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  1. Would be great for a group spawn (think spawning in waves), but would give away spawning positions to the enemy. Still a better solution that what we have now, when you have the extra spawn location when your team has nowhere to spawn other than base and MRAP, enemies just camp the living daylight out of that location with snipers and sometimes they even enter the area to spawnkill.
  2. It was just a quick stress test, the maps don't exist on our the players disks anymore and it would suck to have to download and install them, which takes hours for some people.
  3. Ok, still cool. Feels like a widely requested feature I've read all over the place , just like the Red Dot Magnifier thing
  4. It's not really important but it keep bothering me everytime I see it, but what kind of stock is on the M4mws in this game? I've never seen it before and can't find anything on the internet, why didn't they use the "traditional" stock for the M4? vs It's easily fixed by picking the RGL Universal Stock but it's just not the same
  5. Just pointing out teamwork CAN in fact be game design This mean we can put other stuff on the top rails? All in all I'm not complaining, the game is still fun, but get frustrating sometimes. Especially when asking teammates for meds etc and not getting any because either they're selfish, deaf or just don't get the message on their screen.
  6. Would be a neat replacement for the open slots on top of most tanks in the game, something like this: Of course the plate partially protects you, but not AP rounds or anti materiel snipers like the TOR. H2HB Machine Gun, pretty common HMG and often mounted to vehicles You won't believe how many Fortnite pics I saw when looking for "mounted turret" goddamn fk that game
  7. Tell that to Arma, Squad, Post Scriptum, Hell Let Loose, Insurgency, Insurgency: Sandstorm and SWAT. You can't accomplish anything without teamwork, communication and coordination, The team which is better at it always wins the game.
  8. Something like this? It's an MRAP with a manned turret on top, there are variations with remote controlled turrets but that wouldn't really be fair.
  9. We just had a stress test on PTE yesterday, 20v20 seems to be the best for both clients and players. At least for the small Warzone maps, big Warzone will most likely have 30v30 players as of now. Performance goes down a little bit but for me balanced settings gave a solid 90fps. I read one of the moderators replies which stated that the old maps might be getting a rework of some sort, so be looking forward to that. I just hope tanks and other vehicles can move more freely in said maps. Actually, all maps, tanks feel claustrophobic in all maps for me.
  10. That's a fking long time ago lol, even though it sucked teamplay was pretty much mandatory. Right? Sometimes I even feel like people with higher pings have an advantage over you because you literally didn't see them and then they appear when you have already taken 2+ bullets to the chest, with a third one taking your life. I hope they think of a fix for this soon, this also adds to the fact that sometimes people's reaction times seem so incredibly fast, even when you were already aiming down waiting for them because radar/footsteps. It's so unfair at times
  11. Well each level has their own army rank attached to it, we don't really want Master Sargeant 3000+ star division 3 or something made up now do we
  12. I mean, it's just a number really. Just some extra credits once in a while will be more than enough for me
  13. YES or when trying to tag and it instead gives an order to defend an area also behind you it's so stupid
  14. The spotting in general feels kind of weird for me, as it sometimes just doesn't pick the target up as marked, especially with health / ammo / equipments packs. You have to be right next to those to mark them
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