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  1. Your insane if you think that any of these "demands" you keep posting will even be implemented. They've already got their route their taking and if your "demand" is a part of their lame ass roadmap, that keeps changing btw, then it certainly looks like they're "listening" to their community doesn't it. XD
  2. How could they port to consoles when they have shown they've got no idea what their doing for computer. The people still thinking that this game will somehow, magically, become the next big thing also think windows taste good.
  3. 784537852655

    Patch 1.0?

    Good things coming soon, just wait a few more decades
  4. I didnt post that for the game, in the comments section of that video you can see the ragir commenting, yet they dont seem to want to communicate things with you guys. The ones that stuck around which is sad and looks a little but like boot licking.
  5. No communication with the community yet here is someone with one of the top comments in a bigfry video.... Lol
  6. This still works after almost a year, and nothings been done about it? Damn they reacted to the Anders crashing the servers faster, and that only took 6 months. At this point how is anyone shocked or surprised?
  7. That wasnt directed to you im saying people blaming other for not playing isnt the best thing to do looking at the state the games in. As for BFV they have a game mode thats similar with the same name. Criticism is needed where it is, but when its shrugged off thats a bit of a thing to worry about for a "passion project". There are better studios with less people that make games that perform better . Yes at this moment it certainly does seem that the game is a success and if you would rather have a developer that makes mistakes 10/10 then hey, that's cool but i guess dont expect the game to do well then right? So yes since money is asked for a product it should be more functional and stable than what is currently available. Hence why people aren't playing it and they do get outraged. Look at "gameplay" trailers for the game it seems much smoother/looks better than the actual game. But regardless of that, what did push me away is the lack of passion. The meh attitude, the lack of direction the game seems to have, some of the things teased which have been seemingly forgotten about, and lastly the feeling that the game was already put down a path regardless of community feedback. And for some reason I think others have moved on due to this if not other reasons whatever they may be. Judging from the steam charts.
  8. Lol I am well aware what "early access" is my pea brained chum. But your attitude and comment is exactly what i was talking about, thank you for your time.
  9. Blaming people for not wanting to play a game that seemingly gets worse as time passes is not the right way. How can some of you sit here and blame people? How fucked up is that. The bugs and issues (no not fore grip being off two inches) but the performance, the crashing, the holes in the maps, the issues people have using vehicles, the invisible players (which when i report i was being mocked that PeRsOn NoT iNvIsIbLe, you think im trolling when i reported that or what? Still is an issue still isnt fixed and that was report well over half a year ago), the bugs with the menus, the crash report not wanting to send, that will give a player confidence. The developers listening to who knows who (btw hows that breakthrough mode working out? Seems no one plays it, and maybe you should change the name since BFV has a mode called.... Ready? Breakthrough.), the community thats left is also a bit of an issue as well (not everyone). Seeing dick swinging that so and so has 1000 hours vs someones 999 hours makes their opinion more valid is just stupid, someone who knows what they're talking about can tell you the issues with the game in a round if not less. Blaming players, how dare you blame them. Their confidence has gone for this game and there's a good list of reasons why not limited to what i said above.
  10. New vehicle hud in 0.7.3 is a very little bit better than in 0.7.2 but there is to much going on. To many useless lines. Why not just keep it simpler rather than go for this over the top style constantly?
  11. first picture ive noticed happening sometimes, a double ping, happens sometimes and other times it doesn't. second is maybe the ammo bug, i did have 104 spare ammo and i shot 4 times and reloaded to see if it would go back to the amount i should have third is ive notice in areas like this on smolensk ( I think this happens on other maps with sun light as well but am not sure) the the contrast is to low and has a white washed look to it at times which makes it hard to see things. fouth is the lettering on the dmg- nine milli, you only see the nine, i had a vityaz as me secondary and the letters were all there for that one.
  12. I'm from NA and when I can I'll hop on to NA, this guy hasn't played in ages but it's funny. Says he dominates then moves on, I think this cringelord just full of it and bored
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