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  1. nothing is conformed yet guys don't judge until game is out
  2. apparently they have added gun level and rarity and also they removed the damage and range chart along with detailed weapon stat now its just a line ,also they heavily modified the game and it looks like COD MW i mean gun play and menu are very similar also animations are so much faster and COD like and i personally don't like COD MW for the exact reasons but they definitely improved the visuals and overall quality.
  3. Death


    Don't forget ww3 is modern and BF 2042 is futuristic LOL and i don't get why in near future every thing has LED
  4. Death


    Hi if you guys are still here i just wanted to say after seeing the new BF 2042 trailer i think we might have a little hope after all too bad cant participate in the closed beta and the servers are almost empty.
  5. what happened to the new test group its 2021 did you guys lost interest and just shifted your focus on other things?? // Be civil, do not use profanity.
  6. since no one plays ww3 and its dead with the player base of 25 what you guys play ? // Moved to off topic, irrelevant in General Discussion.
  7. World War III: Black Gold
  8. if its that strict you should provide me with a contract (the publisher's contract or ...) i should know what my.games is going to do, you dont just get peoples ID and names provide legal documents and ...
  9. i play other games that are either in alpha or closed test group which are under the NDA but they didnt require my ID nobody dose what is going on!??
  10. im not really comfortable sharing my real name for the test group signup is that ok?
  11. yeh about that they approved some of mine too but when there is no development our suggestions are useless and worthless this game could have been the next COD and BF killer but unfortunately it killed it self i have lost all of my hopes for this game and feel scammed im just going to wait for BF6 cuz COD CW disappointed me all i can say RIP we had a terrible and buggy run.
  12. you are joking i still cant believe you no offence
  13. are you guys really considering this thing???? its not even finished on PC for fuck sake
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