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  1. I had set my dmz long time ago but still no luck finding servers without VPN
  2. could you please be more specific how did you solve this problem?
  3. only way for me to fix this is to use Germany or Poland or Netherlands VPN then i have 20-80 ping increase at least i can play the game but keep that in mind i don't always use VPN most of the time servers are ok. Edit: when i don't use VPN i cant see all of the servers and some of them are missing but with VPN i can see and join all of them.
  4. Death

    How to report?

    How to report toxic and racist players ? i have proof
  5. Dude i live in Iran and EU has the best ping and is 180+ its the exact opposite of what you said they see me first and shoot first and when i try to kill them my hits wont register its a pain in the ass i can barely kill when i play hardcore like 20-30 max kill in one match it wasn't always like this i remember when game lunched my ping was 110-100 and it was great but its not anymore .
  6. you are talking about Aknochaco right? cuz in one of the matches i saw Aknochaco playing as sniper and let me say this (no hard feelings dude your awesome) he was bad at sniping i even stood still and looked at him but he missed like 2 times then i killed him
  7. Death


    i went to the EAC website but there was no email or section to ask them about this only thing available was ban/cheater report and technical issue which is about game crash and not loading.
  8. Death


    Hi i was wondering about easy anti-cheat will it ban macros? because i made a simple macro that when i press + automatically opens an app that shows my CPU and GPU temperature and usage , will i get banned if i use that?
  9. Death

    No helmet

    NO HELMET bug wont let you to choose your helmet
  10. Death


    no i forwarded the ports but UPnP also needs a port and my router model is AirMaster 3000M .
  11. Death


    Thank you but what port should i forward or what do you recommend?(it only accepts one port and i cant add more because of that i am asking) thank you.
  12. Death


    Hi i just wanted to enable the UPnP and in my router it needs 2 things like in the picture .
  13. Death


    Hi i need all of the game ports to open them in my ISP and firewall and antivirus, thank you.
  14. Maybe its because of the distance or even my IP, you guys live in Poland and i live in Iran .
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