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  1. I did not change team, remember this was not on PTE, it was also a custom tank, not a default 4k tank, my tank costs 5,300
  2. On Warsaw, when obtaining enough points to went to call in a tank, the tank call in screen wouldn't generate and it meant the user couldn't change direction in addition to that when the user could get the placement map to generate, I could not select a place and the user would be stuck on that screen with no way out. REPRODUCTION RATE: 4/4 100% STEPS TO REPRODUCE: 1. Launch Game version '3705486' 2. Play Warzone on Warsaw 3. Earn enough points to summon tank. 4. Attempt to summon tank RESULT: Users camera will no longer rotate If call in screen is brought up user will be stuck in tat screen and unable to select a placement. EXPECTED RESULT: User has no adverse effects when spawning a tank. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This was observed on the following OS: Windows 10 (16GB DDR4 RAM, GTX 1060 6GB, 17-8750H, installed on an SSD)
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