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  1. I want to participate again, because last time it was great.
  2. I'm interested in this new gamemode. It should be a big fun.
  3. I think it is great patch. This game needed some helicopters. But this means that you need anti-air missiles. I have never destroyed any helicopter, because you must shoot on it from small armsor RPG, but the RPG is not so fast and hard to hit. The SA80 is great, but you should also make L86 not only L85 and L22. On olders L85s you can attach only susat as a colimator, because of the rail. So you should make susat too. Sorry but I haven't tried the new ajax and M4 so I can't evaluate this. The new mechanics of spawn are better than before but remove spawning on teamates please. New spotting system is good idea, but I think it is broken. Because you can spot someone through walls.
  4. Please when will you release patch 0.6 on live servers. I know it is on PTE but no one is playing on these servers. I love this patch. It is the best one, so I want to play it. I also think you can release it now. If someone also want to play on PTE this patch please respond.
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