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  1. It's inplemented in Squad and it's super satisfying if you hit a target at 100+ meters. Especially if it's moving.
  2. @Enigma It's a game, I don't want this for realism purposes. I rather want this for balancing purposes.
  3. @Rozmo Also note that the curb section on the lower part of the wall doesn't have the old marble texture, instead it has the dirty floor with trash on it. I showed this way back on a PTE patch but it got through anyway. iirc the texture does use the correct one on the TDM version of the map.
  4. At least double the ~bullet~ drop. I could live with less RPGs sniping from 150 meters
  5. To me a DMR is kind of a "light" sniper. It's almost a sniper, but not quite. Of course, the perfect example is the EBR-14 :). Then again, you could argue that a dragunov is also a DMR. Again, every country has their own take on it.
  6. Heartrate should also increase when being shot at. Weapon sway should be less noticable with bipods but still increase with the heartrate. Tbh it sounds the same as a regular fatigue mechanic, but with my aforementioned addition it could maybe save some time and resources with coding the game. Since 2 mechanics (suppression and fatigue) could be bundled into one.
  7. I usually like your suggestions, but I don't think a handcannon would fit in this game
  8. That's intentional and it was actually even a selling point in the tactical shooter community. I enjoy the warzone gamemode a lot, but since team and squadmates don't work together I mostly play TDM. People can't even be bothered to press [3] to give me a medpack and it annoys the shit out of me.
  9. @Rivy I'm sorry to hear about your struggles, especially the parents part. I'm lucky my parents don't force anything on me and are open to near everything, so I can only imagine the stress and worries you're going through. This quarantine really sucks. I hope it doesn't get worse for (any of) you. Glad to hear "less important" stuff like therapy still continues in these trying times. I do hope F51 lets us know anything about how they're doing and how some plans may have changed. They maybe could make their first progress report about this topic.
  10. The Steam store page does, though. And that's the only place you can buy this game. Apart from some game key stores I suppose.
  11. You mean you want fat hitmarker sounds in this game... Cuz that's what the sounds in MW and Wildlands are; way too exaggerated hitmarkers. I mean it's nice feedback whether you hit or killed someone but I don't feel like that fits in this game.
  12. This games gunplay, feedback and sounds are still better than some AAA games like CSGO and Halo 5.
  13. Have there been any actual plans made public? I am not really active on the Discord server anymore, but I know they occasionally leek something. Most people I know hate working and or studying from home lol.
  14. This guy thinks CoD:MW has realistic recoil or something. Don't let him play Squad or Insurgency, he'll cry about not being able to full auto everyone at 50+ meters. Listen dude, this is an indie game. Not a triple A title made by Activision or Bungie or 343Industries... This game is also leaning to a more realistic gun handling system, rather than a laserbeam on every weapon you use. Although I do think the sounds need an update, but not the actual sounds. I mean reverb and realistic sound dampening, instead of having different sound files for each environment (which as far as I can really tell is inside and outside).
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