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  1. Could all of you switch Afterburner to English? It's almost impossible to understand with cyrillic letters for me.
  2. To, me, this doesn't look like a lack of optimisation, but like a memory bug.
  3. Sounds like the problem I have: May be you can run benchmarks and see if you can reproduce the problem?
  4. This sounds like the problem I have: May be you can also do benchmarks and see if you have the same problem?
  5. The game stutters and I get the attached benchmarks. As you can see, GPU usage is constantly between 0 and 100%. The Commit Charge seems to be full. I don't have this problem with any other game. Any ideas? RX 590 Adrenalin 19.2.2 16gb RAM Ryzen 5 2600 Win 10 x64 1809 EDIT1: I can't see Afterburner's ingame-overlay. When I use the Radeon overlay, I have 60+ FPS most of the time. EDIT2: I can repreoduce the issue in both game modes. EDIT3: This also happens with graphics set to low. EDIT4: Even on low details in Full HD, the game seems to use all my 8gb of vram. EDIT5: 1.5.0 and 1.5.1 tested
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