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  1. Hi how about picking up grenades from ground and be able to throw them back? it's obvious that you cant pick up sticky grenades and impacts, and how about when you shoot at the ammo bags they would have exploded like MW? and how about chemical warfare like artillery or grenades or... and gas masks actually worked or there was like a gear to protected you but it also would have limited your vision or stamina! (and keep that in mind that RPGs are OP) thank you. @Ragir and @weedtime what is your opinion? Edit: Some suggestions may have already been said, sorry!
  2. @Ragir and @weedtime Hi i still have this problem when i want to play with my friends in Poland their servers are different from mine we both are in EU servers but i only see server 1 and 6 and 10 but he only sees 3 and 5 we did every thing but no luck, it's completely random but when i want to play with my friends in my country i don't have this problem and some times im in the middle of a match but game just kicks me back into main menu and gives me the Tick error! help me please.
  3. Death

    [0.7.2] same bugs

    and also you cant create or join or ... in squad one more thing some times C4s just disappear! Edit: even hit registration problems why?
  4. Still rewards and xps are missing and sometime when i join a server I'll get stuck like in the pic and it will not be fixed if you rejoin the server. BuildID: 4369450 Edit: connection errors are not fixed just look
  5. Crashes are back, Icons are missing, when i die i cant re spawn , friends and foes icons are missing, when players join server they are missing in leader board and in map their color is white, in match suddenly game goes in menu and gives me connection error and sometimes sounds are missing!
  6. @Ragir Hi is there any way i could get my hands on this sweet sweet patch, I've been using this patch since the lunch and like it so bad could you please tell me how to get it or give me the code thank you.
  7. Woah! @Ragir for the win!!! .
  8. @Ragir Hi thank you for responding to my suggestion and yeah with the current ping i have game would have been a nightmare for me my best ping is 150 sadly .
  9. HI unfortunately yes money is still missing when you logout or you go back to war map or even finding another server.
  10. DESCRIPTION OF BUG : Some of the servers in eu are missing every time i lunch the game some servers are missing another time i wanted you join my friend but he was in server No.8 but there was no Server N0.8 for me! GAME BUILD ID : 4300829
  11. DESCRIPTION OF BUG : After finishing a match you wont get any rewards its like 10th time i want my money!!!!!! GAME BUILD ID : 4300829 STEPS TO REPRODUCE : Just play a match it doesn't matter if you start from beginning or mid or end!
  12. Exactly! that's the problem its not realistic with the stock melee that you can send enemies flying maybe you like it this way but me and all of my friends think its ridiculous this way.
  13. [Feature] 1) Tactical knifes: current melee in this game is useless and nobody use that, make melee usable at least! 2) Take downs: It would be nice to have take downs from sides or behind or even from front with a quick event like BF. 3) Improve tactical tablets animation: its very cool to have tactical tablet but there is no animation, new COD tablets are more realistic its better that you don't go into the tablet to mark the map. 4) Add Gib/Gibbing: It dosen't matter if its a little or much just add Gib/Gibbing it would make the game better. 5) Breakable weapons: Its just an idea but what if when you shoot at enemies gun gun sight or even the gun could break. Edit: I forgot to say bout doors, maybe add doors .
  14. I found these mysterious pic can some one please explain it?
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