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  1. I mean, there are no games called World War 2 or Great War
  2. @Polak Do you need to provide your full name in the form (first question)? If so I'll have to fill the form again with first and surname
  3. They really should because even now the minimum requirements are way too low for 720p 30Hz. But who knows. Maybe the optimization is way better once the game drops.
  4. Yo bud, could you stop begging for upvotes and likes. This is just a forum for a game. If people like your idea, they will like it. There's a very little population on the forum, so don't expect tens of upvotes. When a topic is voted for, it's voted for. That's all it's about. It's just a game that's in the ICU and pretty much in a coma.
  5. It's exactly as when they were starting to collaborate with MyGames, they went radio silent just like this. I kind of thought that after that they would 'come back' to the forums and Discord server. It's like they now are just HelpDesk and boring moderators, fixing peoples posts and enforcing rules on people. Not that enforcing rules is bad, but outside of that I don't see anything from them. I think MyGames has something to do with that, but still. It just makes me kinda sad and disappointed.
  6. Oof I really think it's about time we finally hear something from the developers. If not then we riot. If the rumors about MS are true we might see something about WW3 on the Juli Xbox event. But I'm not convinced that MS would buy TF51 so hey we get news this fall around the holidays...
  7. And I made up for that fact by upvoting both your comments
  8. Beautiful drawings. Marvelous. Extraordinary. Fr though, this is a pretty big problem. I missed so many kills because of this.
  9. They do own 343I and they have made Halo 5: Guardians, whose main selling point is the multiplayer (mainly Warzone, with the Req Packs (MTX)) since the story mode was a train wreck. They are planning for the next game to release as a launch title for the Xbox SX, and the production budget was rumored to be over $500M last year (The biggest budget ever recorded as if now). And ofc. they also have the MCC classic halo's with multiplayer. Next to the Halo franchise they also have AoE, Gears, Minecraft and some other multiplayer games. So Microsoft does definitely have some if not at least one AAA multiplayer games on their belt. But I still find it very weird if Microsoft would want to get TF51 as well. It just doesn't make sense to me.
  10. @tynblpb I feel like an investor and a partnership could mean different things. I do also feel like it's a bit far fetched that Microsoft Xbox Game Studios would invest in a AAA indie studio that makes games using the Unreal Engine.
  11. He is from The Farm 51 original team
  12. Really? It was so long ago so that's my mistake. Still, great times
  13. Apparently it was in PBE, I never used it so I didn't even know it was in the game. Maybe it was on PBE as a leak just like the Osprey supply drops.
  14. I just keep forgetting how cool the trailers are. If there is another thing that's in the trailers and not in game it's the cooler reticles on the scopes, and the way the sight sways when walking. Right now the ADS is literally a PNG on the screen rather than a 3D object. If they want WW3 to be a AAA experience they'll have to fix that as well because even Indie games have this nailed down. (Squad, Insurgency: S, EFT, GB, Ravenfield and many more.)
  15. As the moderators explained a year ago, there can't be helicopters because they are way too hard to balance. They also don't want people to snipe from the roofs, more on that later. And IMO the maps are just not big enough to justify adding such a fast way of transportation. That being said, a Quad can get you across the maps in less than a minute, so I don't see any need for choppers. They also don't want people to snipe from the roofs. While yes, this could be fixed with a death timer or instakill barrier for infantry. It's still something the devs want no chance of people trying to exploit some mechanics. The developers said no, so stop asking...
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