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  1. How many new maps we can get by the end of 2019? Are you planning to add animations for entering and escaping vehicles in the future?
  2. Exit/enter animation isnt a priority right now for sure but I would love to know opinion of the dev team.
  3. You can just open a hatch and give players full control. it would be 1-2s. In BF exit animation lasts till character's feet are on the ground which is a little bit too long. Also it would be better to manual open hatch/door before sneaking into vehicle. Remember that no animation can give unfair advantage to tankers.
  4. Devs, do you plan to add them in the future? I like them in BF5 but I think it would possible to make them faster to give control as soon as possible. I know many hates them but game looks better and WW3 wants to be more realistic opponent of BF.
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