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  1. it only let me have 38 rounds and reloaded when it did to that. the work around was to switch to my extra HP ammo then back to fmj to have 75 in the magazine. the magazine is also invisible as seen.
  2. both M4 and SA80 do this and only these that I've tried so far, i tried all 5.56 because 7.62 (both 39 and 51) wasn't doing it so i thought it be a caliber thing.
  3. I'll try and see with other guns to. I swore it was also mg5 but I could be mistaken.
  4. @weedtime this can also be done when you press c and slide and press r fast enough, however you can't have started to reload before using the c slide for the instant reload.
  5. @nubbits true that those strikes are more effective. but sometimes one big boom is all i need :p. Also I am a fan of variety, the more freedom we have with load outs the better customization we have. ( keeping reality in mind )
  6. There have been many instances where I swore I reloaded instantly when going over janky terrain and at times things like this to. and i finally caught it, this also happens in all other maps.
  7. It would be cool if you could get different warheads like with loitering ammo and make it more useful or even have multiple types of hellfire in your strikes for specific situations. I think the hell fire is a bit to weak right now, but this is more my opinion without having used it. I was in a msp when one hit me, was a weird experience to survive it being so used to instant death when hit with one lol
  8. Ok, Poland is known for great football (soccer) players and being good at the sport. Rocket League is fun but missing guns. How about a giant ball with one net on each end with obstacles in the field to protect players. 5v5 or 10v10. In 5v5 one has an RPG that gives the ball motion, in 10v10 2 people with rpg per team. Goal is to get the ball into the opponents net and at the same time. Try to take out the enemies with rpg while protecting yours as they can move the ball around. C4 and other explosives can be used to move the ball. But small arms fire will not. This is just an idea, plz feel free to comment whether you hate the idea or not.
  9. What do you guys snack on or eat during crunch times? After the game launches will there be more guns,vehicles,etc added? What's been your favorite thing or moment so far developing the game and what has been the worst? Any chance for GM6 LYNX to be added :)) ?
  10. @weedtime I believe I was somewhere in the spawn on our side
  11. ok wasnt sure if it was something going on in my end.
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