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  1. I don't have other UE4 racing games but I can say that Assetto Corsa Competizione feels almost the same as original Assetto Corsa (minus the mod support of course) For FPS, it's like you've said. Different titles that uses the same engine feels way identical. I'm not sure but at times I can feel UE3 clunky-ness in movement system in UE4 games, though my experience is limited to MoH Airborne and a few minutes on Dirty Bomb. WW3 at some time feels the same way too but not really apparent, probably because I didn't give out more time on PUBG (I just don't like it even, after trying out on someone else's account).
  2. I like 444th Air Base Hangar, kinda matches the whole game but sadly it's only on a few stages https://youtu.be/va6H04kC2nk
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