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  1. Player can hardly see infantry when using sniper scope.
  2. 1.scope in wrong position 2.i cant use mini drone
  3. my hand dont touch the magazine while reloading ammo.
  4. 1 missing first aid and cant heal myself 2 weapon missing 3 tank bug 4 UGV bug
  5. flame has hix boxs and u can stand on the flame bullet cant go through the flame and player stand on the flame takes no damage
  6. i recorded a hacker and sent an email
  7. i think change asia server from Taibei to Tokyo can solve this problem,
  8. Asia servers(in Taibei) are still terrible these days. No problem connecting to Oc server.
  9. So why not make Jam Aps more powerful ? And Apc assult with riflemans to shoot down the quadrocopters? Thats what we do in asia server.
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