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  1. I wanted to share my opinion about this below the post here. To be honest, i think it's unfair that 2x FITS under the 8x but is unallowed even though it's a viable build that could be used. In my opinion this isn't a bug and the bug in question is fact that 2x is unallowed under 8x, as well as some other builds that use this exploit, i think scopes that fit under other scopes should be allowed, therefore many builds that are possible didn't need game bugs to be used. Hope devs allow in the future comps like 2x+8x cause if these fit they should be allowed, for now im not bothered as game isnt finished and some things work the way they weren't checked yet if is the best - but in the future please reconsider what combinations should be blocked due to weapon limits. I hope for the best, love ya devs.
  2. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: The Tochnost Sniper Rifle in the game has a short rail which disallows installing some secondary scopes with the high magnification ones, but there is a way to install some normally impossible combinations this exploit. The reference picture shows my tochnost with 2x installed with an 8x. GAME BUILD ID: 3898219 STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Switch Tochnost's primary sight to any small sight like colimator, and then put on the secondary like 2x or side colimator. Now with secondary installed you press the "clear" button in primary sight's list so game will proceed to force the vanilla 8x primary on top of the 2x secondary. Now rifle has a 8x and 2x scopes which are impossible normally.
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