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  1. I was in tower of BTR, then it's like tower seemed disconnected. BTR living hi oun life, tower same. I cant get out, cant respown, but i see that it something happening near me, so battle is going on, but i cant do anything only watching
  2. Processor involved max at 70%, video adapter....wish better, but cant.
  3. HI. Befor update 0.5 i usualy have only 2 problems it's growing ping until the server fills up. and FPS falling again-until the server fills up. So when server empty I have all well, as he full I have low FPS and high ping. Now add to this the lag, while running, lag while shooting and aiming too. when it was update 0.2, 0.3, there was no such problems. When will it be corrected? I have i7 2700 1050ti SSD
  4. In server brouser i see ping 80 on server, when i came on server ping 150. And i saw that when on server coming more players ping growing too. So pls tell me why?
  5. There is game crushing every time when changing map, i see my hands, my SCAR and empty place where head must be - and emptiness everywhere.
  6. When map was changed, i see this (Berlin, second round)
  7. When you start the game through steam, you have a choice. There are options with server regions. And the first option it without reference to the region. What is it? What's it? And I noticed that if you see a server in steam with playing and ping the server from 50 to 100, for me it is a European server. And if I try to connect to it by logging into the game on the second option (EU\AF) Oh I can not join it. And if the first option (without reference to the region) then connect. Why?
  8. On some weapon its work well. I tryed AK, Alpha, scar, works goood.
  9. I dont want large, people not playing it. I want Moscow Warzone. When it will able? And 1 more question. Iam looking servers with players on steam, i see that on Warshava there is 6 ppl playing. Trying to deploy on Warshava, and iam alone on map. I tryed 4 times, all times iam alone. How can i join that server where ppl playing?
  10. Only Moscow (simpl map, large i dont try). On Berlin i spawning alone (in my opinion, it can be). I tired from warshava. Can join without problem to all maps, but not Moscow.
  11. I tryed many times via "quick join", no result.
  12. But how this "certain players" will join server? I want to be this "certain players". It turns out that to join the server you need to have at least 1 player. But this 1 may appear if there is at least 1 player. It is like a vicious circle. The Russians have a saying "Масло масляное".....
  13. But why i cant start it alone, and wait teemmats? How it will started then? And after last patch i have 0 bullets in my SCAR, why?
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