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  1. Something I want to ask: I've noticed that the reward for following squad leaders orders highlights in Green, the same colour as the currency for buying weapons/attachments etc. Does this mean the only way to earn money is to follow Squad Leader orders? Because that would be one hell of an incentive to reward team play for those that are interested in it.
  2. Has anyone else noticed this? When I go prone to lanch and guide a Hellfire (for example) I am completely concealed and facing a certain direction. When the Hellfire lands, I am completely turned around and in a differnt spot. Am I moving in the act of guiding the rocket in? This would explain the mutliple occasions when I am in good cover, start guiding the Hellfire in, and I'm killed before it lands when they could have had no line on me.
  3. The days of BF3, and especially certain maps like Gulf Of Oman, were awful if you didn't deal with the threat. Adding to that, good pilots could use cover to avoid stinger locks and their flares (once upgraded) could cool down faster than a single stinger could reload. That was the point. You needed to co-ordinate your squad to send them to all compass points on the map so he had nowhere to hide, than make life miserable until he quit. It was an easily viable tactic once you knew how. Can anyone clear up this alternate ammo thing for me? I seem to be able to switch ammo type to do more damage to armour, but I only get one magazine. Is this by design? I have yet to try an LMG build with special ammo which I can switch to when heli drone is going unchallenged by my team.
  4. Heavy sniper builds, whilst not "realistic" do have some downsides to ensure they are not OP. When spotted and need to reloacte they have slower movement. This makes them easy for me to track and shoot. If they take a drop, it takes them much longer to get to their feet. These kinds of builds are fun, and extremely strong indoors, but caught in the open they are in trouble. My heavy Battlerifle build is similar. I can tap-fire enemies at a distance, defend myself close-quarters and clear rooms with my shotgun. However I am always struggling to keep up with my squad leader, I am regularly unable to shake a pursuing squad or tanker who's seen me, and I am easy pickings for a sniper who catches me in the open. If they were to take that away I'd be sad.
  5. I love the improvments to the game with this update, but one thing is bothering me. I'm not sure about the medic, ammo and equipment bags at each capture point. Yes it is convenient, but it diminishes squad reliance on performing specific roles to support each other. It may cause some to see no benefit to following their squad and just lone-wolf. We saw this in BF4, where they made the Engineer class too powerful and could have a loadout that could deal with any situation. Not long after release every player was rolling Eng, not following the squad, and just using their team mates as roving spawn points.
  6. Yes firing empty should always have to do that. What I meant was, have the option to fast-swap if you have part-depleted during a firefight.
  7. Currently we have magic magazines, meaning we fire two shots, hit reload, and our ammo count goes down by two. What I propose is this: We keep this as it is with the standard reload. But...if we are in a panic and under pressure, we double-press reload, and we dump the mag and slap in a fresh one, but the bullets not expended are lost. We do however have a reduced reloading animation so we are back in the fight slightly faster. There is no need to charge the weapon. This is limited to pistols, SMG, AR and BR. Snipers and shottys are excluded so extreme long and short range wepons are not OP. It does not work on an already empty mag on any weapon.
  8. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): Spawning on B2 on Smolensk and I fall through the map. Happens more than 50% of the time. Video: GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 3873406 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): On spawn selection, selected B2 to spawn, SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): N/A CRASH LOG (if any): N/A
  9. ExInferis

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    Hello! So glad I gave this game a shot. It is what I have been waiting for since BF2. It gets so much right and is an absolute blast to play. See you out there!
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