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  1. Yeah, it kinda is. And on ultra it goes not just blurry but also weirdly grainy or something. But imo it's more tolerable than "barb wires" on every single edge.
  2. Anti-aliasing. It's anti-aliasing. The anti-aliasing was a game changer for me. It opened my eyes on how good this game looks. For the longest time I had aaaaall of my settings as low as possible because game runs like *it (not really for quite some time but that's besides the point) and I needed that sweet sweet performance (or more like I needed to reduce loads at the start of the match as much as possible). But today I started to notice how jagged everything looks and how because of those pesky edgy pixels I can't see much stuff in the distance, especially when that stuff is hiding behind something like handrails with bars on warsaw. And I decided that it's time to sacrifice some frames for visual clarity. And wow. Just look for yourself: (anti-aliasing low) (anti-aliasing high) (all other settings are at low-med. sharpen is at 100) IDK about you but I think it's night and day. Although I have one gripe with it - it makes everything slightly blurry. Just a bit. But enough to be annoying. But besides that it only improves things. I know it's prob not anything new for many people, especially for those with rigs good enough to not care about settings at all, but if you are like me with all the setting on low - give anti-aliasing a spin. It may not be very taxing on performance and improves both visuals and gameplay (as you can see things MUCH better).
  3. IDK, kinda? I think some guns (all of them?) may reload second time (animation repeats) if you switch it at end of animation but this stuff only happened with MCS so far.
  4. Implying I have any choice other than waiting for a slot on one those 30/30 servers. And no - I'm not playing TDM seriously on Moscow. If it was Warsaw or Berlin, then sure.
  5. I just want to share another one, finally decided to play a match after a "sale break" and instantly got a reminder of how beautiful respawn system in this game is. Idk why, but this is my favourite so far. BTW anyone want to explain how this one is my fault?
  6. I already reported this stuff before and since when situation is clearly improved as it's now not draining all your reserve ammo. But now it reloads indefinitely. Look for yourself. Build: 3981881 How to: reload MCS, switch to something (first aid) before animation ends, switch back.
  7. I'm pretty sure most of the stuff unlocks for all guns when bought. But not all of it. Just for example: And there are more, mostly mags and bodyparts. Is this a bug or some weird way to balance something?
  8. Fair question. I would say clearly in place where no one got recently killed and no one shooting at anyone? I'm pretty sure (but I might be wrong tho, haven't played in a long time) that's the way squads respawns work in BF3-4 - you can spawn near you squadmates even if enemies are nerby until someone starts shooting or getting shot. Or if it was possible to go deeper into territory of insanely complicated solutions - don't spawn people in places where enemies have a direct line of sight on you (and vice-versa btw)/where they are looking towards/ADSing towards. E: "don't spawn people in places where enemies have a direct line of sight on you (and vice-versa btw)" - I just thought - is this really an insanely complicated thing to do? We have stuff like crosshairs that turn red when you aim at enemies, bots/ai that can distinguish enemies and etc. Is it really hard to place a "camera" or something like that at spawn point and have a check that if somebody is in FOV of that camera then don't spawn players there. Is it really hard?
  9. Oh, yeah, and I'm not talking about exclusively TDM. Those gifs are from TDM. But the spawns are spotty across both modes.
  10. Orly? This is not CoD as far as I'm aware and spawns are not random all over the map. There's a limited number of spawns and some kind of logic-system behind respawning that switches spawns from time to time. Most of time it spawns you as far from combat as posible. And that's why in those few examples I wasn't ready for campers - because system is designed to prevent this shit but it's flawed. Camping shouldn't be possible but it is. Uhuh, yeah, BS. Spawcamping is not normal. Especially when we are talking about game with fixed respawns on big-ass maps. And what am I even saying - it's not normal in any game. It's a gamedesign flaw. What the hell are you even talking about? I spawned in an enclosed space with the only way to go forward, the enemy was right behind that column - how else I was supposed to check "surroundings" other than walk around column that blocks half of the view? Check out walls on the left and right first? And again, it's bs and doesn't even matter - I shouldn't even spawned there in first place, in front of an enemy. Game is clearly designed to do that, with many spawns in different points of the map but sometimes (many times) it fails to pick a spawn right. Looking at what? Why are you so keen on defending this BTW? Wouldn't be able to get any frags if spawncamping'll get fixed? So, yeah, looking at what? You saw that happened, you know where I got shot from - now, can you pause the gif at the moment where that area is clearly visible and tell me where is the enemy? Would you be able to notice him without knowing he's there? Did you even knew that it's possible to get there in the first place? And what the eff do you think would happen if instead of going forward I WOULD STAND STILL LOOKING FOR THREATS? Wanna take a guess on that one?
  11. Just look at these. These are just few examples I recorded yesterday. I had much more respawns likes these, respawns where I spawn a few steps away from an enemy, spawns where I respawn and then an enemy respawn nearby me, spawncamping like in gifs, spawning into air/artillery strike, me spawning on squadmates that are engaged in combat, enemies spawning on their squad mates that I am shooting at and etc. (and the last two seems to be really obvious things that should've been restricted from the beginning. is it hard to implement? genuinely asking)
  12. Well, bigger brighter laser would be a good start. Then they could restrict whem from being placed facing walls. Then if not make them completely directional at least make damage "behind" it non-lethal, turning them from death-traps against everyone to death-traps against foes slowly entering the trapped area (i.e. how people usually approaching objectives on big maps) and an alarm/"soften-up"-trap against rushers. And yeah, making it not explode when destroyed is a great idea. Aaaand as I said they could (if they can) just remove them from TDM. Yeah, no, I don't want to see that for sure. And the fact that it was worse before doesn't make the fact that it's still bad rn any better. That thing still needs work.
  13. Oh, wow, that's some mighty good news. If KAC site is anything to go by they have just 2 LMGs in production: LW-AMG (which looks much more like LAMG from the video I linked than the LAMG on their site. different cofigurations?) and LAMG (which looks weird. prob because it's a render.) So, chances that will get LAMG are 50/50 (and even if it's the other one - is there much difference for a video game?) and 100% that we'll get something modern and cool. That's awesome. Thanks for info, now I'm totally hyped.
  14. 3940880 Not sure how to reproduce them but "run into those places repeatedly until you stuck there" could work. (btw gfycats are w/ sound, which maybe important because first one makes a funny noise)
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