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  1. DESCRIPTION OF BUG Missing collision on the Smolensk map, See images and videos. GAME BUILD ID 3765074 STEPS TO REPRODUCE See images and videos First Video, showing you can lean through the wall at C1, you can only lean through the wall which is close to the doorway. You can also freely walk through the wall with the bulletin board, and the half walls between the toilets. I have not found any other walls wich you can walk through, but the bug where you lie down and can see and shoot through the floor is there, same bug as the moscow map previously had. In the second video, a rock wich you can walk into, out from, spot and shoot from. Same deal as on the Berlin map. Thank you for reading.
  2. The Mephisto The price First off, outside of the actual match you are going to use it in, you have to pay for it, and the price is 50K In game, that thing is 8500 BP, you can get an MTB, a AFV and an UAV drone for the same amout of BP These also contribute more around the map. The impact of a mephisto The impact of the mephisto in my experience is not big enough for the price, of course where you use it and what you are targeting can change that, but in general. The vehicles can impact the map much better, applying pressure to certain points of the map, drawing enemy forces from or to whichever points they have or are trying to capture. That's just what I think though. Just overall it's not worth it. Go for a tank instead. Thank you for reading.
  3. Smurgzol


    DESCRIPTION OF BUG: You can see through certain walls on the moscow map. GAME BUILD ID : 3631094 STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Walk to certain walls/edges and look down, then freelook. Videos: I also suggest removing the boxes or barring the last window in the last video, as it can be used as good cover, with no good way to get to if you are the enemy, and it allows for a good camping spot. Thank you for reading.
  4. Escalator collision issues This isn't a big bug, but I'm letting you know anyway. Description of bug: you can slide and get stuck on the elevator rails on the warsaw map Game build ID: 3621295 Steps to reproduce: Jump on one rail, then either get stuck, or slide off the side. Additonal info: When zooming in with a special/IR scope, the screen is not displayed as IR, but behaves as in the sniper scope video. The direction you are looking does not appear to change the direction you are sliding; you can slide backwards. It is possible to do a sick slide where you slide halfway on the first one and then switch to the lower one, without falling down, as I do in the video. >Just see the videos The videos are unlisted and can be removed. Thank you for reading!
  5. You can set preferred measurements in the settings when it comes to weight and speed. When it comes to the other numbers; I've also been wondering about this, but I assume lower means better, when it comes to spread and recoil. Also, the compensators have a lower recoil/spread than a flash hider so this makes a point for lower=better. I don't know what ethalon is though? Can you show it?
  6. Pausing the video at 18 seconds in reveals some interesting menus! "Underbarrel weapons" and "Kriss supressor" Yes please!
  7. I'm really not sure exactly what this bug is. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: Uncertain how do describe it GAME BUILD ID: 3544746 STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Stress CPU/make the game go slower(?), then load a weapon, and while it is loading in, click right mouse button and drag. This will "pause" the game and give you some options. If you press the View Properties you can see a temp file. If you press print you can either print the page or make it a pdf file Attempting to print while the weapon is showing will only make a blank sheet/pdf file. If you press back you can still rotate and see your weapon/whatever you're looking at while the menu is up The Forward option is locked. If you right click, or use the scroll wheel after pressing back you will get a lot of overlapping menus for a second then the screen will just go back. The Back option is locked. If you want to exit the game you must alt+F4 or kill task in task manager, this is the only ways I have gotten out of it at least. Video: SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS: Not sure if helpful but whatever CPU: Intel core I5-6600k GPU: Gainward Geforce GTX 1070 RAM: 16 GB 2TB WD Blue HDD (game installed on this, therefore not adding SSD's) Motherboard: MSI Z170 PC MATE Thanks for reading!
