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  1. note. The topic are mostly rewritten
  2. 3.2. On some game-maps i see N pointing not same direction as a map's up, thats verry inconvenient, and i hope not intended.
  3. 3.1. Game/match loading are relatively verry long, while its not updated, some loading animation (circle/..) could be good to avoid misconception of some players.
  4. 1.6. Resolution doesn't save, resets from 1680x1050 to 1366x768 in windowed mode on each restart.
  5. its what i mean, but you do not fully realize how restrictive the weigh limit are in such cases, you won't be able to be a heavy weapon operator, medic and a ammo beared in a same time, ever, its the same restrictions, just gives a freedom of combining small things, in a squad scale it won't affect teamwork at all.
  6. didn't notice it was old, sor
  7. it wouldn't change at all, you barely would be able to carry RPG, ammo pack and a medkit, is a same time, as i sayed "more rely on the weight limit", for example, in Arma 3 carrying a MAAWS with 3 rockets, medkit and a light armor will let you run only with a CQB rifle and not much ammo, not even saying about 3 more rockets (your ammo pack) or heavier armor.
  8. and in addition to the 1., an ability to customize amount of mags for weapons would be good too (maybe a few options to select from). @mobbob, not to argue, i'm just curious, you think 1 grenade type, 1 gadget is better?
  9. And some small things: 2.1. it would be good to have option to do not carry 2-ndary weapon. 2.2. Moving mouse between the 2 sides of screen all the time during customization can be really bothering (mentioned: I want this game to Succeed). And some unrelated, but too small for a new topic things: 3.1. Please add option to customize radio button ( [Y] ). 3.2. A minimap could be a good thing. 3.3. Please increase amount of "Taunt" slots to 6, for in game gesture communication use.
  10. restricting "call-ins" to types and limiting by type is a horrible, te-ho-rrible idea, but, free unmodified vehicles may be not bad, not that i mean its verry good, i've posted some other ideas for this, here (point 2): p.s. sounds fun since IFV is a sub of AFV (its no mistake here, since in the game "AFV"s are practically a tracked IFVs, just it sounds fun)
  11. 1. About the "vehicle roles", there is more meanful things that differ the classes, than a transport capability, like: logistic, wheeled vehicles are easier to transport 'from battle to battle', and its {not difficult to and should be} reflected by in game costs, with a bit higher speed this counters with sustainability ( {APC/IFV}s solid wheels are easier to destroy than tracks, by some 50 cal. time, and grenades for example ), and a pass-ability, which also should be reflected, armor should cost equal to it's performance, regardless of vehicle that carry it, and the price should reflect the armor by it-self, and also the wastes related to logistic of it's weight (its about all the armor from 0, not upgrades from vehicle's default), in modern time, armament options do not differ in AT power from MBTs to IFVs and even APCs (but optionally un-used), So, that makes wheeled vehicles more battle-cheap, tracked {APC/IFV}s able to securely transport infantry and usually use lighter, more Anti-Personnel efficient and closer to friendly forces use weapons with safe position firing slower than shells flying AT missiles, while MBTs are heavy things that are strategically spread, that correlates with heavy, fast reaching weapons, so they do use. So, the game just need to have cost buff for wheeled vehicles, immobilization damage, meaningful: large shells ammo-load sizes, maybe rearm cost, firing,hitting radius damage;, performance based, high armor prices, enough player density, large maps, squad-independent transport vehicle respawns, transport awards, low presence of vehicles lighter than a reinforced HMMWV (with eq./heavier ones cost appropriately high of course), together, and the game will be best in the world modern combined arms warfare game. p.s. it won't be bad to have adhesion physic, but though it will enhance gameplay, its more about appearance addition. And related idea, it may be good to make friendly damage increased (> than enemies'), maybe only for vehicles, i know it may sound bit weird, but in reality hitting a friendly should cost more than enemy (with negative sign), so players should rather do not fire at friendlies than do fire at enemies (it won't work without TK punishments of course). 2.