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  1. Damn you are right that looks pretty cool. Reminds me of Medal of Honor Warfighter menu^^
  2. Maybe you stop sprinting while switching (stiill holding down sprint button) and once you finished the switch just automatically resume running. Would still be fluid in terms of accessibility.
  3. Found a workaround. For now. I fixed it whenever i layed down and switched to my secondary weapon. Afterwards it was working just fine. Give it shot (Kappa) next time.
  4. never thought about this but you really got a point there.
  5. Dear Andromeda I am very happy that the WW3 community has such a member as you who actually overcomes himself to make thoughts about "Why is stuff happening?". You are asking the real questions here ?. With that being sad it also makes me unhappy to see people confusing criticism with insults.. or whyever people respond to such a promoting post with those "git gud" reactions. Anyway keep up the constructive criticism. That's the way to go so the devs can create a game which the community and themselves enjoy playing. Have a nice day
  6. I completely agree. For me it doesn't make any sense to have a PTE of an Alpha game... I always thought Early Access means that its basicly always a PTE. That's what it is all about... I just want a statement from a dev who objectively explains why they decided to do a PTE... not sentences like: 0.6 is only possible because of PTE!! (Why?) Have a nice day
  7. That sounds pretty cool. I'm with you
  8. I'm sorry, was a mistake on my part then. Kinda hard when you get sniped but I like the idea tbh.
  9. Please read the first post "When they explode or got a Headshot they shouldn't be able to life but when they got shot in the Leg or in The armor they could be revived" In BF4 you can only be revived once which was a great invention imo. Edit: I just want to firestart the discussion here ^^
  10. Battlefield is not the only game which uses a revive system... I think it would be a cool idea in terms of teamplay. However I respect the devs and understand that they do not want that feature in their game.
  11. I just found the solution: You have to equip the facemask WITHOUT WEARING A HELMET. Then you can put on the helmet just fine. It just doesn't work the other way around.. Whyever.. Still, thanks a lot ^^
  12. Thanks for the reply (once again ^^) But any tab under face mask is labeled as red (cannot click/wear it)
  13. Have seen a lot of people with it. Can't figure out how to do it by myself tho.. I'm not able to put on a balaclava once i selected a helmet. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance Picture: Guy in the front.
  14. First of all I want to point out that i am very happy with the 0.6. update which brought so many old and new players back into the game. Hence i really want to help make this game great. There are big issues with spawning in this game. Especially when you want to deploy on a Squadleader/Member. Instant kills are premanently present. A solution to this would be to disallow people to deploy on a Leader/Member whenever they are supressed or in combat. This system is very similar to Battlefield 4's mechanic where you are not able to deploy on a Squadleader/Member in Combat. I think this would improve the gameplay by a lot! Thank you for your attention. Have a nice day?
  15. Just wanted to tell you in case you weren't aware of it. It's just a negative impact on gameplay, for now. I think it would be better to not let people spawn instead of spawning on a random objective. Anyways Thanks for the reply.
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