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  1. how about if you complete a task get rewarded with special currency and with this currency you buy premium attachments, skins ...etc I agree, there are more important stuff like bug fixing and gameplay mechanics improvements and I thought to put this idea on the table anyway because right now the devs might need to accumulate feedback that they think will fit to maybe do it later on the roadmap. <Please use MultiQuote> weedtime
  2. Yes some of this is included in my post but not all, I'm talking about challenging tasks and quests and it is different from battlefield tasks There was a game that I used to play that has this kind of challenges and that game was Contract Wars this is the list of tasks http://contractwars.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_contracts
  3. Hi, I'd like to propose a different grinding system because the one we have is not rewarding enough, in the current one you only have to play matches, get money then spend it and that is boring because at some point you are going to buy all weapons and attachments and then there is nothing to do after that. so I suggest the following things to add : 1-Quests and achievements like for example do 100 headshots to unlock an attachment, do 10 kills or 20 kills in one life and unlock special attachment, do 500 kills to unlock a skin, do 200 long shots (headshots from 30+ meters ) ...etc 2- adding another type of currency that is harder to get and can be only gained by completing daily quests and using it to unlock special skins, weapons and weapon attachments. I have many achievements and quests in my mind but I can't write them all, if anyone like the idea of challenging quests and achievements like this feel free to reply with your own and let me hear your own suggestions about the idea in general.
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