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  1. A little few missions arround the world in coop against the NPC, missions maybe can be different for east and west and they only reward troops for the global war, So we would avoid people playing a lot of pve to get pvp rewards, and the result of the missions along with the global war would decide the missions of each side the following week (or daily? or 3 days?) could give a turn and attract much more public, and get more out of the war map, In addition to being able to test weapon configurations with more calm, although that if, I am aware of the amount of work that would entail .... but it would be great! thanks for that game!
  2. i found the bug, i try to config a XBOX PAD for a friend in the game , and the config of PAD and KEYBOARD at same time makes a conflict
  3. when I walk, just walk, the movement moves in small jumps, I lean to one side and it resolves, maybe the normal movement forward this bug? Does it just happen to me?
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