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  1. Interesting, how a 'low IQ' individual like me isn't getting rekt by mines & crying unlike you, Mr 400IQ here. Mines don't need nerfed. solution is for you the player to 'buff' your brain so you are aware of mines & stop crying. 1) No, Just look where you are driving as you should be (You don't drive down a motorway looking sideway or behind) 2) you are over-modelling this, to suit your claim. I'm an yet to see this happen to the severity you say. A) Mines aren't a problem. Mine density is more common near 'middle' objectives. B) multiple people waiting with RPGs, May 1, not often. Usually RPG spam is near an objective. C) Players with 3000BP+ just waiting to strike you. If such a set up was true, why are you calling in a tank now? If you've had the tank for a while, how terrible a job are you doing to support the team to allow this to happen? 3) Yes, Serious question: How big do you want you a "safe space" for a "No mine Zone" in your ideal solution? This is literally not a problem. You the player just lack awareness. Maybe you need an eye test to fix your optics. & Finally ?
  2. A good pilot & gunner combo was brutal
  3. I was PC, but it died ? in time I will hopefully return to an awesome RIG. Thanks for the help
  4. Hopefully some of this information will be useful: What I experience When it is normal, it's usually 60-70fps, yes can dip down to the 30 fps TDM is more Stable than Warzone Seems to stutter when I'm about to engage in action (my excuse for losing 1v1s ? ) The game has been better optimized this patch, but on the day of posting it, when from fine, to bad & I'm not aware of any major changes to my computer. (in case it is an error from me) My Set up: Processor: Intel Core i5-8300H Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti - 4096 MB, Core: 1493 MHz, Memory: 7000 MHz, GDDR5 Memory 8040MB Game Example: 1 Server In game FPS Changes My Game Settings (When I chose balanced I usually sets all as 'High' so I tweaked to be a bit lower)
  5. Thanks for the correction. I watched the demo wrong
  6. Doesn't the cheap UAV mark enemies on the mini-map only via 'Radar' . while barracuda makes markers that you can see from (like when a teammate marks with the 'spot' button.
  7. About the Tilt you are 1/2 right about perspective. If pretend our eyes provide a canvas for the brain. Standing straight, it is a normal landscape picture. If we lay on our side in is portrait aspect ratio. Yet how we perceive the world is unchanged. As the world is correctly orientated even if you tilt your head (like you said). Yet WW3 isn't incorrect in tilting the camera, it is us who perceive it as odd, as we don't mentally rotate the picture displayed for 2 reasons We have real world reference of orientation, as in the computer & display you are playing on. You are not doing any leaning for the body to physically think that it is tilted. If WW3 was using a VR headset and you physically did the lean (instead of using the lean button), the world would look normal. Since this is not a VR game. I do agree if you want the tilt to be better in game. Instead of having the camera rotation fixed to the head, just have it translate instead. Good post btw I was just being picky ?
  8. ༼ つ ◕-◕ ༽つ Optimisation ༼ つ ◕-◕ ༽つ ༼ つ ◕-◕ ༽つ Tiger stripe camouflage ༼ つ ◕-◕ ༽つ
  9. In my game, I haven't seen it it the reflection at that strength. In your video, what are the settings of; Textures,Lighting, Shadow & Effects?
  10. Big Z


    Claymores work by the enemy triggering the front arc of the mine. There is a slight delay between the trigger and the explosion. I am not aware of the max limit of mines that can be placed, but I do know they still exist after you die.
  11. Hi all, I've been playing this patch quite a lot over the last few days & have been very happy. Graphics on balanced performing fine. i understand optimisation is something that is getting improved with every patch. So I'm not complaining about FPS or micro-stutters. but yesterday and today, WW3 has been unplayable, Periods where it would freeze for 8s. (even on lowest settings) I don't think anything significant has changed on my computer, like installing software or getting near max diskspace. Just wondering what steps should I take to restore the performance of WW3?
  12. Sneaky C4 Kill on Fresh tank, note the enemy Vehicle hit value is out of 100 Someone who understands the score log better could explain. from left to right; first two were damaged tanks Third was against a tank head on, may of used 3 or 4 Tandems? Fourth, can't remeber is 1 or two quick RPG Tandem shots. Fifth, was ambusing an M1. The killing blow on the Leopard front on, did 28. so the tank has 28 health left before killing strike. A front on Tandem hit does at least 28 damage. This would translate as 4 Tandem hit max, to the front would destroy the tank (unsure if it was armoured or not)
  13. Um is that the best way to test? Isn't TK damage significantly less than damage to the enemy & technically your are 'TKing' your vehicle? Surely it would be more appropriate to record the value you get when you hit an enemy tank with an RPG? As the value from the hit translates to damage done to the vehicle.
  14. I wouldn't say it is unbalanced. Players need to understand the importance of playing the objective. Kills mean nothing on the scoreboard. Yes an early cap objective allows for a buffer in the score, so things become static, the advantages goes towards the earlier captures. A good squad can really turn the tide capturing zones. A good squad leader is important imo. I like the addition of the typhoon mobile spawn. It can be parked beyond the front line so you can infiltrate other zones. You can't control what your team or enemy does. Hopefully the more people play the more they realise how important teamwork and objectives are.
  15. Big Z


    Does suppressor effect damage or additive range? In the menu, it mentions it effects recoil, weight & the quality of the sound suppression. But does it effect damage/range? Unsure if it actually does. But when I'm hitting enemies at range it seems weaker. (using same gun & barrel with targets at similar distance)
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