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  1. As we know, there is literally no reason to pick small mags for weapons (below 30) unless youre roleplaying, which is pain to do. What if we get an options for rechambering our weapons to a higher caliber (essentially turning them into DMR's) and making dragunov out of vepr, in a trade of single fire/10 bullet mag? They could be on pair with battle rifles (scar and m417) but for example with bigger recoil or bullet drop. There is many things we could make with them. Why not make something of those sorts (look image below) a cool and not joke loadout!
  2. Thats why I want to summon them, so there will be ones ༼ つ ◕-◕ ༽つ
  3. The newest helmet I forgot the name of doesnt change its camo with the reast of your soldier, it always has the same one, so you can have black soldier with default helmet
  4. Just like the tittle says ༼ つ ◕-◕ ༽つ Comeon everyone, help me summon patch notes! ༼ つ ◕-◕ ༽つ
  5. Where is this version of berlin? It looks sick in sunrise
  6. VValkyr


    But at least in the main menu there could be something more than a random drum hits I will mute after 2 minutes so I can put my own music on. Trailers already have cool themes, why cant we have them in game
  7. VValkyr


    Yeah, but what it achives is that it sounds more boring than serious. You can have something serious AND good sounding
  8. Wow, how could I have NEVER found it?
  9. VValkyr


    I am one of those people that love music in games, and take a big look at them. Sometimes, my opinion about games is biased, just because of soundtrack. To say that, soundtrack in WW3 is rather... dissapointing. Its forgetable, dull and soulless. To this day I remember main themes of games like CoD, battlefield, or medal of honor, and while farm 51 isnt a big studio with unlimited money, I know that getting a good soundtrack is beyond reach. But look at the newest warzone patch. Why not use this kind of music, adding there something cool people will remember about, will want to check or listen to. I think the trailer was amazing, and so was the music in it!
  10. And before I get called out to the ground, let me get my points. Forums are great. They are great way for developers to have full control of the feedback and community, without third partying. Problem is convenience. I know few people from my friendlist that didnt even know WW3 forums exist or are alive. Why can't we have a subreddit AND forums coexisting together? To access the forums you need a lot of commitment with yet another registration, using it in browser ETC. For people, it would be way easier if they see news from WW3 right in their normal day cycle. For example I check reddit a ton during the day. Seeing news on overwatch, pubg, or rainbow six siege subreddits help me have track on those games in my normal news/fun scrolling. WW3 does not have that pleasure. And in the end, one more source of info about the game (on such a popular platform) is yet another way we could get a player or two get into the game! Why can't we have subreddit which is easier information broadcaster to a wider audience?
  11. Well, I do know that I need to upgrade my CPU, it runs for like what, 5 years now I believe, and it is bootlenecking my GPU to hell. I am not thinking about 2080 (Because I am poor, I guess you can see that by my rig). Problem is it isnt really possible right now. I have no money (obviously) and upgrading CPU will require me getting new motherboard (because on this socket there isnt any good cpu's, yet alone cheap ones), most likely new case because mine is really really small and might not fit newer MB, and maybe in worst scenario power supply cause it could not fit into the case. Many things sadly. But what was just so striking and weird to me, is that on PTE that is supposed to have rolled some optimization patches, it works WORSE in better conditions (only 24 players) than live for me.
  12. Well, like I said, PTE with optimization patches and less players working worse for me. My CPU is quite trash and old I5 4430, but even still,
  13. Well, I just tried to play on PTE (with my rig above) with about 24 players on warsaw warzone and FPS drops, stuters and low fps just made it unplayable, no matter what settings I had, even if render scale was all the way on the bottom together with resolution. Warzone overall is a problem for me, on live the more players the worse it gets, but its playable, sometimes drops to 20 fps, but it is avarage of 40. Same on PTE, but its still slightly lower (with less players) in addition of extreme stutters that killed me 90% of the time. Like, I get it, its 2019, and WW3 is a new game and I should get a better PC, but shouldnt I have at least playable experience on lowest possible graphics? Well, its not a revelation, but TDM works smoothly, even on medium settings I can get over 150+ fps with avarage of 90. I really dont know what to do anymore, I want to play this game so much, but it just tears my eyes apart, and kills me so many times because I cant react on enemies
  14. I am asking, because with my already trash rig (1060 6gb, i5 4430, 16gb of ram) the game is barely playable on LIVE server, so I hoped that PTS will be better, but on PTS despite having lower playercount in match (which usually boosts my performance) the game is just unplayable with low FPS and constant stuttering. I know my rig is trash, in fact instead of buying 1060 I should have saved for something proper, but I really want to play the game that I just can't, no matter the settings. Low, high, all drops FPS and stutters to unplayable for me state
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