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  1. Like tynblpb, he referred to the Smolensk map, which is large in proportion. The reason I don't use quads is because the soldiers run, fast and they sprint to where they want to be. And vehicles are losing their importance.
  2. example! Squad leader : 40 death / -2.5 minutes gameplay. Simple Infantry : 40 deaths / -6.5 minutes of play. The current system gives people, playing squad leader an unfair advantage. Fast for 3-4 seconds squad leader spawn, spending more time in the game than a simple pedestrian. At least I think the spawning time should be restored. Minimum 15 seconds for everyone. And the current spawning system needs to be overhauled because they are now in chaotic states.
  3. I didn't link the video because of the end result. But the pace of gameplay is sympathetic to the fact that there is no crazy rush on the map. I could have linked 10 other videos where the pace is closer to reality than the current WW3. But look for the October 2018 WW3 videos. You will see a completely different style of play.
  4. I shared the video because many factors were taken out of the game which slowed down the gameplay. The game has become too fast now. The spawn rules were changed and the spawn time was reduced. A light pedestrian is already running at the speed of a motorbike.
  5. bro, do you think you can hold on to your opponent without teamwork and tactics?
  6. I shared the video because of the gameplay pace. I like the slow gameplay and slow speed, and teamwork. The other team would have had a chance at the tactics, but did not use the tactics.
  7. Seeing this old footage in WW3. I can see what EraKrieger was thinking that the game had lost its soul. I saw this footage and was saddened. There is tactical play, teamwork, there is a front line, no lone wolf rush. Nice slow gameplay! This is a wonderful gameplay video.
  8. But why is a team leader's privilege natural? How is it different from others? This is not equal opportunities! The sooner he lives, the team leader spends more time on the battlefield than other soldiers.
  9. The helidrone strike has to be timed, say 3 minutes and expires. And the problem is not problem.
  10. I happy also like, to reduce the run speed... Even in the new COD, soldiers run slower than WW3. ?
  11. Unfair advantage make, squad leaders respawn faster than 10 seconds... Therefore, they have an advantage over other pedestrians. Currently, the squad leader respawn time is 3-4 seconds. I recommend raising it to 10 seconds.
  12. After watching the new COD game video. In the new COD game, who fires first, kills faster. Just like in WW3... seeing in the videos, will not be easy to handle weapons in the new COD game either.
  13. I support tracer ammunition for vehicles.
  14. A nice presentation. I like every idea that promotes realism. Realistic shooting games are the future.
  15. i like both ideas. both the timing and the entry position. I would, use both ideas in WW3...
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