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  1. So last news, ANY news were posted on may 25th? They are cutting the branch they are sitting on by doing this, because there's no better thing to kill early access than falling completely silent. Most people just want to hear SOME NEWS, we don't need release dates or whatever. What's up with development updates, he? I'm starting to feel like this might not end well.
  2. This looks like an unintended glitch/potential exploit and I hope it will be fixed.
  3. INB4 someone asks about female characters and then sexual orientation attribute.
  4. That's like -5 seconds in WW3. I pretty much stopped playing, because it seems like either 1) the game is bugged, or 2) majorly imbalanced, or 3) full of hackers. I basically die without even seeing the enemy 80% of the time, and in the rest of the cases I am dead before I can even press mouse button, and it feels like everyone oneshots me. Not fun.
  5. Don't post misleading clickbait threads. Also this is discussion forum, not Youtube.
  6. I didn't say that. Don't put words in my mouth.
  7. There is probably a very good reason why they won't. I presume it's because it's a LOT of work, and since they probably have done a lot already, 4.22 (which is pretty new) would mean starting almost from scratch.
  8. Jesus, I give up. You really are completely clueless (which is not an offence of any kind, but... don't talk about stuff you don't understand!).
  9. That's a texture/geometry glitch and does not affect game size whatsoever. You really shouldn't talk about things you don't understand. There are no damn extra textures in the game that are under the surface. Do you rant about Battlefield games being large too? BF4 was like 65GB with all the DLCs, and that was years ago. I suggest you stop posting stupid complaints.
  10. 1) Do you intend to add support for Vulkan renderer? 2) How is the progress with server performance optimizations? This sound like an extreme priority, because without players the game is dead, and noone wants to play 30p warzone.
  11. Hm, the game still behaves in the same way. Must be an engine thing. I know it's not Battlefield, but I have no other comparison.
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