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  1. I'd gladly participate! Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198095185388/
  2. Hello everybody, After some encouragement of Rivyusa on Discord, I've decided to start a thread on the matter of the inclusion of female characters in World War 3. First of all, I would like to note that my points are not meant to upset, harm or ridicule any individual. Second note, this thread is mainly meant to encourage people to brainstorm, and impart their thoughts. I would like to stress that I am cautiously supporting the inclusion of women, as long as some points are adhered. I'm also positive towards the idea of engaging to a wider public. The inclusion of female soldiers in World War 3, whether confirmed or not, is in my eyes a controversial case which is in need for some debate from the playerbase. I would like to clarify my standpoint with these arguments: - Being informed of the BF1 gender uproar, I fear that WW3 might experience a similar outrage with the pretence of historical inaccuracy. Here's one of the various sources to inform about the matter: https://www.pcmag.com/news/361421/battlefield-v-faces-controversy-over-including-women-soldier Although women are known for having partaken in conflict, it is safe to say that the majority is men. World War 3 is a game that is aimed to employ (semi)-realistic pictures of warfare, from what I have understood. Myself and very plausibly, a handful of players, love the game for the immersion that it offers. The choice of gender might possibly ruin one of the main strengths of the game; due to choices of the playerbase. Similarly to having pink guns and odd camo patterns, a majority of female players running around the map doesn't really sit well with me. - The way to portray women in-game matters absolutely. Strict uniform codes exist and not only for men. Here's an idea of a military female: Compare it to various video games which include female characters: , Even subtletly, in-game female characters look somewhat more fancy to enhance their gender traits: loose hair, figure-accentuating clothes, and so on. It would be actually refreshing to see a game like World War 3 include realistic portraits of women from a military point of view, in such a way that immersion is held the way it is intended for. Considering my biggest points aforementioned, boldly I dare say that this is the right way to empower female gender in a real manner. Far too often I see games claiming for empowering diverse people, only to include a bland stereotyped version. I hope my points shed some light on this matter, and gets people to think about it! Thanks for listening, Demo
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