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  1. As I know this is Unreal Engine 4 problem. For example If I configure post processing from low to medium then my graphic card start 90% of using, if low - 50%. After crash and rebooting AMD Driver says “Wattman has been restored due to unexpected system failure”. THIS Crash only with this game when I in epicenter of smoke by smoke grenade or epicenter of artillery strike. Btw some other game called “Squad” on UE4 had same problem with smoke but they definitely fixed this problem half year ago. There is no overclock. Card is “ASUS Dual Radeon RX480 O4G” maybe it’s not game, but this is Unreal Engine 4 and may be sort of model of my graphic card?but on other AAA projects and other there is no problem on High on 1080p?
  2. Hello, Dear developers. The WW3 game is very good seems to me. But I have some critical problems with this game. EVEN on minimal graphic settings if I see smoke or artillery strike on my screen my computer crashes with reboot without error.7 out 10 matches I cant complete because of it. Please Optimize those effects! Game 3705486 Windows 10 1809, Intel i5 7600k, 250gb nvme SSD Samsung 970 EVO Plus, nvme Intel Optane 32gb + HDD 1tb Seagate ST1000DM010, 16GB Ram DDR4 2400, AMD Radeon RX 480 4GB, 600W Thanks.
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