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  1. Dude chill out, seriously don't get a high temper its not worth it and not good for your health he just said something
  2. this is the feedback section and this isn't any kind of feedback this post is pointless sry for being a buzzkill but it is what it is.
  3. Death

    Say Hello!

    Welcome to the hell lad enjoy your stay.
  4. Death


    Dear Devs at least give us an approximate time for the new update @weedtime @Rozmo @Ragir @Zari @Ajem please i beg you.
  5. Death

    Say Hello!

    Welcome to the hell lad enjoy your stay.
  6. Who needs MW when you have Halo MCC on PC ... Halo for life by the way EAC sucks too i can easily make no recoils with c++ and it never get detected i have seen lots of cheaters in games with EAC it only bans cheap and bad cheats and WW3 doesnt have lots of player base i see everyone every day xd there is no need to cheat in WW3 if game had like 120k players you will see cheaters!
  7. i know that i meant game only shows your ping not their and who know where they live you cant tell just by name i have friends that just do that for fun.
  8. how is that even possible when my ping gets that high i dont see anyone and i just die and if i shoot at someone they wont die i dont understand why would you say this xd by the way game never shows anyone ping, they probably had less ping then you not higher
  9. Death

    New update?????

    Hi sooooo when the new update will come im really tired of this build of game its not optimized ,player base is worst then ever and i cant take it anymore at least give us information about this new update why you guys went quite
  10. yeh i miss Chip_HK too he is playing RD 2 now most of the time and sometimes 7 days to die.
  11. Congratulation this was your 1000th post
  12. It would be nice to fight in airport , Upvoted.
  13. I had set my dmz long time ago but still no luck finding servers without VPN
  14. could you please be more specific how did you solve this problem?
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