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  1. I saw the video 26V26 Warsaw. And I wasn't not impressed. I saw a chaotic mess. It was worse than BF3 Metro map ...
  2. mardell

    [Feature] Respawn.

    there is a great need to change the current chaotic spawning system.
  3. mardell

    [Feature] Respawn.

    I think should be cut off the spawn, from A1-A2, B1-B2, C1-C2, the map, preventing a spawn trap.
  4. mardell

    CS Style Mode

    I would also be delighted with a limited respawn system... 6-loadout 6-respawn. 6 death then waiting until the end of the circle. And maybe a team game is going to happen
  5. for me the current backpacker medical system is better. I like the current medical system, because while you look down the backpack the soldier will not fight. and you have to tactics, to fight or heal... the medical system you are suggesting would greatly speed up the gameplay, which is already a chaotic in some places.
  6. I completely agree with you. it was just a crazy thought in my head.
  7. Alternatively, the 30mm Gatling could penetrate the top level of the buildings.
  8. This simplified version I wrote would not require much work for developers. the extra amount of ammunition is given to users of the drum repository. is to force the player that he uses the most of the current magazine, would not be useless for many ammunition packets.
  9. shouting grenade throwing, at killing the ringing is all a show. planning, for young people... this game is not played by the younger generation. I'm 38 years old and only interested in the tactical part of the game...
  10. The sound of the A-10 throws the mood. And it would cause fear. It would be nice if you could make it into the WW3 game.
  11. The current healing process should be slowed down. Possibly.
  12. The size of the current maps is even small for 30 players.
  13. audible beep, if the tank's life force drops below 25% that the crew can recognize the danger. very should.
  14. mardell

    [Feature] Respawn.

    20 seconds is enough for, be thoughtfully, before respawn. and be careful not to hear much. 30 deaths = -10 minutes of play time. I think it would have a good effect on the gameplay for 20 seconds.
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