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  1. I get it from a balancing POV, but more mags takes up quite some space and gets pretty heavy after a while
  2. One rifle can usually use only one bullet type: the chambers simply aren't fitted for other sizes of ammo. Depends on the weapon though. For instance the Deagle fits both .50cal and smaller bullets.
  3. Play weekends 7pm CEST. Friday evenings there is usually a PTE party going on with ~40 players on the smaller maps (servers can go up to 60 players). PTE parties are mainly to stress test and see if the live version could handle larger player counts
  4. Matt_dOvale


    I think 8 different loadouts is more than enough to be able to play one game with right? Why do you want to change your gun so much? Just make 2 loadouts with the same gun with different attachments.
  5. The things in the background might not resemble the actual loadout, we really don't know anything yet at this point. There is also an empty fourth plank underneath the one with the pistols. Would be cool, though.
  6. It's not really trivial I just read on the forums a lot
  7. Logic dictates that the less is on screen, the higher the FPS. Put this in Bug Reports and the devs will look into it
  8. Each server has their own single progress. It doesn't carry over to other servers
  9. This has been asked a few times before; I don't think they are going to do it. Movement speed will be reduced next patch though, about a 15% reduction for the heavy loadouts, normal stays about the same and light doesn't go as ridiculously fast. I still think it should scale instead of people trying to keep their loadout just inside one weight limit. I wanna make a very very light loadout (smg, pistol and light armor) and just sprint around the battlefield. yup, here's to hoping they fix it with the animation update (0.8 I think) It says it's 5 seconds but it feels like the 5 seconds start counting after it hits the floor or something, unless you cook it. Shouldn't the specialized rockets be the one costing BP? Idk just seems kinda backwards to me. Depends on the way you use them: Defensive: place them on key points on an objective and wait for the enemies to start capping Offensive: Run towards tanks, attach them, run to cover and BOOM. The CoD way: use them as grenades with shorter throwing distance but greater explosion. The old one does work (live game), but has no visual feedback and is very unreliable, since you need some steam features to be enabled. The one in PTE seems to work very well according to reports from the community. This might be implemented with the customization menu rework, been suggested and kinda confirmed. At least they're looking into it. Good point, never thought about that one. Maybe they never seen a tank accelerate from 0 to 40? Just pop all 3 of them on the rear of any vehicle and it will almost 90% of the time instakill the vehicle. Been asking for destroying tracks on tanks as well, but that was too mil-sim to them. Shell ricochet would be amazing, but seems out of place for an arcady game like this imo. I do still want the game to curve back to the tactical side of things (think Squad) but from the way things are looking it's gonna try to appeal to appeal to the masses to get more players.
  10. It should be done automatically; if not just contact the devs (Ragir, Rozmo, etc.) and they'll see what they can do for you. Right now I think you're a bit late to the party, last wipe was months ago, but you can always try
  11. They got sponsors, so money is not a factor for them to worry about atm
  12. Other games like CSGO and Sandstorm have this as well; Sandstorm is even a UE4 game, so I don't think it should be too hard to implement.
  13. Just sounds petty like a little child that doesn't get it's way to me lol
  14. Look around on the forums and discord you'll find them soon enough. Check the Suggestions tab, unless they are already removed or overshadowed by newer topics. Look I think people need to stop complaining about the heli drone: people have gotten used to them. Almost nobody uses them anymore because they know there are way better ways to use their well earned BP. All the enemy has to do is drop a radio-jammer on their drone and they have pretty much lost 5k BP. That and people know how to shoot drones properly now, both with RPG, armor with fast shooting turrets and small arms. Really I have not seen a drone dominate the battlefield anymore since last month...
  15. Matt_dOvale

    [Gameplay] Respawn

    Which is in the works and being tested so that's nice
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