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  1. I just finished some games. premise: I'm not against this game, but I'm with this game. my concept is: it is an fps and the gunfight is the basis of the game, for this reason I would like it to be more engaging, whether this result was given by audio, video, movements or other. I returned after 6 months and was disappointed perhaps because I was expecting many more improvements (which have been there) but perhaps not enough. I like that walking, running and jumping has been revisited, it is now less clumsy and more pleasant, except in the jumping phase (for me still too clumsy), the graphic part is more beautiful but still far from a 2020 game. On the team (there is no game in the game) it is difficult to receive a supply of weapons or a doctor, how to receive information (and this is also a basis) so my biggest criticism is: how can a tactical fps sin on shootings and game team?
  2. Lo ripeto per coloro che non ascoltano o non vogliono farlo, il problema non è l'ovvio rinculo che è presente, ma nel complesso quando si spara sembra giocare a un gioco vecchio di anni, so che è un accesso anticipato ma è ancora un fps e quindi questa è la sua base e questo dovrebbe essere migliorato. Sono tornato dopo 6 mesi e non sembra essere migliorato affatto. capisci il concetto? Non sono affatto un odiatore del gioco. non è piacevole suonare tutto qui. Exactly
  3. why give up pleasure? imagine a tekken without any feedback!
  4. an example would be codmw that when you shoot the enemy you actually feel that the armor is breaking, or in old Wildlands where I know it had a nice headshot,
  5. each game has its own peculiarities even ww3 has it i find it fun but unplayable, and anyway the defects of the other games don't make this better
  6. I repeat for those who do not listen or do not want to do it, the problem is not the obvious recoil that is present, but as a whole when you shoot it seems to play a game that is years old, I know it is an early access but it is still an fps and so this is its basis and this should be improved. I returned after 6 months and it doesn't seem to have improved at all. understand the concept? I'm not a game hater at all. it's not pleasant to play it all here.
  7. maybe I didn't explain myself well, it's a difficult feeling to explain, the point is that it seems to be on an old fps rather than a new one in 2020, it will also be due to the audio and everything else. when you shoot you don't get a nice feedback like it does on other titles.
  8. I returned to the game after 6 months with strong expectations. at first glance I said wow beautiful colors, but as soon as I started playing my expectations were disappointed, the game is worse than I had left it, bad performance i7700k 1080 ti 80 fps, the recoil of the weapons has become like a game of 90s .. this game is now just an idea nothing else
  9. That's exactly what I had in mind, this would be its correct use while it is currently also used in close encounters to have a large volume of fire
  10. @nubbits What does it mean you have an f to assemble? I didn't understand your answer
  11. Ww3 tends to get closer to realism, in reality this type of weapon is used to maintain positions and create a large volume of fire and I think this is what the weapon must do in the game. Indeed it is currently used in reverse.
  12. It would be useful to be able to use the biped by leaning on rocks, vehicles, etc. This would increase the use of machine guns, and it would also be nice to be able to mount projectiles with or without these currently not possible.
  13. Sign me up steam id: 76561198375052330 discord: AS_Funker
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