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  1. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: Clipping, no Invisible wall GAME BUILD ID: 3829460 STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Walk all the way back to the concrete wall then just walk right.
  2. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: Cliping into not intended position. Berlin GAME BUILD ID: 3829460 STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Walk to the left of the stairs in crouch. then slowly walk to le left facing the stairs Also very unfair position and very hard to take over because of alot of angles and no light at this position, you dont see anything. You also can get stuck in a falling animation wich you cant get out. Also insane camper spot. Im all for positions with advantage but this one is insane. Narrow path from b2 to a2. Cant see the window because of antenna. But if you want to take cover on the left you can get sniped very easy.
  3. Hi! So first of all thanks to the Devs to make this game playable for me. Its been a long way from where you guys started and the game is getting better every patch. Secondly thix my first post on the Forum. I will compare this patch with all the patches before that so keep that in mind. Performance Is getting better and better. I had alot of random crashes before this patch, now the game is very stable. I only getting some crashes while loading in a match, during the loading screen. Map loading is quite longer then before, i dont mind but could be better. While in a match i get some stuttering, especially right after loading into the match. Like 1-2 seconds screenfreezes 3-4 times then its fine. Feels like some objects in the map needs attention. During the match there is still abit stuttering, its sometimes very unfair during combat. Now i get stable 50-60 fps on Ultra settings. Im capping fps to 60. I´ll come back to the forum and tell you how peformance is with different settings later. But when i think of how performance was at the beginning of early access this is heaven (i was playing at all low settings and was changing engine.ini to the point the game looked like Quake3 and was getting massive lagspikes/framespikes @30 fps). Specs: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950x 16-Core (running mostly on 8 Cores but it dosent change anything) Gigabyte Vega 64 OC 16 GB DDR4 RAM @ 3200 mhz Hit Registration/Ping Most of the time it seems the hit registration seems to be fine, but sometimes my enemy feels like a bullet sponge. Im getting multiple hitmarkers but the shots dont do anything. Sometimes i dont get any hitmarkers but model is bleeding (especially at long distances). Im not an expert but it feels like its the high ping im getting. Im from Germany and im getting a ping of 100-150 most of the time on your servers. This makes playing difficult, but acceptable up to this point. Damage model/TTK Way better then before. It is more consistent. However gutshots are still a problem. No matter how realistic it is you shouldnt reward players to aim dead center of the model. This reduces the skill cap. I really dont like how snipers can kill me with one shot into the gut, or is this a bug in the death screen? I cant tell. TTK is quite low and rewards pre firing of corners. Sometimes there is no reaction time before i die. It feels like a headshot but the death screen shows otherwise. A bit higher TTK would be nice or changing the damage model so players get rewarded for shoting the upper body or the head would be nice. Death Screen Is it possible that we can get a death screen that pans the camera to the player that killed me? Maybe even make him more vissible for me? I want to know how im getting killed and from where. Server Browser Thank you for this! Can you make it so that the browser remembers my filter settings? This is a minor complaint but would be nice. Bugs Im not encountering any bugs up to this point overall however by pressing TAB to see the Scoreboard stops me running forward. Can you fix this? Thanks! Gameplay/Mechanics Im very happy of how the game plays up to this point. However i feel that maps need a bit polishing. Some parts of the map, for example Warsaw, seams to be completly empty and useless, while other points a very crowded and dont encourage flanking. Empty parts marked as Pink. I know that the maps will be bigger sometimes and thats why these areas are there but by placing cover in some parts can encourage players to flank or even use this areas. No cover to flank on this side. Very vurnable to snipers and tanks. Also very dangerous to come from this side. No cover. No reason for the enemy to flank from A1 to C1 Not alot of ways to flank here. The only fast way to get from A1 into the shopping mall. Camping is encouraged. These are just examples, If you guys are interested i can make a complete analysis Overall the game is getting much better. Keep on going Devs!
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