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  1. shooting doors open /(and)kick de door open maybe they can make that you can shoot at the lock to get the lock destroyed..and then you can open and find a special weapons room..(with big guns) also maybe they can make that the door can also be destroyed by a c4 or shell or grenate and bullits hole right true the door..so you can see threw the holes of the door.like in rainbowsixsiege..hope they can make that also in ww3
  2. thats true..but maybe they forget sometimes lol or the tankplayer come out of his tank himself because they dont want some guy on top of the tank the whole time lol hope this game also have 3d from above the tank so you can see if a guy is on the roof of the tank lol.(sfbe)
  3. Hi i have a idea..i only like modern games like ww3/bf4/joint operations i wass playing joint operations before in history and many times i jump on the enemy tank and i put a grenate into the hole of the tank but the grenate fallout below the tank .. and if the enemy tankplayer saw me on the tank they always step out and want to shoot me right then after i taked him down and hijack the enemy tank..thats why my name wass hijacker then in WW3 i tryed this also (i can jump on the tank but when the enemy tank is driving..then i fall off the tank can you guys make this option that i can jump on the tank and not fall off and when i can trow a grenate into the tank .., that it will kill only the enemy inside the tank can you make this into the ww3 game..That will be NICE!! btw sorry for bad english greetz
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