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  1. 1. When has this partnership really begun? When did you start discussing the future shape of WW3? 2. Question to both of you. Name the weakest and strongest part of WW3. (without the obvious ones like animation, performance, stability) 3. What part of development was so far the hardest one? (again without obvious ones i.e. release disaster or 0.3) 4. Are you going to strictly retain this militarish, quasi-simulator style?
  2. 1. If the answer to the question about going F2P is NO then - do you consider going the Infinity Ward's way i.e. like they did with CoD MW/CoD Warzone making part of the game F2P (in your case it would be Recon or whatever name of this secret mode is now)? 2. Seasons, seasons, seasons. It's all about seasons in most popular games i.e. PUBG, Fortnite and so on with payable season pass. Are you going to go in this direction? 3. Gamers (at least most of them) like unlocking things. In current state of WW3 you can quite easily unlock everything with in-game cash. We already know about Progression 2.0. Tell us more about this? Will it be only about old school leveling? Something more? Already added daily challenges are fine but it's just a beginning. 4. How big advertising campaign are you planning? I assume pulling the game off the Steam for a while is part of a marketing plan? Am I right?
  3. Don't worry, with that I don't have a problem. I don't even have to ask them. I'm a console gamer. I've bought this game when released just to follow how this project evolves. Just testing how the game works on a laptop with a shitty GPU after the latest patch. And there is a noticeable progress from that point of view. And I came up with the above idea as it was for me annoying. So I've decided to share with you.
  4. A row with all points will do the work, that's for sure. Didn't know about the spawn screen. But you have to die to access it. My point is that adding this info to the commo rose would allow you not checking the status in other places. I know that it won't be a game changing feature, but maybe someday they'll be changing something there and it might be a good idea to add this as well. That's all.
  5. Tried ESC button already, didn't know about RMB, it's fine. Just not so obvious. After two more games as a SL I even more convinced that there should be a status of capture points in commo rose.
  6. I was playing yesterday as a squad leader and I thought that it would be nice to have a current status of each capture point in commo rose. Currently you have to check a map first and then give an order. Of course, you can say that this makes difference between a good squad leader and the bad one as the good one doesn't have to check - he just knows what is going on on the battlefield. And there should be an exit button as well. It's impossible to exit combo rose without sending any message.
  7. Hi Guys, First of all, I would like to say that I keep my finger crossed for this project. Launch and couple next months were rough, for sure, but I have no doubts that you work very hard to create the best game you can. You have already proven that you are able to deliver superb content and I can't wait for a final release. Now it's time for the questions: 1. I won't ask you about the date of console release but can you specify the generation of consoles? Are we talking about the current-gen or next-gen? Or maybe both? If both, release will be at the same time? Or maybe first game will hit current-gen and then next-gen? 2. Do you already know when we can expect more info about the console version of the game or it is too early to specify anything? Will there be closed beta version or something like that? 3. Do you know something more about the next-gen consoles than regular gamers? 3. Previous roadmap contained a huge, expandable list of additional improvements below the main list of patches. New version of a roadmap is lacking this list. Does this mean that you have removed some features from the development list? Or you just want to simplify the roadmap and focus on the main goals? 4. You have specified that the final game will contain 9 maps. Including or excluding TDM maps? We already have 5 WZ maps and 3 TDM. Should we count this as 8 or 5? 5. What more can you tell us about the Asian Theatre of War? How many maps will be located in Asia? 6. Farm51 works on AUGOT. Are you going to add this tool to the game in the future so gamers will be able to create their own content? 7. Do you have already some vision for the post-release future of WW3? Can you tell us something more how you want to evolve this project? 8. How many free weekends you plan till the 1.0v? 9. Game is in EA and you said that it will be in that state for 12-15 months. Recently you have confirmed that this did not change and you're going to keep that deadline. Are you able to estimate whether it will be late 2019 or rather early 2020? E.g. 40% on 2019 and 60% on 2020?
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