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  1. New vehicle hud in 0.7.3 is a very little bit better than in 0.7.2 but there is to much going on. To many useless lines. Why not just keep it simpler rather than go for this over the top style constantly?
  2. first picture ive noticed happening sometimes, a double ping, happens sometimes and other times it doesn't. second is maybe the ammo bug, i did have 104 spare ammo and i shot 4 times and reloaded to see if it would go back to the amount i should have third is ive notice in areas like this on smolensk ( I think this happens on other maps with sun light as well but am not sure) the the contrast is to low and has a white washed look to it at times which makes it hard to see things. fouth is the lettering on the dmg- nine milli, you only see the nine, i had a vityaz as me secondary and the letters were all there for that one.
  3. I'm from NA and when I can I'll hop on to NA, this guy hasn't played in ages but it's funny. Says he dominates then moves on, I think this cringelord just full of it and bored
  4. Strange I've absolutely dominated you in a few matches and me thinking... This is tzoning, yawn. I honestly don't think I'm good nor do I care to sit there and practice, have better things to do. And odd I don't remember ever saying that I am good or hot shit unlike you who sits here bitching and complaining about the most trivial things. That's cringe, and I'm sure there are a lot that agree with that. Your thousands of hours seem wasted, why aren't you on a pro team? How come I come here and it's the first times I've heard of "notloc" or "tzoning". Pull your head out of your ass basement troll.
  5. 600+ hours and I don't find any issues with the kill screen. As @PartTimeAHole said, I know where the person more than likely is even without it and have found glitches due to people getting into walls and killing me from inside there without the kill screen we have now. This kill screen is good, it will help newer players understand, which is good. I really don't see where and how it "dumbs" the game down, again you "pros" need to learn that after sitting in a spot (camping) for a while people are going to find you easily regardless of this new kill screen or not.
  6. i can confirm this happens for me as well. sometimes when the soldier says the random voice lines it does the same to
  7. I think the better players don't come here and say border line conspiracy comments that others are trying to push them down because they're so "great" and "probably one of the best players" how about you stop complaining and prove yourself?
  8. Passing their opinion as fact and never plays the game but comes to the forums to reeeee, lol. Where's the logic there?
  9. i was trying to call in a flying eye and died then the "ipad" was blinking beside my gun like this, to fix it i pressed 6 for flying eye and called it in.
  10. called in the leviathan and again not seeing players shooting at me. hit marks are there but can not see the enemies till a period of time (there was a strike called in and after that i could see them). their guns and their bullets hitting my vehicle made no sound and you can see a friendly just standing there "stoned"
  11. It's funny when people who act like they're the best (when they're not) say things and act like children thinking their opinion is facts and logical when there is no facts or logic behind what they're saying. The direction where you died from is a good thing. If you think it dumbs the game down then stop camping. After you kill someone you move and change positions. I've been doing fine since early access release - present because I've adapted. It seems some "great" gamers can't and want it to be how it's good for only them specifically then come here to bitch and complain, why? Because your not as good as you claim? I think it's that but this is just my opinion :).
  12. the first one is dead bodies on the subway tracks becomes janky to walk over, the second picture along with the map is a spot you can get stuck in when going prone, the third and forth is an invisible wall in berlin warzone. the last ones with the maps is not being able to see friendly vehicles on the map at times. The muffled sound bug is back but went away over time. and unlocking vehicles you call in seems bugged so the rest of the team can use it aswell
  13. @tynblpb is this similar load out to what you've been noticing causing crashes
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