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  1. its the year 2026 why cant we have robo eye acording to bfv we had them in 1941 so why not in 2026?
  2. a galil 308 will be good for this game as its powerfull and reliable the galil was born after the fall of the fal in the 6 day war as it was unreliable in the sand and israel looked for a replacemt and they tested the ak and the m16 ak came on top but israel didnt want the 7.62 rnd so they build their own gun dose make the galil now in 5.56 and the 308 you can snipe with one and make david mad or take a 5.56 one and a 50rnd mag (and if you want you can open a coke bottle as it have a build in buttle openr)
  3. gov

    glayer bug

    can see anything with this this pic is on low https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/453546082916630529/572106660835885131/unknown.png this pic is on ultra https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/453546082916630529/572106486814081057/unknown.png (everything) pls fix if you need my specs its gtx 1050 ti i5 7400 and 8gig ram can blaim all on them
  4. steamID:76561198147380553 discord:govrin#0044
  5. i got a new weapon and i cant use it not on pte the weapon is vityaz
  6. gov


    all of the dmg cars are untexterd
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