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  1. thats what i meant. dont know how it is called in english. sorry for that misunderstanding
  2. Had the same problem after over 100 hours. do right click on WW3 in steam and choose the lowest option. Then third tab and choose scan data for errors (the lowest one) . Helped me first time having this problem and a friend told me this after having the third time this problem.
  3. Server: EU Age: 22 Gender: M Language: German/English Where are you from: Germany Playstyle: right now mainly LMG in different var. sometimes Heli, sometimes only ground Microphone: yes What you expect from a team/clan: mainly I'm just looking for teammates, cooperative PTFO and some nice communication. but no pressure, just fun COOP How often do you play: almost daily for several hours Favorite game mode: Warzone Favorite map: Smolensk - Moscow - Polyarny in that order Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198057452665 Contact: add on steam or discord: Siggi#3738
  4. Feedback:- On Warzone Moscow you can shoot through the top/some sides of the building on C1- You still can't shoot with Heli trough windows on C1 on Smolensk- When you use an airstrike like Hellfire and you get killed while controlling bomb, it dissappears. That is very frustrating if you are literally 10 Meters above a tank, you can not miss it, but you get killed and the 6000 points Mephisto vanishes into nothing- When laying down using scope, it flashes sometimes (happened to me on smolensk using PKP)- When you are flying heli drone and you leave it for a sec, to use uav or something, when you turn your soldier, the drone in the air still turns with you. destroyed some in the repair spot like this.- With the thermal and goblin optics for vehicles it is very hard to see the blue or green symbols for teammembers, making it very easy to accidently kill a teammemberSuggstions:- With your animation overhaul, could you add one for bipods too, like for example in battlefield? I wish I could use it looking through a window or use it generally everywhere where it seems reasonable, like crouching behind a hip-high cover or standing on a big enough stone or trash can or whatever, you get the idea.- I feel like some prices are way to high, like for outfit customization or changing bodyparts for guns. I mean 10000 for another handguard, stock or grip? Thats it for now, i know that i had some more things yesterday while playing, but i dont remember all. But I will keep this List updated and add things I encounter in the future.Devs keep up the good work, got it since day one and really love the improvements.Gonna go to the Warzone now
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