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  1. CPU usage is around 45% (With GPU around 65-75%) few cores have 30-40 higher % of usage than others but non of them is maxed and game is scaling pretty well on 8 cores i got 60 FPS (caped framerate) 95% of the time (only when i put my face into particles effects i can see FPS drops) I know the CPU is cheap and old lol but is decent for any new game that have 8 cores support (with proper DRAM and BIOS settings) so this is not the CPU/GPU core performance issue FPS is smooth almost all the time (Textures - lowest Shadows - medium due to potential of high VRAM usage besides these everything on high) I had crash few mins ago and im 100% sure it was caused by VRAM overload From what i saw VRAM usage when i enter match is around 2600 and is rising till it reach almost maximum Edit I'll try to change Shaders cache settings in drivers maybe this is the issue Played two War Zone matches one with Shader Cache enabled and second one with Shader Cache disabled same result VRAM usage almost maxed Game is playable frame rate is smooth but random spike lags are really annoying and sometimes can get you killed
  2. After removing config settings and GPU drivers update game is again almost playable only random spike lags are ruining experience
  3. Hey I played the 0.3 build had lot of spike lags but after setting textures to the lowest game was let say "playable" still some spike lags from time to time plus crashes so i decided to wait for the next update Today i lunched the game found match and what i got was basically slide show just 3-4 sec spike lags/1-2 second of "gameplay" till crash (FPS was stable 60 on some mix of mid/high settings with lowest textures when the game was actually "working") I checked MSI Afterburner CPU/GPU usage was decent (besides spike lags) but the VRAM was fully loaded My question... Is there anything i can do to fix this issue (some config ini's etc) or this game is unplayable for now on GPUs with only 3GB of VRAM ? BTW I keep the OS clean no unnecessary background services power saving features or anything that could have negative performance impact WW3 is the only game i have this problem with Specs CPU FX8350 GPU R9 280X (3GB 1150MHZ) DRAM 8 GB (4x2) 1866MHz WIN7 X64 PS.If this is not the software issue maybe change the system req for GPU to at least 4GB models or higher if the 3GB is just "good start" for current build
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