[]. i'm not sure if its referenced in other than this topic, but some related current issues are, unequal vehicles spread between teams, start access restriction for players that mainly want to play on the vehicles (less important), {buff/ closed circle} of the vehicles obtaining for players already on them, they are derivings from the progression unlocking, BF's system have own issues too, but is an options that may be able to solute this all, for example: a PlanetSide2 type subtracting points that regenerate over time, in same speed, or "cooldown" timers, (control how slow/long they are and it will control the amount of vehicles), it may be good to start with a low points or randomize a 1st count-downs, it also can be combined, {alive vehicles, operator performance, use frequency} variables, and order queue, so if alive vehicles are at limit, they can be only queued, when some vehicle gets destroyed a player with a [match-wise the vehicle operation performance or highest existing value for players that haven't operated it yet] * ([time since last operat-ion or game joing] * [modifier]) value highest, gets a message that he can get the vehicle, if he do not agree in some time, the next player asked (the [time since last operat-ion] should mean more than the "performance")
  12. inability to select more than 1 grenade type and gadget are verry unpleasant, the game really would be better to more rely on the weight limit, i understand that you want to have strong control over the ballance and encourage teamwork, but the suggestion won't make any of it worse: All the items the game currently have should be available with only a really important restrictions, so multiple items ("gadgets", grenades) (by 1, without preset counts) can be added until the maximum weight exceeded, with: Explosive grenades max count limited to 2-3 (better 3). C4, mines, Claymores should have (if don't) a placeable limit (like BF3/4 have). So "rely on the weight limit" mean that for example, a player couldn't carry a medkit, ammokit and a Rocket Launcher, but could a ammokit and C4, {C4, UGV or UAV, and mines}. With an ability to customize amount of mags for weapons (maybe a few options to select from), it would give more customization freedom and make the game more interesting, and more realistic (if the weight of "Gadgets" and ammo will be realistic), this also can be combined with adding some 'role' equipment slot to do not allow medkits being mixed with AT mines and other 'unappropriate' combinations. ## p.s. do not get it wrong, the game still need a serious technical work, and i understand that its "early access", so you may not seriously worked on such systems yet, but in case of such meaningful gameplay things, i hope the defined ones will be verry good before will be actively worked on .
  13. Testing map is supergreat, this also would be same great to be able to test things on it, before buying them (mentioned: preview option, shooting range and CQB training center), +1
  14. The game doesn't need to be slower, slow "realistic" warzone is what Arma exist for, the realism in terms of correlation from life to game is what the talk should be about, except this, +1
  15. This topic is for posting a small issues that doesn't worth own topics. 1.1. Flag selection screen on 1st launch do miss canada, norad, duch-german corps, commonwealth flags, it also would be good to add a search or at least to make it a list with the textual names that sorted by alphabet, canada flag present in the Emblems Customization (strange), but the other listed ones are missed there too. 1.2. "Российский" (Russia-nian) game language name instead of "Русский" (Russian) looks bit weird. 1.3. Weapon camouflages are not displayed on the weapon in armory. 1.4. i was switching between the 2 muzzles that available by default and have 0.9 and 0.85 recoil, and the total recoil parameter wasn't changing from 0.64 and 0.83 on different guns. 1.5. Emblem selection (Customization) lists should be sorted by alphabet. 1.6. Resolution doesn't save, resets from 1680x1050 to 1366x768 in windowed mode on each restart. 2.1. i started the game with NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M, i know its bit old, but still not least videocard, and the game went 15 FPS because all the settings are set to Ultra by default and do not adapt, it can repel some users. 2.2. Graphic performance are strange, with the settings i've tryed, seeing the amount of polygons, size of textures, amount of particles and the view range, the FPS should be sometime up to about 2 times higher that i get, not sure about lighting and shadows, but i tryed them on min. 3.1. Game/match loading are relatively verry long, while its not updated, some loading animation (circle/..) could be good to avoid misconception of some players. 3.2. On some game-maps i see N pointing not same direction as a map's up, thats verry inconvenient, and i hope not intended. /Suggestions, try to avoid mixing them up. weedtime
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