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  1. I approve this message.... dumber shit has and will be suggested
  2. ****ing again.....
  3. yah, my game is freezing too, it was working fine last weekend, and now it crashes and freezes every game.
  4. it's because you can ghost between my shots.... shit is infuriating
  5. sooooooo much shit talking here........like fuck.... yall need to just chill, if ya don't like what he's saying just don't respond... I read the whole thread, and I still don't know what I read
  6. when will the reticles on the medium magnification scopes be red, or will we be able to change the color of them soon? They are currently white, and it kind of gets lost alot. that or at least turn up the brightness with em
  7. MSGA (make shotti great again)
  8. I've had maybe 2 crashes since the update, however the hit reg still feels like it's lacking. I see alot of headshots that produce blood splatter that get 0 effects on target. Can we please unnerf the 416, and make the shotguns great again?
  9. I get called a hacker alot, does that get me a cookie or something? Asking for a friend
  10. As much video as I have on this game you could literally just watch 1 vod and have what needs to be fixed. 3 should have NEVER rolled out right before they dropped work and went on holiday, and YES the community is struggling for it, which is BS. This is twice now that the game has literally fallen on it's own sword, once at launch, and now during christmas. if this community is going to grow it need to stop getting castrated during the "big game sale times" by patches that literally ruin stable gameplay. 3.3 need to come out like YESTERDAY, and it needs to be tested by someone before it launches otherwise we are all gonna suffer. just my .02
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