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  1. I stopped playing because of the optimitation (hard word lol) and because of the movement. It's a mix of arma 2 and battlefield movement, which kinda puts me off.
  2. Hey, recently the devs did a AMA, but they did not answer my question. It was something along the lines of "Do you pour the milk first or the cereal?" So yeah, im really mad right now..
  3. When you eat cereal, do you pour in the cereal first like any sane human being or the milk first? If it is the latter, then i don't want to be associated with you anymore.
  4. Well, i have a total playtime of like 3-4 hours so i did faily well
  5. Completly agree with you! Its impossible to differenciate between enemy or friendly by their camo, so atleast make it easier and more clear in case of icons above their head or whatever. I don't want to rant, but its sometimes pretty annoying when that happends
  6. Hey, it has happened too many times, that i have mistaken a enemy for a friendly because the friendly was right behind him. This causing me to stop shooting and dying. This is a really big problem and i hope the developers can fix it in the near future.
  7. Sounds great. I'll just have to find out how i can see what CPU is compatible with my potato pc and then ill save some cash
  8. Thank you sir, i have changed my settings. And yeah, my CPU is really weak. I will probaly upgrade in the near future
  9. ALO Wie gehts? Hab nie gedacht das World War 3 soviel spaß machen kann Geile erste 2 stunden bisher!
  10. Hey I dont want to create a thread so i would like to know if i can boost the FPS a little more. Im currently averaging around 70FPS with the best performance mode. 90-100 average would be nice, so is there maybe a config tweak for that? My Specs: i5-7400 GTX 1060 6GB game runs on a SSD 16GB of RAM DDR3
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