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  1. I'm surprised i haven't been mentioned lol my KD is about 2.5 currently.
  2. All it takes is a google search and you can find places where you can pay for wall hacks and aimbots, undetected by Easy Anti Cheat.
  3. There's only like 100 people total playing the game, so good luck. They kinda ruined it with how unstable the .3 patch was so a ton of people stopped playing. Sadly I couldn't refund it at that time because i was over the 2 hour limit on steam.
  4. So what's being done about hackers in this game? The past few games i have played today on the NA server, there are 2 people i've played against that are extremely sketchy. I am not one to cry hacker at anyone who kills me, and understand how aimbots/wall hacks/clipping work. That being said, There is no logical reason why a team who has all of the objectives in warzone, and have around 2500 points total and the enemy team has 0 and no objectives, can all of a sudden be flipped to the winning team having 0 objectives and LOSE the game after 2 people join in and snap shoot you like crazy. There's just no other explanation. I've done games where i've been 74 and 8, and have never been able to flop a game that easily. And unfortunately if you don't record someone clipping through a wall they won't get banned since Aimbots are pretty difficult to detect, especially if they have any sort of intelligence to not get caught. Is this game going to stick with easy anti cheat? Or has this just become a dead game that's going to have obvious hackers with nothing done about it? I've reported players who are known hackers on other games that are free to play to the Email the devs provide, yet I still see them in game all the time. I wont be name dropping names on the forums. No need to point fingers, i'll keep reporting to the Email, but i know nothing will be done about it. There was even a match where they were the only 2 on that team, Vs like 6 or 7 other people me included, and they had all objectives and nobody else could even leave spawn. /We already have cheating discussion topic, please keep the discussion here. weedtime
  5. That's interesting. all other maps and warzone modes I have no problem what so ever. I'm at a solid 60FPS on Ultra, but Moscow TDM dropped my FPS like crazy.
  6. I've personally not noticed an issue with 40 players in a match on warzone. HOWEVER, I have noticed a serious performance issue with the moscow TDM match with more players. But that is the only map where I have a performance hit and massive frame drops making the map pretty much unplayable for me.
  7. That explains it then. I played another game and saved up the 8500 to call it in without swapping teams and it worked just fine.
  8. In my opinion the Moscow TDM map needs to be removed until it is optimized. There really is no reason why I can play a large warzone game with 40 people on ultra with a solid 60 FPS while recording, and then all of a sudden only be getting 20-30 FPS with 20 people and not recording on that map.
  9. Finally put down the $$ and spent the $50,000 on the Mephisto, however when I tried to call it in, my character would pull out the tablet and immediately put it away. In some cases, making it to where I could not look around with my mouse as seen in the video. In some other instances not on camera, It would put me in the airstrike map and let me choose where to drop the bomb but would only say "standby" and not let me leave the tablet, forcing me to respawn and kill myself. In other instances when it would let me out of the tablet view, it would no longer allow me to call in any of my other strikes, such as spawning a tank. Here is a video of one instance: This happened every time i tried to call in Mephisto. Game ID: 3544746
  10. A drug deal in the Berlin Metro gone bad, caught on video.
  11. If it weren't for the thermals I wouldn't have seen you up there. I was praying the splash from the SH would get you, surprised it did lmao
  12. As the Title says, here's a short compilation of "Peekaboo" moments with tanks on Berlin
  13. Game Build Version 3544746 I know this has been discussed a few times, however here is a video of the tank repair pad issue. You can see that driving onto the pad does not initiate repair or re arm. instead I had to drive on and off of the pad over the course of about 2 minutes in order to get it to start repairing.
  14. Game Build Version 3544746 Although I am pressing the trigger and have tried re arming at the repair pad, eventually once the MBT gets down to 150 rounds of 12.7MM ammo, It will stop firing. In this video you can see it stop at 150, and see the ammo reloading bar at the bottom say 0 and Ready at the same time.
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