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  1. Hello. Same Issue. When FoV is set to high. everything is crispy in and around the scope, yet on the sides of your FOV its so blury, AA settings dont change much. Im sure its an effect when scoping . But please we need an option to disable it. I remember having a config without this blurry mess. Play a round of bf4 and you exactly know what I mean. Im not comparing those games rn. just how they handle rendering.
  2. Dont be mean. Sitting on 1700+3200+1070 here yet I still struggle to find the perferct options in-game. I truly HATE the forced DOF, what I mean (every DOF setting turned off ofc): -not scoped = crispy nice picture( only slight bloom and stuff from effects wich is nice) -scoped in = terrible DOF on the sides, or like some sort of shader or AA (AA on low) What I tried is putting resolution scale on 150% (AA still low ofc) looks better but boi o boi this game eats up my pc at 150% scale. 1080p ofc..... so if anyone got a config where u can disable this effect Id be glad (yes solder DOF is at 0%)
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