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  1. My Games is literally EA's Russian brother! That is even worse i guess. Press F
  2. Hello, I have questions mostly about content, if I may. I heard there will be a customization revision, is it possible to get more detail? Will you add factory stock to scar? Will it be possible to use vests without backpacks? Are you going to add civilized clothes so that you can make the operator / pmc like? Will you plan to add more/new costsmization options to weapons? I mean maybe different receivers, trigger systems. After we get killed we can see where and how much damage we got, is there possibility to see how much damage we made to the killer? Spectator mode and video editor? I think for content creators it will be useful. More costumization to Alpha weapon? What about option to use more than 1 laser sight? Why did you disabled that? Thank you!
  3. Ofcourse, it’s just that the idea is interesting, especially since there’s no such thing in games, at least I haven’t seen anything like it.
  4. So, Devs why did you disabled that, and will you plan to bring it back?
  5. Using FAK with you handgun or maybe AR. Most of the time I died in middle of healing, usually I using Med Kit but today I played few games with FAK and well.. was killed during healing process. So I got an idea what if we could use FAK with some weapon to protect yourself. For example, when holding AR or handgun we could use FAK in one hand and weapon of choice in other. Weapon use could be increased recoil and no aim during FAK eqiped (or something else). What you think?
  6. I mean playing Alpha Test with 3 lasers and 2 flashlights was kinda fun! Imagine if we had Tarkov weapon system, 3 PEQ-15 on picatinny rail, under barrel you have laser/flashlight combo grip and additional laser on your sights. You dont need to shoot at anyone annymore, just blind them and they probably will make job for you ? Five laser uber lightsaber combo
  7. Yes, i totally agree with RPG being a gadget weapon, i didn't thought about that at that time))) "If you guys ever tried to kill someone with a handgun you'd see that it is quite hard" I can't really say that using handgun is that hard, i mean i usualy use handguns in cqc withowt aiming using cover (if there is such), actually i didn't try hundguns at open filds... But hey everyone shooting differentley, it's matter of preference i guess)
  8. I think that I understand why current loadout system was made as it is, but still I would like to have the opportunity to carry a handgun with me with RPG and primary weapon. I mostly play with my primary weapon and a hundgun, but I often have to change loadout with the RPG to destroy the armor, but the CQC happen just as often when i run out of bullets and I change my primary by force of habit to the hundgun and there instead is RPG and he pulls it out soo slow that i'm dead already. So is there a possibility in the future that we can use a handgun as a third slot? Thx.
  9. А ты не спишь Сержант-Майор))))) Но я не хочу что бы его фиксили, я хочу что бы он так и остался)). Кстати, труба и так без мушки)))
  10. Or you can fix it but allow us to use iron sights with collimator sights like this
  11. Do not rush, focus on the problems, we will think about the content later!
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