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  1. Damn that sucks lol It really take away from the immersion, just like the fact guns shoot from the middle of your head. But hey, no way they are willing to change that now (even though we complained since fking 0.4). Even MW 2019 has you shooting from the middle of your head I noticed. But since you can't peek sideways and objects are either above or under your waist in that game it doesn't matter.
  2. Actually, This might be on every weapon, I just realized this also happens sometimes on the RPG7. Might be the same bug
  3. @weedtime It has only happened to me on the MCS. I think it's only on this one, since all other guns use mags instead of loose shells
  4. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: Unable to shoot the shotgun after reloading until out of ammo (infinite reload). GAME BUILD ID: 4369450 STEPS TO REPRODUCE: I reloaded the last shell into the shotgun, switched weapons as soon as the ammo counter hit 8, a while later I switched back to the shotgun and it started the reload again, but this time it reloads until the spare ammo hit 0. After that I couldn't shoot the enemy in front of me, resulting in my death CRASH LOG: N/A
  5. I think this also will remove some of the bugs like the red dot staying on screen after death (Still not fixed, even though patch notes said so) It will allow for the dot to move inside the sight when walking as well. edit: also it might be just me but the ads looks like it's a 2D picture on the screen instead of a 3D weapon, the weapon doesn't swap in any direction which might be the cause
  6. That's already possible, you even get 4000xp (BP, too IIRC) I think the difference only needs to be 2+ players
  7. Without a suppressor the shots are still pretty loud so I don't think they did, hence the suggestion
  8. Maybe there'll be room for a hardcore playlist, or modded servers if we get clan / private servers
  9. Just learned about .300 subsonic rounds so I thought, hey that's pretty cool to add as a special ammo type like AP and HP. Subsonic rounds don't break the sound barrier and therefore make less noise, combined with a suppressor they would be pretty silent. Subsonic rounds also tend to give less noticeable recoil, but I'll let that one up to the devs
  10. When they kill you the punish button is in the top left corner of the death screen
  11. Instead of an expensive JDAM a cheap A10 Gunrun '' '' ''
  12. No of course not, that would be like playing on a console with low sensitivity (worst thing ever), I'm just saying you should slow down (briefly stop when heavy) when taking a sharp turn and 'slide' a little bit when spamming A and D while running or even walking. Don't overdo it though, it will look and feel very weird. this /\ I'm not saying it should be massive, but noticeable. Like always with me I like the way Squad (finally) "fixed" the friction after removing it with massive outrage by the community. If you've played Squad for over ~6 months you'll know what I'm talking about in this suggestion. People were mad that you could almost literally dodge their shots by moving left and right in quick succession. Also it's really stupid to have perfect friction on maps like Berlin, Moscow and Smolensk, which have rain, snow and swamps & vegetation respectively.
  13. This one might be hard to grasp for some of you, but soldier friction to the ground plays a major role in the movement of you as a player. Right now it feels like your soldier weights nothing, both in animation (I know it's in the work, that's not my problem here) and speed, and friction. You see, you can't just be running around and making J turns every time you see someone. Especially with heavy loadouts I think they should move on longer in the "wrong" direction. Another part where player friction comes in to play is with turning left and right when shot upon, you shouldn't be able to try and dodge bullets by running like a pinball in a pinball machine. With decreased friction you won't be able to turn as fast when running, taking a sharp turn should also stop the sprint for a short second. Acceleration speeds should also be adjusted based on weight, heavies shouldn't be able to start sprinting in the blink of an eye. All of this combined (I think) will mitigate some of the problems people have laid out on the forums these last couple of days. It will help sniping if you can't just turn around all of the sudden without repercussions. It will make player movement more predictable and sudden encounters more fair to the person already aiming. You can't just sprint away from danger quickly (at least it takes more effort / luck)
  14. Please keep in mind that players can look around using Alt. I don't want to see my soldier with his hand up his ass reaching for a new drum or mag
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