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  1. @kirofs All the maps in the game are European maps. Berlin, Smolensk, Warsaw and the other one are all in Europe. Next maps are going to be outside of Europe. Particularly in Asia.
  2. This is a bug, it'll get fixed soon™ The Farm 51 and My.Games will advertise the game when it's ready (meaning when 1.0 drops). We don't want another 0.2 release like in 2018. Read the AMA, there are some more similar questions asked and answered.
  3. Spread is the amount the bullet could be different for where your crosshair is pointing. This direction can be 360o around the crosshair. The vertical and horizontal values don't apply to spread. Hipfiring is a whole other story and I don't know a lot about that for this game.
  4. I checked and these are the only 2 NA servers available. They look like they are stuck in a match ending sequence. It's known bug, reported to the moderators just yesterday.
  5. @Aviators The game is NOT pulled from steam. the game is just unavailable for purchase. When 1.0 launches they can rerelease the game again on Steam and probably on My.Games as well. I'm so tired of people misreading or not even reading what has already been said by TF51
  6. The game will be updated for people who own it. With their own QA team it's hard to say. I do believe we will be able to test the updates before they get pushed to the "Live" version of the game.
  7. Without the surgical masks you will lose 1 hp per minute
  8. They already bent over backwards to update the engine to 4.21 i don't think they are willing to go through that hellscape again.
  9. probably due to copyright laws and they didn't buy the rights to use the name. The m4 mws isn't called and M4A1 for a reason.
  10. How did the team and the people over at MyGames handle the significant backlash, angry comments and concerns they got from the community on the forums and discord?
  11. Yeah that might be a misplay on F51's part. But nothing of value is lost, they'll just have to wait a little longer
  12. Tbh it's the one map I would think is perfect for those sweaty run and gun cod players. The only upside to that map is that you can earn a lot of XP in relatively little time.
  13. Wrong, Ajem confirmed the game will not be pulled from Steam. You are simply not able to purchase the game before the 1.0 release.
  14. We are not entitled to anything. All we are are testers for the game. They had investors, even without us they would continue development. They know what's best for their company. This decision has not been made on a whim, I'm sure they have thought long and hard on these types of decisions. I'm sorry but you are behaving like a Karen right now.
  15. Not really, the game is just becoming a closed beta and is getting ready for a second (hopefully better) launch.
  16. You can always refund steam games within their policies. But if they sell the game on my.games then that's a good question.
  17. This doesn't have to be a bad thing, we'll see how it turns out. I'm not about to lose hope just yet.
  18. Why will the game go into a closed beta stage when there is already so little amount of people playing / testing? What is the reasoning behind it.
  19. They did actually, they had many companies willing to "buy" TF51. This one was either the only one or the first one that allowed them to keep all creative power over the game without developers influencing them. I don't think the game will "turn into shit", if this is the path they want to take, then I trust them. Only if MyGames starts interfering with launchers or micro-transactions then I have a problem with it.
  20. Reading all this makes me really sad and anxious about the future for this game The game had (still has) so much potential. I really hope The Farm 51 knows what they are doing...
  21. I see that now, I should read before I write. This whole my.games thing has me kind of riled up. I'm both curious and anxious to see what comes out if this.
  22. It's sold on their store is what I'm saying. It is in Europe. Is mail.ru some kind of Russian Steam? Never heard of the platform. Then again, I had also never heard of my.games...
  23. I'm all for visibility I remember a lot of times I mistook an enemy for friendly because there was either a friendly behind him behind a wall or there was a medpack near him. My brain first thinks don't shoot and then realizes too late that it's a medpack behind them
  24. Yet you keep coming back to these forums
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