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  1. Hi, thanks. So it is something you will implement for sure then in the future? Ok. Great to know im not the only one asking about this. And also will distructbilty be an important part of the game, (i think it should), is it important for the developers or somewhat important? i saw some ww3 test demos, and the enviroment remained static even with the explosions and considering its a war it made it unnaturally so, felt like it really took away the immersion of war. Wasnt feeling the war vibe.
  2. How do you call this a modern battlefield game without them attack choppas??? Is/will it just be tanks (and i say tanks very loosely) and infantry? Set yourself apart from cod, if i buy this game, it will be for the strong and varied military vehicles with superior mechanics and handeling. Better be the focus. An actual World War 3!!! NO GIMMICKY VEHICLES. Vehicles rule the battlefield. Live up to your title. Set yourself apart from others. Hoping you will be special. When it comes to infantry based, I play call of duty, I am satisfied with it, you cant compete with it its the best on the market. Many tried and failed, one such case is the recent silly battlefield titles.
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