  8. Had to test, it's the same on the other side as well. There's a void on either side, unlike the other side. You can get across the gap with a medium and light loadout, I haven't managed to do it with a heavy one Vid: <Hidden>
  9. The bug/exploit is simple DESCRIPTION OF BUG: You can walk through a wall in the Berlin TDM map, you can shoot through the wall but you cannot get shot by others through the wall. Spotting also works through the wall. Not tested if you can get shot through the wall from the side/windows GAME BUILD ID: 3511736 This needs to be fixed ASAP! Video: <Hidden>
  10. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: The game had me flying around through buildings and the floor without my control. GAME BUILD ID: 3577136 STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Die when playing warzone, possibly spawn on a tank(?) Note that I always ended up under an enemy control point! At around 50 seconds in the first video when falling I turn the laser on and off, and change fire modes without any of them making any noise. I did not get killed for being out of the "zone" At seconds 28-29 in the 2nd video you can see my shadow (I have shadows at low unfortunately) and I am not on top of anything. Video evidence:
  11. More info in the customize screen This is something I've wanted for some time, and I think I have some useful suggestions to it as well. The suggestions mainly focus on weapons and/or attachments you don't own but also applies to the ones you do own. Here they are: See fire modes for weapons in the customize screen, Semi auto, Burst fire,full auto and Bolt action Preview Scopes and reticles in the cusomize scren Have the able to change red dot opacity in game (?) Remove/add the 3rd loadout row, as you can only see the 2 boxes for loadouts in the customize screen but if you use the keys to the left/right of the boxes you can scroll to a 3rd row without anything in them. See how many kg's (or preferred weight measurement) you have left before the next weight tier/overload. The bar at the bottom is good to have but it doesn't cut it. Have the ability to have no attachment on the end of the barrel. no flash hider, compensator or supressor. Separate muzzle brakes, flash hiders and compensators And also see the effect on vertical and horizontal recoil depending on the type of attachment. When previewing an item, the weight limit also moves according to the total weight, ties into the point above. Example: Previewing a weapon with an attachment that weighs 0.1 is medium weight, changing to a 0.25 weight attachment makes the loadout heavy. Previewing a heavier than 0.1 attachment does not move the weight bar/ change loadout weight. Maybe a bad example but I min/max like that. Unlock items/attachments when you purchase a weapon. Some weapons come with a medium barrel equipped, leaving you to keep it medium, or purchase short/long if you wish to. If you purchase a long/short barrel if you want to re-equip the medium barrel the menu puts the medium barrel into the shopping cart as you haven't purchased the medium barrel. Example: DMG NINE-MILLI comes stock with Short barrel, but you can purchase the Long barrel, if you want to go back to the short barrel you have to purchase it. This can be worked around just by clearing the equipped long/short barrel, resetting the barrel to whatever barrel the gun came with stock. See the damage chart/map on per bullet damage. See total ammo for the weapon. See Equip speed on different weapons when previewing/hovering over them. additional ammo types for shotguns, either as primary or additional ammo. Slug, flechette etc. Let weapons that have iron sights attached on the weapon when you buy it, like the SCAR-H , use iron sight. Instead of having the one prebuilt on the weapon be flipped down, only to attach a new one on the top rail. Could possibly remove some weight. Give bodyparts stats; A good example for this is the stocks, my example here will be the VEPR, where you can choose the VEPR Reciever Cover (no stock) or any other actual stock. Examples: Giving the Juno stock higher weight and equip speed but also reduce spread. Giving the Reciever Cover a spread penalty could be a tradeoff for weight and equip speed. Move/Remove the Monster grip with light and laser combo from the Grip section. Also get the laser working on the Monster grip with only the laser. Use the Esc button as a way to go back instead of having to press the <<BACK button Unlocking some of the Visual items from the start, as you can select a preset config and use the gear/clothes without even owning them. This is probably a bad idea but whatever. You cannot customize the items you don't own, even if they are equipped from a preset. Be able to change: Boots, backpack and other items, as changing pants also changes boots. Rename the Gloves dropdown menu to Gloves or Handwear. (Currently No category) If your secondary weapon/sidearm is a pistol it will be put in the pistol holster on the pants that have it. Preview Strikes/strike alternatives, even if you cannot afford them. Yes, you can preview/look at items on the owned strike you cannot afford, but not another version of a strike. Example: MBT version Abrams, T-72 See numbers for Armor stats on Tanks in the customize screen, not just weight or thickness. Fix pricing on items to 0 instead of -1, like the Mobile Spawn Point version of then UGV Leviethan. Tny item with the price of -1 cannot be purchased (as far as I've experienced) Add correct images for weapons when you press the (i) button. This is a really small and nitpicky thing but the images shown when looking at the MSBS-B isn't the correct gun. Whenever you select an item on a list, the list resets, making you have to scroll down to where you were, this can be especially annoying in the visual screen when it comes to changing clothes and patterns. Those were all the points I have for now! Sorry for the really really long post! Please keep in mind that these are just suggestions! If you have any questions what I meant by any of the points just ask. Thanks for reading.
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