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  1. I logged to a server and guess what I encountered in the first minute? Yes, invisible medic packs. Seriously. I don't know what to say anymore. Also consider a possibility for two HUDs in options menu. I prefer minimalistics. I hate huge icons spamming my screen. Make people choose or select size at least.
  2. New patch, new bugs. As alway. Now when throwing down medkit, it disappers. But goes on cooldown. Also sucks in Warzone. Huge fps drops to 30-40, sometimes less. Minimal details, gtx 1070 ti. GG. Srsly.
  3. Are you going to implement auto-kick for AFK players? I am really pissed when 10 people of my 20 man team is AFK doing nothing and blocking slots on the server for people who want to play.
  4. 3rd person camera is very arcadey. I also think it should be removed from WW3. Makes putting you C4 on the back of the tank impossible, as the dirver always sees you.
  5. My friends are mostly inactive. They wait for 0.7 to go live.
  6. Heli is game-breaking trash and it should be removed from the game. Trust me, I am (CZ/SK) Clan. Every time Hejky uses heli, he harvests 80 kills. To kill a skilled heli pilot requires combined effort of your squad. This is impossible to achieve for a regular public Joe. If you want this game to be borderline played by 200 people at max. then have it your way. Regards, ClawHawkCZE (CZ/SK) Edit: Can I haz infantry-only servers?
  7. Gimme some Tunguska pls. No more helidrones.
  8. The helidrone is extremely annoying and gamebreaking. Fix hitreg, make it killable by single RPG shot. I recommend releasing hotfix specificaly just for it. Or disable it. This team cooperation argument is garbage, since there are only 20 players, random publics, who also AFK and total noobs who have no idea how to do anything. GJ giving them heliraep first impressions. Heli should be removed from game untill is fixed. Or put it to PTE only.
  9. Or you could make heli pilotable for limited period of time (for example 60s) then it flies off the map. No need to nerf abilities.
  10. I absolutely agree. The amount of work done since 0.5 is massive. 0.6 is the way to go. Also the lag is gone. The is gonna be huuuuuuuuuuge!
  11. ClawHawkCZE

    Say Hello!

    *Sip* Yeah, Quake III was a good game. Hi guys. I must say I love WW3. I grew up on MP FPS like COD 1 and COD4 (modern warfare). But my gaming pinnacle was Battlefield 2. OMG. I had a blast at Strike at Karkand. Good times. I am super excited about WW3. I have a feeling like I am playing a mix of Battlefield 3 (without garbage net code and blue lensflare filter) and COD4 gameplay. But a little bit more skill based but not as realistic as Arma. WW3 is the exact sweet spot. I have very high hopes for this game. I haven't had such fun playing FPS for a veeeery long time. Keep up the good work.
  12. Ofc I love dat 30 year-old boomer music like AC/DC. But this is also great.
  13. Please, consider removing prone on your back feature or make it at least on/off in options. When I move extensively in combat I want my proning to be reliable and I need to prone on the chest for that extra aim and recoil reduction. Even more when I use bipod. When you accidentaly hit move back key and you prone on your back you lose the prone aim bonus and you are also immobile. Relocating to proper position takes a lot of time and this results mostly in player death. Thank you.
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