all good. This 3D spotting totally makes how you look pointless as you can get great color scheme / uniform for the certain situation but be hard countered by the red square. So camouflage is pointless as soon as you get 3D spotted, even people who would not see you clearly will just have to pew pew at the center and get points. This is what kids want, right? POINTS! YEY! On top of that, 3D spotting works even when hiding behind vegetation - so... You get the point. b. 3D spotting is part of the logic of the game. In order to make it "fair" for the above mention examples, you'd have to add additional code & logic. Now, we all are aware of one particular Law, which states that the more complex one thing is, the higher the probability of something breaking. Thus to avoid unnecessary complexity + hours of work and testing, this should just get scrapped all together and leave it all to the players' eyes to find the target and shoot it. c. This is another part of the UI that only breaks clear 3D view of the game. Recently, I finished Half-Life 2 for the first time and the thing that I absolutely like is the minimalistic UI that you barely notice. DOI / Insurgency are going in the right direction with the UI as there is less of it and the focus of the player is the action in the 3D world and not the layer on top of it. Just perfection. Make me compelled to look at the 3D world not the freakin UI! d. Let's call it what it is: a hack that allows you to clearly see the targets. So, you throw trained eyes out of the window and such because even 10 yo Billy can pew pew pew Pew Pew Pew Catching. Last note on the going for simplicity - HL2 is a simple game. The game is straight forward, the controls are easy for the beginner, the weapons and gunplay are easy to understand and yet it is super deep. It allows for that high skillful action while keeping it simple & fun. Thus many people can understand the concept of the gameplay and start gaming as A$AP as possible. And on a real last note - can we remove hit markers? Again, look at HL2 or at Brutal Doom mod and other many games which do not have a hit markers but tell you much about what you are hitting and how. I'd rather see the impact on the target than get the marker + the points. It completely cheapens the entire experience, in my view. I hope that my part here is done!
  14. Thanks for the info. One small question about the reporting: Once the game crashes and we have the ability to send crash reports, does it send a dump / debug file with the text from the players or just the text that is written in the crash report?
  15. I'd rather have the grey dot removed as it kind of doesn't fill in with the rest of the UI or what is going on in the 3D world. Also, I am one of those who utilize it as a crosshair and I've managed to pull of some good kills by hip fire. Although, when it becomes chaotic, I lose track of it and rely mainly on where the bullets go. About that spread... The AK-47 AK-15 is kind of bad when shooting from the hip however, G28 is just gold. It always hits where the grey dot aims at, unlike the Russian weapon, which I've seen some CS Deja Vu moments where the bullet literally hit the ground at a weird angle. Due to that fact, the G28 can be used with a medium optics and for CQC to use the grey dot. < this will probably get patched though... Anyhow, maybe there should be another mechanism for issuing / requesting, if it is too hard to center the screen to do so without the dot.
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