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  1. Build ID: 3540764, version 0.4, English Issues: Team Deathmatch loading screen says "Firendly fire is on" instead of "Friendly fire is on". Hands clip through front rail of PKP in third person, in first person they float below it. Body armor names are incorrect: Level II HDPE and Level III Polyethylen when it should say Level II Para-aramid since HDPE is not a form of armor, it is used in plastic bottles, and Level III UHMWPE (Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene) or Level III Para-aramid. Armor and weapon weights are far too high to be realistic: a Level IV Steel armor plate weighs 35 kg/lbs in-game while in real life it weighs about 5lbs (2.27kg). A PKP in game weighs 21.1 lbs/kg while in real life it weighs 18lbs (8.2kg).
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