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  1. No, its not jammer. As i know jammer cant disable spawn point now, because we test this.
  2. Why when you contrilling the helicopter rotate/roll button dont work (default Q and E)?
  3. 2 times cheked the game for missing files, didnt help. Reinstalled the game, didnt help.
  4. lost customization menu for warhead on Quadrocopter and suicide drone.
  5. I know, but its happen when teammate is live. My friends try respauned on me (when im alive), but game is respawned his on random point or main base. Or I try respawnen on them and find myself on random point or main base. I press suiside, try agane and me agane respawned on random point. Its happent not so often, but its really terribly when you must suiside, beucouse game dont want respawned you where you want. Once I syside about 10 yard for one geme, becouse I spauned on random points. And another quastions, why I sometimes cant spawn on Mobile Spawn Point? Its is markered as blocked on the map, if someone sit in it (and not, its not full, or locked).
  6. Often when you tray spawn on your teammate (espashially if it squad liader), you spawn on random point or maine base. Its bug or feature?
  7. This bug is present there since the beginning of sales of the game. It is very strange that it has not yet been corrected. Sitting behind this walls you can shoot, and themselves invulnerable. 2
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