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  1. Thanks for replying. In my concept, Tandem are less dangerous to infantry. The whole RPG BP suggestion is to prevent their abusive use against infantry. Not sure if I was clear enough, but I meant that tanks start moving after two seconds. I do like this game, but I think it would benefit from going a bit more realistic (the arcade community is getting sucked into the big titles anyway). That's why my suggestions are axed alot on that. I also think that armor vs armor combat isn't enjoyable and is very random and wonky right now, that's why I'm suggesting that ammunition rework, and ricochet/engine damage. It's just my opinion tho, devs do what they want. Thanks for taking the time to reply!
  2. Well I guess I never noticed, or I'm stupid. Anyway, do you have something to say about some of the other points?
  3. Nevermind, I didn't know you could press F. Is it recent? It wasn't there when I played before.
  4. Copied from reddit, people told me it would be better here This post is made of my honest, personnal opinion and broken english. Feel free to (please) discuss and contest any points you might disagree with. *** You can't have realistic recoil and gun handling but Battlefield-like ttk, ads speed and moving accuracy. I think the game orignially appealed to people that wanted a bridge between the realistic gunplay of games like Tarkov and Squad and the fun, simplicity and pace of Battlefield games. With COD MW around the corner, looking very promising, WW3 should go back to "true tactical combat" and ditch some arcade elements, being more realistic in terms of movement and gunplay. Normal gameplay is kinda good actually, but there's a few changes I would like to see. I also think the armor system needs a complete rework. Here are my suggestions. Game Breaking/Important improvements: Running is too fast, the speed they currently go at regardless of their weight should have a stamina bar, after wich we get a more reasonable run speed. Shoting people crouched is hard because of extreme bend and massive backpacks. Crouching and crouch walking should be like this, not like this. Teammates/squadmates tags should be located over the head, not on the torso, and should not be visible through walls, as it leads to confusion when an enemy is between you and your ally. Leaning is way too much, allows for Q-E spam abuse and isn't realistic in general. Quality of life/realism improvements (personnal preferences): The frag fuze is way too long imo C4 should be in "grenades" and be refilled with ammo packs, because it's one of the few things that allows you to fight armor without rpgs or strikes, and it's a pretty balanced high risk high reward tactic, but isn't worth to take over healing or ammo. It's also an offensive gadget, as opposed to the claymore, so it would fit better in grenades. We need functional squad VoiP, I saw it somewhere in patch notes but afaik it isn't working. Allow us to apply a uniform to a loadout. If my sniper doesn't have any helmet armor, I should be able to play without one without compromising my other loadouts. Rpgs should be removed from team deadmatch. Heat rpg rockets should have better damage against infantry, so it is more dangerous to use them at close ranges. Instead of making attacker and defender roles give bonuses, make them faster. Example: Attackers will cap faster, but decap slower. This would give more sense to take an appropriate role and won't punish you for trying to be versatile. In terms of gunplay, guns should be harder to use, ESPECIALLY when moving. Their ads speed should be slower, and they should be a bit more wobbly - even with attachments. More recoil, random kick, and blur effects when shooting unsilenced weapons. On the other hand, they should do more damage, like on headshots. Helmets shouldn't stop a perfectly centered rifle shot under a certain distance. (helmet ricochet implementation?) Strikes and armour improvements: All rockets but the Tandem should cost BP to fire (20-50?), and that BP should be refunded when you get a hit on a vehicle. This would discourage RPG spam against infantry. The death of a vehicle you previously damaged should get you a generous assist score proportional to the damage done. Reward for killing vehicle should be proportionate to it's class. Destroying a tank that was steamrolling our team should reward more than destroying an APC hidden somwehere. Vehicles should have a slightly lower BP cost upgraded, since upgrades don't do a big difference from experience, with hellfires, AT arty and mines. Tanks take a good 2 seconds to accelerate. Why? Health of Mobile Spawn Points should be heavily reduced. That thing isn't supposed to fight, it's supposed to hide somewhere and provide a new spawn point to push. 2 c4's, one normal RPG, one HE shell from an MBT, should do quick work of it. C4 should be way deadlier against light vehicles. (3+ c4's for a Mobile spawn point? The sheer shockwave should kill the crew). Change to shells/armored combat/MBTs balancing: Replace FRAG by HE (t-72) and HESH (Leo, Abrams, Challenger?). They become the default round. Both are very good against infantry, but are useless against MBTs frontally (like 0 damage). This will force tanks to aim for sides/rear to do any kind of damage to the enemy tank. HESH will be a bit better against armor, but to compensate the Russians will be the only ones who can use APFSDS GLM, renamed ATGM. (remove apfsds glm from leo and abrams) Replace HE by HEAT. The round is good both against infantry and armor (equivalent of HE we have now. but a tad better against armor), but becomes useless against any kind of ERA (armor upgrades become relevant), so side shots will be required. HEAT and ATGMs are especially powerful against light armor. APFSDS is the only round being affected by overprenetration, so it will take as much APFSDS rounds as HE to take down light vehicles. APFSDS is the only round that can reliably damage vehicles from the front. A stock tank should be killed in 2 side/rear shots or 4 front shots. This will force tanks to become distance support as soon as the enemy also has armor. The block engine will have it's own health bar. Light damage will slow down the tank, and heavy damage will immobilize the tank for a few seconds. Please implement shell ricochet Armor vs Armor damage should be increased in general, making tank vs tank engagements more defensive, thus leaving infantry more secure. This will really make having a tank on your side valuable, since right now a bunch of rpgs is way better to deal with armor than another tank. Thanks for listening to my suggestions, I would love to have some feedback on them.
  5. So I checked and there isn't a post requesting these googles style wich are one of the most common in the military. Please add smoke, yellow and clear variants
  6. Current workaround I found: spawn a quadcopter, use it, and then call your tank. Don't know if it works with anything else. Requires more BPs too.
  7. Thank you, im the stupid here for not knowing you could do this. Issue closed.
  8. Hello. Today I had a quite enraging experience. I upgraded my T-72 a few days ago but never got enough points to spawn it. Today, I finally reached it. After trying to spawn it 5 times (trying to spawn it resulted in a loss of control), I was finally able to make it drop in our spawn. I waited for it to go down. The moment it touched the ground, one of my squadmates took control of it before I could reach it. I was able to get in the turret but we got killed after because he rushed in a group of player with rpgs. Please automatically lock vehicles for everyone upon spawn until owner gets inside. This wasn't a pleasant match.
  9. Figured it out. The HDR for Smolensk is still WIP, so the reflections are hella bright. It works fine on other maps, though an option to disable them would be great.
  10. You mean reflexions on it? Yeah, true, please reduce reflection because we can't see shit through it.
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