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  1. Wow, okay then... seems like I have to do quick join until this gets better. But thank you for your reply.
  2. Hey, I bought WW3 a few weeks ago and I really want to get into it. I am a noob and don't have enough experience, but I can not get into playing the game because matchmaking does not work well. Two out of three times, matchmaking will create a game with a single opponent, or even without any enemies. What is the sense of a large Warzone, when the game lets me play alone? I think WW3 has a lot of potential, that's why I need some tips from you. How can I play a lot of games with many other players in a row? I just don't want to randomly try and error until I have found a playable match. I wish you kind regards, RechtsanwaltSteven (LawyerSteven)
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